CAUTION: Bitcoin Investors Are Being Lied To About The Crypto Recovery. (They’re in Disbelief)

CAUTION: Bitcoin Investors Are Being Lied To About The Crypto Recovery. (They're in Disbelief)

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A little over 24 hours ago Bitcoin was Down nearly five percent the Bears were Screaming for joy yet 24 hours later now Bitcoin has surpassed the top of the Dump is it time to put this particular Incident this bearish narrative to bed As yet another nothing Burger in the Bitcoin bull market transitional period Let's discuss that in today's video with A slight bias to the upside as the rest Of the markets continue to hit new All-time highs now these are just the Facts from the charts I'm trying to Deliver this to you in amongst all of The fear the Doom the Gloom the bearish Narratives that keep coming at us the Analysts who we know and trust on Twitter on YouTube online there is a Plethora of bearish content bearish Narratives and I'm just trying to show You the other side yes it might be Slightly biased so please do your own Research have your stops in play let's Get started hit that like And subscribe Button down below and I've got a few Things to discuss with you later in the Video as it's less than 24 hours until Our free crypto and economic report Comes out that thing is packed full this Week so links in the video description Guys let's start it out with the macro Markets this is the thing that we've Been looking at day in day out on the Channel so I'm not going to cover it in

Great detail but you can find the videos On the YouTube channel and of course on Twitter as well as we've discussed these Major macro bullish signs that are Getting started for the longer term for The months the years ahead not just the Day today The first thing we're updating here Because it hit a new Fresh low is the Vix so the vix just measures the Volatility measures the fear and the Greed in the S P 500 and typically when This thing bounces to Fresh highs Basically around that sort of 36 point Level this is the reading on the side Here you can expect that there has that There's been a significant low in the Market and these other little bounces Here are pretty significant at their Time as well and they are other lows in The market whereas these levels these Are typically some decent highs and the Middle line here is the point at 17. This is the point at which we typically See bull markets begin from well Basically they begin from the low of Course but we can start to see an area Where the bull market will start to Grind its way higher and higher while The vix drops while the volatility index Drops and this can last for many many Years yes they're going to be little Pumps out of it but we're looking for a Bigger reading at the top here for a

Very very significant low so we can see That once the vix gets under this 17 Level sure there are a few little Bounces out here we're on a quarterly Chart remember a very macro chart here But it typically lasts under these Levels for a significant amount of time Before you start to see those higher Lows form and the market drop into some Sort of significant low so the stock Markets can stay at those levels for Quite some time the market is grinding Down and down and down just like it did In that's what this is here bust and then starts to grind Higher and you can see the low in bust was here October in 2002 so The low-formed plenty of time to be Buying in to the stock markets before it Hits 17 but this is just looking at a Macro signal here when it starts to Enter this Zone here this is the low Volatility Zone this is the Zone where It's safer for the market to enter bull Markets and continue to climb higher and Higher over the months and years ahead This is not the reading where once it Drops under here you're going to see a Massive collapse in the market you may See corrections but not massive Collapses until this is time until the Time is up in this index and you can see From history it has lasted multiple Years you can see here it enters in 2003

2004 and lasts all the way till the peak In 2007 so about four years there again Long time here very long time here you Can see it was under this level for Quite some time and we've just hit that Zone right now in the last few months And reached new lows so what can we Expect moving forward we can expect a Bull market for several months if we Look at the shortest case like we saw in 2021 or in some of the longer cases many Many years like we've seen in the past And this was actually that the biggest Bull market one of the biggest bull Markets we've seen in history even Though there are some decent spikes Above the 36 point level that was in 2015 the China bubble and the market Eventually went on its bull market again This drop in the s p really wasn't that Significant when you look at the overall Picture so we're into that zone now it's Up to you whether you think we're going To be here for several months or several Years Meanwhile the s p has put in a new Fresh Closing price for 2023 of course we've Been covering this for quite some time We've got the October low the June low We've been covering this for reasons why That's the case and we're looking for a Much lower as well these are significant Low points in the S P 500 across over a Hundred years of History these have come

In time and time again And we're just starting to break out of Those zones putting in a little volume Here as well compared to the rest of the Periods so it looks like eventually We'll break through this 4300 level and Then start to tackle the next resistance Levels between 45 and 4600 only to then Get on and test the 4 800 all-time high Price a long way from that at this stage But these are all the early signs that You can see as the market transitions From a bearish market to a bullish Market same deal for the NASDAQ new Fresh 2023 closing price highs on the back of AI bubbles plenty of different Hypes new All-time high prices for Apple there is A lot going on in the markets and many Are still hoping and waiting for a Massive collapse remember there is going To be corrections but keep an eye on Where those Corrections come to if they Start to break down significant low Prices then the markets are going to be In trouble but a correction a healthy Correction is going to be absolutely Amazing for this Market to Re-reassert itself before it can start To push higher again that's what we're Looking out for here I don't want to see Any markets go straight up because the Down period is going to be pretty severe So let's hope that we do get some sort

