Crypto Investing for Beginners! How to avoid the next FTX! COMPLETE 101 GUIDE!!

Crypto Investing for Beginners! How to avoid the next FTX! COMPLETE 101 GUIDE!!

Avoid the next FTX! Green Flags vs Red Flags! Crypto Investing for Beginners! COMPLETE 101 GUIDE!!

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**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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I'm an average retail investor today I look at coinbase I look at binance I Look at Swissport I don't know what you Know I can trust anymore centralized Exchanges what are some green flags that The average retail investor can look for Yeah I think that's a great very great Question uh what I always say is first Understand people and the mission that's Behind the founders right if You know you you have one of the most Integer Integrity sorry one of the I Don't say in English but you guys really Were Integrity Integrity you really have Both Integrity both brothers you're here Because you have a strong Community People follow you because not only Because they like you because they trust You and and and and I think so you truly Try to bring entertainment to the next Level it's not about oh I told you Yesterday you should have pumped that Position I told you yesterday you should Have dumped that position oh you should Have listened to me you know those Influencers there's many of them you're Definitely not those and and and and and There's different other people that do That and I think so that's one of the First things is to understand the Mission of any of these companies and And and and and and if the mission does Talk to you I think so it's a good thing The mission FTX was one building people

As well Say one thing on the people side as well Is anonymous is not good guys a non or People where you do not know where they Live or they're maybe not using the real Name Um those are things those are the basics Of due diligence and finance is really Who are these people what is their Background do they have a police fire or Have they been arrested or have they Been involved in any type of that's the Core layer of and and that's why like You know when you're into some of the D5 Projects or I'll call that man chain I Want to call them defy um there's a lot Of a nouns and that's that's a problem When it comes to trust but go ahead Psy Sorry yeah 100 and and and and and and Yeah the second thing is the team I Think so once you you know talk to the You understand the mission of the Company I think so then this is the team Itself and and you see like for example Ave well stani has been putting his face A long time in front of Ave and since The th land to today right and and and It's a regulated company company today As well people don't realize that and And they're they're pushing towards of Course decentralization and the Centralized Finance one is the best Application but he put his face as well So that's something that's very

Important and you know who are the Backers the company behind it all of That that's something that's very Important coinbase we know who's the Company behind we know it's very well Regulated we know that uh The Beneficial Owners we know they're auditing is done In a perfect way so these are different Things then obviously to to understand If you're trusting a foreign company That doesn't have any representation in Your own country and it's not regulated At all well then you know you might face One day you know you know a big hack or Internal hack or something that flies Away with your money and uh and the Regulations on things like on the Regulation side guys one thing that's Really important is that you're Regulated where your offices are you Know you're not in some sort of you know Caribbean be an island but then you're Hiding in Hong Kong you know what I mean So the the regulatory standpoint first Of all you need the right licenses so we Have the custody license we have the Exchange license so by The Regulators They force us to segregate all assets We're not allowed to hold users assets And by the way one of the dodgy Practices in crypto is being an exchange And the custodian I mean that's massive Conflict of interest right there you're Not supposed to be that in every

Exchange in history there is always a Trusted escrow to transact for you right So um and that's what we use obviously That when you're regulated you have the Right license number one or licensees Number one and then number two that your Offices are in the areas where you're Regulated so that if we do something Dodgy with Cyrus the the blockchain Brothers we get arrested immediately we Go to jail right so I think that's Another really important compo uh like Uh yeah well sorry sorry side for Cutting you off And and and I know like recently A lot Of people are trying to bring more trust With with with showing their size of Their wallets but we know that Yeah the liabilities does not match and Again you don't know who's behind the Company and and a lot of these big Exchanges are showing like oh I have 8.8 Billion dollars yeah well that's great Man but that doesn't mean that you're Not going to fly around with that 8.8 Billion or even more that you don't owe More than 8.8 billion dollars right so I Think so that's very important and and Of course the track record you know a Lot of people always being like Discrediting tether and bitfinex and Bitfinex is not the most regulatory wise Type of Exchange But they've been in the business for a

Long time They could have had flu probably away Many times I'm not saying tether it's Completely no risk-free assets but for Example I own some tether and I do trust The people because they've been long Time into the business they don't they Don't have all the best trust score in Terms of auditing and all of that but They're the the track record usually Speaks a lot uh for for for what we're Building and if people will be in the Business for a long time it doesn't mean They won't go down but there's probably A good chance that uh they'll go through Different Market Cycles Speaking about it as he's saying and I Think guys The Next Step so we have we Put like all our proof of reserves on Chain through nansen also all the Counterparty risks through the yields Everything you can track on chain Whether it's these sets or the actual Yield program it's all verifiable but I Do think guys and as you know the proof Of liabilities has been a question for a Very long time as well so you know I I Always try to tell the traditional Finance people that you know we can Together build something that is really Robust in terms of trust like well first Of all we don't want to trust we want to Don't trust verify is okay can you hear Me guys yes yeah uh okay sorry about

That the Dubai connection uh yeah so Don't trust verify so essentially you Know obviously we can have all of our Wallets on chain we can have all of our Strategies on chain uh but now the view Is because everyone says yeah but you Guys you know audits are the real you Know proof or the way to trust I'm like No not at all Bernie Madoff was audited Two to four times a year and look what He did right and a lot of the people the Big institutions that have really good Relationships with the Auditors they're Actually notified I swear to God guys I've seen this in Japan where some of The big corporations they wouldn't know The date of the audit or more or less The week so they can you know not Necessarily cook the books but they'll Flip things around so that it looks good In front of their investors so even the Audits themselves there's some shady Stuff going on so you know what if all Of this can be on chain guys wouldn't That be beautiful where everything from The the fees to to the revenues to the Entire pill to and then of course the Stamp on chain and then there you go Trust 2.0 right Isn't that a DEX like what is Everything's on chain that's the decks Not a sex right I think so we we we need More and more on chain and I think so The you know what coinbase is building

Was the new wallets and what we're going I think so we need more and more proof That is everything could be on chain I don't know if we're going to get there Yet of course I think so there's always Been a combination of sexist indexes and I think so that that's definitely the The next big step I know for example for Swissburg and how we could offer our Services the more people is that Eventually we would like to move from Not just only handling very well the Defy into the C5 but how we move we Essentially move on to the the Semi-custodial wallets and this might be The future I think so swissburg is where We could finally let anyone on board Through Swiss board do your kyc if then Going to D5 going to dex's going to Gaming whatever you want you lose your Private key it doesn't matter we Regenerate your private key and Essentially it's a Swiss Foundation That's keeping your identity as well so You have zero knowledge proof which Enables you really to do cool stuff but Is at the same time to build a Reputation there so I think so this is Really definitely where we love love to To build uh more and more ways where you Could have an infrastructure that can Navigate you through the craziness of Web3 I think so and and the most simple Secure way so hopefully we'll be heading

There uh and uh and I think so that will Bring even more trust to the to the to The industry and hopefully our our Parents will able to be able to get into D5 and all that because uh we know that Today you know What is there is like less than three Million four million people that are Into D5 4 million wallets that are Entity five things only yeah uh that's Not a lot of people Oh yeah hopefully that could get to yeah Four billion yeah with those different Services Yeah to be real I mean after everything That happened with Sam bankman freed and Caroline I got a little turned off to Sex for a little bit but uh I was more Into the decks but you know I'm just Kidding guys

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