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I would also say on the on the Beginnings of um of a ETF Bitcoin We Believe ETFs are a technology No different than Bitcoin was a Technology for for asset storage We Believe The Next Step going forward will Be the tokenization of financial assets There's Larry Fink the CEO of Black Rock Talking about the tokenization of all Financial assets is this the real reason We've seen a pump and chain link like Because chain link is at the Forefront Of the tokenization of real world assets And I can't help become bullish when I See how bullish Larry thinkink is on This narrative here's a deep cut clip I Found when he was talking to Andrew Ross Sorin from The New York Times all the Way back in September of last year the Entire bond market is being transformed As we talk right now I believe the Next Generation for markets the Next Generation for Securities will be will Be tokenization of Securities he just Said the entire bond market will be Transformed and the next wave we'll see Is the tokenization of Securities that Sounds like a whole lot of word thing What does that actually mean a bond is a Type of debt security usually issued by Government sometimes corporations and Municipalities and when you see debt Security that might ring some Bells Because in ' 08 that was a large reason

Why we saw a financial collapse mortgage Back Securities which was essentially a Type of mortgage bond which is a pool of Mortgages think of a thousand home Mortgages all wrapped up together in a Complicated Financial instrument that The elites can sell amongst themselves Well chain link wants to even the Playing field and tokenize all assets But you might ask yourself why would Black Rock agree to having an open Market why would Black Rock agree to a Public Ledger why would Black Rock want To expose their trades well I'm here to Tell you that isn't actually the plan Everybody Black Rock does a large Percentage of their trades OTC or over The counter so no one knows what the Parties are actually paying for for the Assets they're buying or selling and When you look into does Black Rock do OTC deals yes they do do OTC deals for Their financial instruments and in fact I did a little bit of digging everybody And I figured out what is the actual Ratios of over-the-counter versus Transparent trades because we know when We think about blockchain we think about Transparent trades but black rock is not Going to stop at that and this is why Chain link is so bullish everybody when You look at the actual numbers exchange Traded future options these are the Green bars this is going to be something

Think about a public Ledger this would Be seen by all interest parties but the Blue charts are OTC contracts one with The office of currency comp troller and The other the bus uh Bank of International settlements here and you Can see the blue bars vastly out Dwarfing the green bars here meaning the Vast majority of Trades are secret Trades that are OTC and when I went for The most recent data it's just even more Shocking everybody this is the gross Market value of global OTC derivatives These financial instruments that black Rock loves to trade and don't forget That chain link wants to tokenize and Look at the numbers for the most recent Quarter here this is Q4 2022 and then look at the number 20.7 But folks this isn't in the billions This is in the trillions of dollars Meaning this asset class vastly Outstrips all of cryptocurrency market Caps combined and that is just part of The reason why we've seen chain link Finally breaking out of this 3mon Sideways range and hitting a 22-month High of $18 it's been just languishing Between $ 13 and $17 I'm going to show Something else on the charts that made Me very very bullish this is the last Having we saw and just look at the runup That we saw well we're expecting the Having within the next say couple months

Here probably the middle of April but When I click to the 4H hour chart you Can see the recent price action folks And it looks like we broke out of this Range but I am still waiting for a Little confirmation these are 4-Hour Candles and I want to see a couple 4H Hour candles close Above This range Before I really flip bullish and say you Know it is a good buying opportunity but It's not just the Black Rock CEO talking About the tokenization Sergey nazarov The founder of chain link has also Spoken on this topic I don't think we're At that place yet where the majority of People have a use case that they can Relate to as far as blockchain Technology and I I think that our goal Is to create the infrastructure that'll Change that so chain Le wants to build The infrastructure for this real world Asset Revolution that we're seeing for This tokenization of assets that we're Seeing and this is what they call a pick And shovel investing strategy and we Love the hick and shovel investing Strategy simply put it is a strategy That invest in the underlying technology Needed to produce a good or service Instead of the final output the most Famous example is you would got rich Investing in Levi genes during the Gold Rush much more than you would have being Invested in Gold you're investing on the

