Coin Bureau EXPOSED (How Did Crypto MISS This?)

Coin Bureau EXPOSED (How Did Crypto MISS This?)

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Coin Bureau is one of the biggest crypto YouTubers on the platform, but just how far does he influence reach? In this video, I’m going to let you in on a little secret as to why the channel dominates Google search trends and what this means for the crypto YouTuber ecosystem as a whole.

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The world of crypto YouTube is highly Competitive while a lot of people think That we're all competing over who's Going to go to jail first the fact is We're all competing to provide education And content to people that are new in Crypto today we're going to show you who Some of the most popular crypto YouTubers are and during my research for This video I stumbled across something So unbelievably jaw-dropping it could Change the way you look one of your Favorite crypto YouTubers let's get it Welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben Today we're gonna be taking a look at Something shocking that I found out About coin Bureau now we've talked about Coin Bureau a decent amount on the Channel over the years I met him in Dubai a guy from going Bureau and uh you Know buried the hatchet I guess and said That I was going to say anything Negative about his channel again uh I Had some beat with him I'd addressed it Directly with him Um you know I had an honest conversation And you know it was all water under the Bridge nothing that we're going to talk About in this video is his fault Um by any stretching the imagination but It's led to some really really really Skewed numbers when it comes to people Trying to figure out who the popular Influencers are you know on YouTube and

Beyond for crypto so obviously this is My channel of bit Lloyd crypto uh I Started with zero subscribers like Everybody else does uh January or February 2018 started the channel by the End of 2019 I had about ten thousand to Twelve thousand subscribers in 2020 my Channel blows up all altcoin daily at This time was the number one YouTube Channel Um they passed I believe Ivan on Tech And data Dash that year they just Reached a 1.3 million subscribers by way Hats off to all coin daily love those Guys uh but they were they were number One at that time and so I was trying to Chase him and I went from having 12 000 Subscribers all the way to about a Million and a half in about 18 months I'm always trying to figure out you know How can I stay on top well I went on top For very long because coin Bureau we Started our channels about the same time He just shot right past me and the thing Was is we both were going pair of ballot Through the last Bull Run however his Just didn't seem to stop it seemed to Keep going and after this video I'm even A little more Um you know confused on on why that is Other than I just great conversions for Subscribers I guess Um but coin Bureau does informative Videos they're good they're definitely

Good videos Um people trust him and uh you know I'm Always digging into his numbers because I'm just so confused Um on just how much more popular around The world he seemed to be than everybody Else and what am I talking about I'm Talking about on Google for Google Trends you look here bit boy version is Coin Bureau so this is me versus coin Bureau around the world on Google Um over the last 12 months and you can See he actually crushes me however like That just didn't seem to line up with my Analytics for what we were looking about For where our users are from so I said You know where is he where is he beating Me so bad at so we come down here to Compare by region uh he's beating me in Canada uh 41 to 59 and once again the Goal of this video is not let me show You where I'm beating him and he's being Me this is leading to something that's Very very very intriguing that I just Stumbled across after years of trying to Figure out why he was beating me these Countries Zambia 100 zero he beats me uh Coinbro in Spain 77 to 23 percent uh Then you have France a hundred percent To zero that's really strange isn't it Like that's really strange if you go to The United States uh just what that Looks like of course in the United States

Um you know we have been at the top for Quite some time here all going Daily's Getting on us a little bit shout out to Them Um but you guys can see over the last 12 Months like we beat him pretty good here In the United States a lot of major Countries we do better than him if you Actually go down or back to the world Here And you go to the UK on the map you'll See even where he's from right now They're recording in Dubai I beat him in Ireland 75 to 25 and in the UK I beat Him 54 to 46 when it comes to search What in the world this didn't seem to Make any sense to me that France alone Seemed to push him as the top crypto Influencer in the world according to Um you know popularity on Google Trends Now something just wasn't right with This it was not sitting right with me Um so what I did is I said man let's go Back let's go back to the history of Google Trends to 2004. I found what I Was looking for finally very interesting Check this out coin Bureau actually you Could make the argument was a more Popular search term before he even Started his channel it made no sense you Would actually argue here that around The world the coin Bureau crypto YouTube Channel has hurt the overall amount of Trending searches that the term coin

Bureau gets look here look there Especially percentage-wise no sense Started digging into it I started Finding these little websites in France That had the term coin Bureau on it I Was like okay I know he's doing he's Doing SEO he's taking uh he's got a bot They've got spam a content that goes and Puts like comments on blogs and just Puts coin Bureau all over France but I Would go to the websites and it wasn't Clickable it wouldn't lead you anywhere There was no anchor text it was just Literal fonts saying coin Bureau I dug I Dug I dug in it hit me like a ton of Bricks if you go to Google Translate and Let's go from French to English and now Let's type in coin bureau if you're French you know this I had no I coin Bureau in French means Corner office all of these searches back Here were people looking for Real Estate Or corner office furniture how to set up A corner office and all of those Searches End up Making his channel look like in France That it dwarfs everything in crypto but In reality the people that are searching That in France for the most part are Most likely searching for something to Do with a corner office so last thing Remember these countries we looked at Zambia also a French speaking country

French Canada a lot of French influence French Canadian war Quebec and of course In France they speak French a vast Majority of the searches that make him On Google appear to crush everybody are Actually just looking for core offices That was the answer the whole time I've Been reverse engineering I've been like With murder boards for years trying to Figure this out it's all friendly Competition but for the first time today A major major breakthrough in crypto YouTuber competitive drama as we see Coin Bureau is a corner office Corner office or not he does a great job Go check out his channel you guys can Subscribe here there you go I'll throw a Little subscribe there if you want to Subscribe back to me but I digress uh Altcoin daily you guys don't forget go Subscribe to them they do a great job as Well subscribe here obviously and uh you Know make sure some of our other people We you know look at uh crypto Banner Cryptos R Us they all make great videos All good and educational and uh you know In crypto YouTube We generally are all Competitive but we all get along for the Most part uh really really well and it Is kind of like a unified front if you Will 70 of the education in crypto for Beginners comes directly from YouTube so The more strong strong crypto YouTube Channels we have offering the best

Information education the better off we All are so just want to share that with You guys I thought it was really neat Maybe you hate it it's not quite the Normal content that you see on this Channel uh but I was just dying to tell People about this because I've been Looking for this for years now since he Doesn't crush me in search results since Many of those are stuffed with people Who recorded offices how in the world is He crushing me so bad uh subscriber wise I guess people just like him better but You know that's one I still like you Back that's all I got be blessed I can't Even afford a court office me and TJ Have to share one The boy out

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