Coinbase will PUMP this Altcoin (30x Potential)

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Coinbase Ventures just backed this Altcoin and nobody is talking about it It only has a $30 million market cap and I think this can 30X 40x or even 50x in 2024 I'm going to tell you why people Are scared about it why I love it and a Metric nobody's talking about time to Discover Crypto all right folks the coin we are Talking about is aerodome and this is The central trading and liquidity Marketplace on bass now if you don't Know what Bas is base is a new ethereum L2 incubated by coinbase and built on The op stack very very bullish on Bas Because we're very bullish on coinbase Now base is going to be a big winner but The coin is not out yet you can't buy Any base right now there's people Playing around on the test net the devs Are using it but there's coins on the Base ecosystem and within this ecosystem Coinbase which is the team behind base They have chosen a winner to be the Number one One decentralized exchange And coinbase did that through coinbase Ventures coinbase Ventures is their VC Arm and this is how they do Investments Within their ecosystem and now Bas is Going to be using Aerodrome as its main Decks now why am I bullish on coinbase Ventures investing in a base decks well Coinbase Ventures tends to pick winners Everybody uh this is just a scrolling

Wheel I can't really control it so you Know just look at some of the names here You just saw Unis swap yugal laabs Aptos Arbitrum R weave CEO compound consensus Dapper Labs ether scan folks these People know how to pick winners some say They're even the king makers within Crypto they know how to pick a winner if You know what I mean magic Eden Masari Optimism uh ribbon Finance Stark net Synthetics huge huge names in the Industry and they are chosing arrow is The ticker is a e r o aerod Drome as Their chosen winner as the decks now Crypto Taco he just did a a thread on This and I'm going to kind of go over a Couple points here and then folks I said There's a secret metric nobody is Talking about I'm going to look at the Finances like it's a stock and tell you Why I'm bullish we're going to be using Metrics think of a close to a profits to Earnings ratio we're going to be looking At market cap to sales ratio and the Numbers I have are going to blow you Away folks but if we go into the thread Here this is why Taco is bullish he has Eight reasons why he added it to his Portfolio today and folks I just took a Little bit of arbitrum profits and put It in this coin because of the arbitrum Unlock but you know not Financial advice Just I feel like that unlock might end Up making some selling pressure and uh

Taco writes you know pretty correctly Here the hype around l2s it's clear that Base is set to dominate I think it's Going to be one of the top l2s in the Space the main reason being it is going To be the backing of coinbase is a Player with deep ties to the world Economic forum and a custodian for the Majority of the Bitcoin ETFs more on That later coinbase obviously not just Any platform they're trying to onboard a Billion users into the base chain Ecosystem this strategy especially if They navigate the SEC lawsuit Successfully puts them in a great Position will a judge dismissed this Case we don't know what's going to Happen with this but I expect if Coinbase has any kind of favorable Ruling in this case every base ecosystem Token is going to explode as well as the Coin stock itself uh we keep going down The thread here the partnership between Coinbase and black rock for real world Assets also signals significant growth Potential folks if you look into the Who's who of the ETF race ibit which is Black Rock This is the Black Rock Bitcoin ETF is by and far the biggest Winner in the ETF race so they took in a Half billion this is just yesterday Folks this is uh reported this morning From Eric balunis the biggest haul for a Bitcoin ETF ever second most for any ETF

Yesterday and folks the news today might Even break the records yesterday because The records yesterday broke the records From the day before uh now there are $8 Billion in assets under management top 5% amongst all ETF so Black Rock major Winner in the crypto space coinbase Working with black rock not only the Custody sharing agreement but also for Real world Assets Now back to aerody Drome Finance they're standing out as The premier decks in liquidity Marketplace on base huge tvl here 134 Million at least for that L2 dwarfing The competitors I'm not interested in The number two decks I'm not interested In the number two Oracle I'm not Interested in the number two for most Things when you start getting out of the Major players here now when you're you Know eth you're looking at L2 and it's Already not the top L2 well if you're Investing within that L2 you need to Make sure those projects are the top Player if you're investing in polygon Well maybe then yeah the number two Decks the number to social uh website That's not really going to be an issue But when you're an L2 and you're not the Top L2 you're the number seven number Four whatever L2 you're investing in you Need to invest in the best projects Within that ecosystem so that's why I'm Bullish here another bullish reason we

Go to number five here you can see that The rest of the tokens uh outside the 160 million locked for years that's Going to be very uh promising number six Is going to shock you look at the Revenue that they had brought in Annualized fees $7.6 million well if we Go to their website this is the Aerodrome Finance website we scroll down Taco made that tweet yesterday and now They're already at 8.15 million in fees so you're seeing The fees on the aggregate it is Skyrocketing right here now Taco's Giving it the 100x opportunity I feel Like 30X a lot more likely everybody now Uh let's go deeper into the weeds There's a little bit of fud around it Now Airdrome and their partner Vel Drome They actually had their websites hacked They did an incident report you you can See this is a November 29 markets Actually didn't react to that news too Much if we go here and we go to November Uh November 29 you can see well you know Maybe uh maybe a little bit of a slight Dip around there but really uh the Markets kind of shrug that off it was a Still a newer website and you know People didn't really care too much but If you dig down uh folks you can kind of See the root cause the root cause was The orchestrated socially engineered Attempt to take over the domain names