Of Correction as we get towards the Resistance levels and then we look to The downside of where that pullback that Correction could be and we grind Sideways potentially weeks maybe even Months before we get going again doesn't Necessarily mean it has to happen maybe We blow straight through but nonetheless The main point here is the macro trend Is up the macro is bullish it is in the Beginnings of a bull market and we do Have probably a fair bit of time left on That The other major thing before we get on To BTC and crypto is ethereum The real estate cycle now of course I go Into this in a lot of detail with our Members in the investor accelerator so If you want to learn more about that Definitely subscribe to our free crypto And economic newsletter that's coming Out today we do go into the real estate Cycle as well so check that out Link in The top of the video description but This is also showing signs that we are Heading up it's incredible to believe That real estate is going to keep Heading up we're looking at the us we're Looking at the UK we're looking at Australia New Zealand Canada Western Developed countries are all heading up When we look at the the national Pictures for those countries individual Areas maybe not but the national picture

The data is showing up and we're seeing That with home builders as the stock Market climbs to a new all-time high for The biggest home builder in the US more On that in the membership and more on That on the channel in future as well so That's a look at the traditional markets The macro view there I think it's Important to include that at the Beginning of the video even if it is Just a quick recap we cover it in detail In many other videos but it's a good Idea just to keep in mind where the Bigger money is at what is going on out There in the macro environment because We can get too caught up in what's Happening just in the cryptocurrency Space as we do with BTC so on the short Term here for BTC I've got a couple of Notes here and this was a tweet that I Put out yesterday at this particular Hour on the dot looking at the Bitcoin Price and the possibility that investors Are missing the dips because of our Macro picture our macro view here is That the Bitcoin Market Bitcoin itself Is transitioning from a bear to a bull And so if we have that macro view in Mind then significant dips which is what We focus on here they are the dips to be Buying not in other cases say if you're Getting into a very significant deep Bear Market it's pretty much looking at The buy the dip opportunity on the way

Up as You Follow the trend out of a Macro cycle low so that's the view we Have for the macro picture here this is How we go to make money so we aim to Make money not just following headlines And all this sort of stuff because if we Remember the headline from yesterday was The SEC sues binance there is your SEC Sue's binance there is the dip here is The reversal it is basically done the Entire move plus some with 20 minutes to Go until we get a close in here so There's some significant levels that we Need to watch for BTC right now but Essentially this looks like it has Turned into yet another nothing Burger So I'm going to get into that in a Moment but essentially this is my chart Here that I go through and just show all Of the very significant news headlines News announcements bearish narratives in Our overall wall of worry markets climb Walls of worry the worry is what's going To happen what's going to collapse the Market and so if we're following Analysts maybe some of the favorite YouTubers or Twitter personalities Whatever it may be that are forever Talking about the fear that is out there In the market of what could happen next To dump the market but they're not Following a chart properly well then you Pretty much end up in the position that Every other retail Trader ends up in

That every other beginner ends up in and What I'm trying to do here is show you That there is another side to how this News is read essentially all these Pieces of news have become nothing Burgers because the price has moved past Them and it looks like we're going to Head on to moving past the rest of these Uh nothing Burgers very soon probably The next several weeks to several months As the market continues to grind out as We've talked about in our June analysis Video which I put out about eight days Ago now on the channel so this was the Tweet here and the big thing here is the Market psychology as a Trader the same Investors that Miss Bitcoin at fifteen And a half thousand missed Bitcoin at Nineteen and a half thousand and I Understand there are plenty of people Who still think Bitcoin will go past That level they're going to go to 12K I See the comments I don't think it's Going to happen at this stage they'll Likely also miss this Bitcoin drop again It's the trade of psychology that Matters the most at these times and I Posted that there I was buying ethereum At these levels Michael was buying big Coin we posted this to Our members so if you want to get Involved in that the link is in the Video description TI premium membership There plus on top of that you get access

To our trading strategies and the Members now our members here are making Absolute phenomenal gains using our Mechanical systems using our swing Strategies you can see the gains here They're absolutely ripping apart the Market 100 tens twenties twenties Percent as well so pretty honest reviews Here 300 200 percent 50 these are just The updates since I showed you this last Time from many of the Traders here 100 Just crushing it I've got plenty more to Get through but if you do want to get Involved in learning how to trade the Markets then of course check out the Link in the top of the video description Trading courses and exclusive Community Here to trade these crypto markets all Right back to the BTC data and where do We go from here so as I said this is the Post here this is a good buying Opportunity I think anything under that 27k level was pretty good it doesn't I Mean bitcoin's been under 26k for a few Times now but not that much when you Look at the grand scheme of things so Going to the daily chart here for our Support and resistance levels let's get Rid of that Twenty six thousand nine hundred is the Fifty percent level here so we want to See a daily close above 26.9 you guys Will get that answer probably by the Time this video is published The Next

