Could Bitcoin & Crypto have a BLOW OFF Top in 2024? | #bitcoinnews #cryptonews #bitcoin

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A lot of people calling for a blowoff Top mid 2024 2024 could potentially just Continue to rise for the first half we Get a bit of a pullback somewhere in Quarter 2 into quarter 3 early quarter 3 Because the market has been running look It's been running a lot and it will need Another pullback just to reset and so That could be the premise for the Blowoff top people to say that here it Is here is the collapse and that could Catch a lot of people out which is Probably why I called the video Something around everyone is going to Get fooled this is how the markets work We don't all agree on everything which Is why 90% of people get it wrong They're sort of going for the bearish Thing over and over again so as we head Into the end of the 18 to 20 year cycle It doesn't seem to be the [Music] Case