And here they can say lacked of verified Ownership records generally a Requirement by this uh this overs of Domain names and the lack of alerting Protocols to Breakin attempts over a Series of days led to access being Granted to the attacker so almost seems Like it's more of uh you know whom they Register the domain with they you know Reached out and said hey we need to get Access and then they ended up changing a Couple domain sites there and you know You can go with more to the weeds there But essentially uh it wasn't so much Their smart contracts that were breached It was more of a web 2 issue not a web 3 Issue and so maybe that's why the Markets didn't really react too much to That hack now you see this pump you Don't want to buy that folks you do not Want to buy that but if you look at the 7day you can see there was a retracement Now this bounce is happening a lot Faster than I even wanted I just saw That it had uh you know found a little Support you know kind of set up a little Bit higher than these previous levels Now that the retracement has began I Feel a little bit more comfortable I Didn't want to tell you to buy this After 130% pump but now that we were Down 10% we're down 20% market cap is Now down to 31 million when the market Cap was 40 million I feel like now the

Entry points are starting to look a Little bit more attractive now I told You there's a secret metric nobody is Talking about and I'm going to be the First one to break it down to that's why You like this channel that's why I Appreciate if you go ahead hit that Subscribe button make sure you go ahead Hit the like on this video if you like Dey you know using that accounting uh Knowledge from college uh back from you Know 1872 I'm sharing this knowledge With you right now we're going to be Looking at the market cap to sales ratio We're going to be looking at the revenue That they brought in and then just kind Of you know making a educated assessment Here here we're going to be looking at The annualized fees of 8.15 million and we're going to be using The market cap to sales ratio also known As the price to sales ratio and this is Calculated by dividing the market cap by Its annual sales and for this metric We're going to be using the revenue that They pull in well folks I just wanted to Look at some of the larger tech Companies here if we look at the largest Uh we're just going to look at the Biggest three which is going to be Microsoft Apple and Nvidia you know Folks we could go way down and you know Find even crazier metrics but we're Going to look at their market cap of

Microsoft three trillion and if we look At their sales AKA revenue is going to Be 227 billion that gives us a a PS Ratio uh a price to sales ratio of 13 That means for every dollar that they Bring in they are worth 13 Well if we go down to Apple well looks a Little bit more safe folks you know they Have a market cap $2.8 trillion you look How much money that they brought in they Brought in 378 billion 278 would be a a 10x or a 10 PS ratio it's a little bit Lower than that 731 well folks this is The most crazy one you're going to see At least in the top 10 and that's going To be Nvidia Nvidia is a little under $2 Trillion and if you look at their Revenue new here it's going to be right At 60 but folks that gives them a ratio Of 32 so that means for every dollar That they pull in they're worth $32 they Pull in1 million they're worth $32 Million they brought in 60 billion and They are worth 1.9 really you can Round Up to $2 trillion well now let's do that Math for Arrow obviously a 32 ratio Would be insane because if you recall Right here they're pulling in 8 million Well if we go to their market cap folks It is 31.8 now 8 goes into 32 four times that Gives us roughly a price of sales ratio Of four now for Tech you expect that Ratio to be a lot higher that's why

Invidia is a 30 plus PS ratio so seeing A ratio of four when Nvidia is at 30 Makes me very very bullish cuz I feel Crypto should be closer to the 1020 Range if you're actually pulling in Revenue and just the fact that they're Pulling in revenue is huge and if we do The calculator right here this is $ 8.15 million this is their annualized Revenue and if we gave it a multiplier Of 32 which is NVIDIA there's tech Companies you know lower cap much higher Than that 50 60 100 we're going to stick To Nvidia 8.15 million in Revenue it we Multiply that by 32 folks that gives us A market cap of $260 million And if we were to divide that market cap By 31 you know what I'll even round up We'll divide it by $32 million that will Tell you the multiple you would get if We hit that market cap and folks so when You're looking at a multiple for your Coin that is a 8X from these levels and Folks 8X feels like fud I really think This coin can do a 30X I would keep an Eye out on aerod Drome and all you got To think about is the top decks on Coinbase base chain and if then ask Yourself what should the market cap at The peak Market B for the top decks on Base folks the number I come up with I Know it's suspiciously round I say that Decks should have a market cap of around

$1 billion that would be a 30X from These levels I think a billion doll Market cap is very doable and if base Does well I think two3 billion is then On the table folks now not Financial Advice this is at the peak Market I Think this could be you know Q3 2025 but In the meantime I'm going to enjoy the Ride and slowly pack my bag of aerod Drome so if you're bullish on l2s you're Bullish on coinbase you're bullish on Brian Armstrong you're bullish on dex's I think arrow is at 20 cents a very very Good opportunity folks uh it's not one I'm going to be sleeping on I'm going to Be adding more to my bags I added more Today I got some yesterday buying the Wick I didn't even care because the Fundamentals are that strong I'm Dey and We'll see you in your L2 bags at the Top