Level to look at is our 50 level at Around 27 7 more importantly around that 28 000 level and taking it to the top That's going to be a 28.2 so that's Going to bring us above the previous Tops here that the market was rejected At and it's the 50 level the current 50 Level and it also brings us at around The top of this consolidation range Before the market broke out and then Eventually went back under so there's Some pretty key resistance here at 28.2 It's a good thing that we're getting Above the first step at the moment at 26 9 But ultimately for this consolidation I'd love to see it get back above 28 200 And of course start to mount its attack At 29 000 and Beyond and Bitcoin can Definitely get to that point as we are Resetting the market sentiment the fear And greed is setting you can see earlier The market was getting very very greedy And was just starting to come down even Though the price was trying to push Higher so this was through March and April you can see here that the fear Started to set into the market well There just wasn't as much greed which Wasn't able to push the price higher and I can see here that we are resetting We're back under the 50 level and if you Remember from previous videos we were Wanting this to get back to around that 40 level as a good reset point for the

Market sentiment you don't want to see These markets too hot but you don't want To see them too cold you need to see Them somewhere in between and when they Get to that in between point you Definitely want to see the price holding Up while it gets there and so if we look At the fair and greed index we're at About 44 at this point here so somewhere Around the the low to mid 40s when it Was there last time you can see the Rejection here this was back in November Then we can see back in November the Price was all the way down here so the Market sentiment is resetting to around That same feel as it was back in November when it was at its lows so that Means that once we can get to a point Where people are less greedy not so Fearful somewhere in between then you Can start to find some consolidation Over the coming weeks and months because There is a new base for the price maybe It's in a particular crypto watching but In this case it's in Bitcoin there's a New base for that price and so people Are starting to feel and see the value In Bitcoin at say 27 000 the same way They felt about it at seventeen thousand Dollars so that's a really good sign for The bull market to continue you need to See the fear and greed absolutely reset To a good point and then start to mount That attack to the upside and as Bitcoin

Mounts its attack to the upside the Dominance continues to Grind sideways in some cases increase The main way for the dominance to Increase at this point is for ethereum To lose ground against its BTC value However eth just is holding up Relatively well in the last 24 hours it Did have a nice move up and then back Down to the same point as you can see Here it's down 1.5 percent back to 6.9 against BTC value but overall Bitcoin is still holding its ground here The blue line is all of the total Cryptocurrency market cap including Stable coins and the white line is Excluding stable coins so this is an Exclusive Tia indicator which you can Get access to if you join TI premium Membership there is a ton of inclusions Over there in the membership Okay so what we want to see with the Dominance is a potential Bitcoin Breakout here I think for that to happen If BTC will also have to go down but More importantly we want to see a lot of Those old coins get flushed out because That then also resets the crypto Market Gives us some fresh blood or some time To bring in some fresh blood and that of Course brings on more altcoin seasons so That's why we want to see the dominance Continue to rise Or at the worst case remain relatively

Steady because ethereum is taking over Some of that market dominance from Bitcoin as well so we cross over to the Eth Chart just quickly we can see that Eth is holding up very very well Compared to how Bitcoin has been holding Up higher lows through this period here On that uh yesterday's bar where the SEC Came out and sued binance it didn't make Lower lows like like Bitcoin did Bitcoin Made lower lows from May uh mid-may into Late May and then again into early June As you can see here on the daily so There's mid-may there's the end of May And there is early June this was Slightly Higher by a few bucks than this One but overall that was a pretty decent Downtrend whereas you can see the Difference here with eth The lows are getting higher so there is Still some strength in the eth USD pair Compared to where Bitcoin is overall eth Has really shown its strength over the Course of this bear Market putting in Cycle lows in June rather than November Like BTC it has the same March low and Now it's putting in higher lows at this Point is it going to hold at that point Can't say just yet but overall it's been Looking pretty strong compared to BTC During this bear Market period so it Looks like it's going to be one of the Big players moving into that next bull Market so that's it for today's video I

Think we've got a lot of nothing Burgers To get through in this episode you can See we had the banking crisis basically Nothing Burger in March a regional Banking crisis May basically a nothing Burger U.S debt ceiling crisis and Nothing Burger interest rate hikes Nothing Burger recession fears nothing Burger and remember to put these Burgers Into perspective with the S P 500 and The NASDAQ as they continue to grind Higher on the back of all of these Bearish narratives For whatever reason many aren't picking This up but you guys are here so make Sure you hit that like And subscribe Share the content with a friend that may Not be seeing it share it with an Analyst who might not be seeing the bull Market in front of their very face I'd Love to see the tag over there on Twitter we have a discussion over there And of course that helps out the Algorithm so thanks once again guys Hopefully I'll see you over in the group As well Link in the top of the video Description for our free crypto and Economic report otherwise I'll see you Back here tomorrow for yet another video Until then take care and peace out