Infrastructure of the underlying Revolution and if you go to chain Link's X account you see they just passed a Million followers very very bullish on That metric right there but they posted Something yesterday I found very Fascinating traditional Financial Institutions need data compute and cross Chain capabilities to adopt blockchains And tokenize rwas at scale real world Assets only the chain link platform Provides all three when I dove into the Blog here I saw a pretty pretty Compelling sentence that I think a lot Of companies are going to take advantage Of especially a lot of financial Companies because they might not want to Spin out entire crypto division some of These banks have tens of thousand Employees and it's just a lot easier to Operate with a partner than it is to Start from the ground up especially with The new technology like blockchain chain Link is the Enterprise grade Infrastructure that allows these Institutions to make the connections Between blockchains and their existing Infrastructure remember the amount of OTC deals that we see I predict that There's going to be a lot of private Blockchains that are going to be Utilizing this technology which is very Very bullish because that means they're Probably going to use it at scale and

Further on that point if your existing Tax deck I love how they use Normy speak Here needs to do blockchain stuff simply Integrate with chain link to connect With public and private blockchains and I think private blockchains of these Large asset managers are going to be a Massive narrative if not this bull run Then the following but now let me give You a little chain link price Alpha Everybody I'm going give you some Short-term and some long-term price Predictions here well first I want to Give a shout out to Lux algo for Printing out some bullish Divergence There people made some trades off of This they're just doing great you can See uh slightly lower price action here But slightly higher action on the Oscillator Matrix here but you could Also see it on the 3-day chart so this Was just a a a awesome trade to enter The the indicators were letting you know But if you go to the 3-day you can see It also playing out on the larger time Frames right around here you can see a Little bit of Divergence from uh this Low Point uh to this low point we're Getting a little bit of a lower price Action while higher price action on the Oscillator Matrix so uh shout out to Lux Algo for pointing out those trades Everybody I saw it a little too late and So I didn't try to chase it but let me

Give you my price prediction for chain Link for 2024 and for the Bull Run for 2024 I expect it to mimic largely what We saw in 2020 now 2020 was a D5 summer Was a very very bullish time for chain Link and you just tell by the green Arrows right now well right now we're Kind of in a peak area before the having And uh the having is going to Approximately happen about this vertical Line and it's correlating pretty closely What we're seeing over here so I'm going To pull this from the top of the preh Having rally and then see the the high For 2020 and we saw about a 300% pump About a 4X I think we can expect Something fairly similar for what we're Seeing right now and of course a forx From $20 is going to give us about a $80 Chain link I think there's going to be a Slight diminishing returns and I think This might only be about a 3X or about a 200% pump and folks that gives us a $60 Chain link in 2024 if everything goes Right and the real world asset Tokenization narrative becomes real and I do think it will but my Bull Run top For 2025 is also going to take a similar Approach here we're going to look at What we saw the peak of 20 I'm going to Compareed you know for the peak of 24 so The peak of August 20 we were right Around $20 and then we peaked pretty Close to 50 about 160% pump I don't

Think it'll uh match that exactly and I'm going to draw out where I think We're going to go I do think think we Can hit roughly $80 this cycle and I'm Expecting a little bit of a pump from There so 76 we run that up 160% we're Off the charts I don't know if it'll go That high I'm expecting more about a 100% pump maybe even 1220 and that's Going to give us roughly a $100 chain Link for 2025 now I think if everything Goes well chain link could break through $100 and potentially flirt with the $200 Range but I'm going to be looking to Take profits around 100 in fact maybe Even take off a small portion once we Get into new all-time highs so that's my Prediction for chain link 2024 2025 I Just really want to stress black rock is Going to use chain link in a massive way And it might not be as transparent as You think which is going to be great for Black Rock and great for holders of Chain link as well because remember the CEO of the largest asset manager in the World is telling you the tokenization of Securities is the future I'm Dey for Discover crypto and I'll see you at the Top with my 3.7 chain [Music] Link