Crypto Lobby Pays Off💰 Pro-Crypto Candidates Are Beating Anti-Crypto Army

Crypto Lobby Pays Off💰 Pro-Crypto Candidates Are Beating Anti-Crypto Army

As the results from Super Tuesday races across the US trickle in, some of the financial contributions from several crypto-focused political action committees appear to have paid off. In what appears to be a successful use of funds, Fairshake doled out more than $10.1 million in recent weeks on advertisements and air time against Rep. Katie Porter in California’s open primary for a US Senate seat, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

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00:00 Intro
00:22 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
00:51 Katie Porter vs Adam Schiff
02:06 Adam Schiff propped up by crypto
03:48 Katie Porter ads fact checked
04:28 What is Fairshake
05:15 Crypto & other candidates
06:09 Elizabeth Warren still FUDing
09:01 Bitcoin is inflation proof
10:38 Caution with Trump
12:22 Stand with Crypto
13:14 Gensler still dodging if ETH is or isn’t a “Security”
15:44 Outro

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~Crypto Lobby Pays Off💰 Pro-Crypto Candidates Are Beating Anti-Crypto Army~
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The political landscape is heating up And it's all coming down to who is pro Crypto and who is not today we're going To break it down for you guys give you An idea of how this is going to affect Digital assets going forward you do not Want to miss it my name is Paul ver Welcome back in the tech path before we Get started thank our sponsor and that Is itust capital let's go into a crypto Ira all you have to do is go over to Their website itrust and you Can start your own crypto Ira it's Self-directed so you get to manage it All it's very easy to do no monthly fees You only pay on your trades which you Are in full control of and here's what You can put in there Bitcoin ethereum Alt coins gold silver lot of options Here so check it out use our link it's Going to give you a $100 funding reward To get things going all right let's go Into a couple of things that have been Happening in the well the elections and The interesting thing is the landscape Who's playing what's winning what's not Working what is working we're going to L It out for you here's ktie Porter this Is one of the big ones that of course is At the Forefront of what's happening With this kind of Battle of the good Versus evil now I'm not saying that She's an evil candidate not at all but She is anti- crypto and the whole point

Behind Katie Porter is if you think About her positioning she was going Against a guy by the name of Adam ship This is in California now Adam Schiff Here's him he is very strongly Supportive of crypto now you're going to Note some statements right there on his Front of his website he's talking about You know implementing and growing these Industries including blockchain web 3 All that good stuff now full Clos full Disclosure is he is supported by and Lobbied by uh coinbase and coinbase is Going after a strategy to restructure How the proc crypto candidates are going About because this is really what's Going to make changes in in Congress Today I want to go to this clip from The Young Turks they're talking a little bit More about how this happened listen in Last night representative Adam Schiff Finished first in the primary election It's also worth noting that Adam Schiff Engaged in some political maneuvering to Essentially prop up the one Republican Candidate uh in order to well Essentially make in his mind the general Election the which will happen in November a lot easier now others who are Running against him included Democrat Katie Porter which is why he uh focused On uplifting a republican that's Actually not what this segment is about It's about how the uh crypto Community

Got involved and also worked real hard To crush Katie Porter but not Adam Schiff Schiff raised nearly $32 million For the Senate run a staggering sum That's nearly two times the number of Any other Senate candidate in the in the Country This cycle so the crypto industry Super PAC fairshake spent more than $10 Million opposing Porter's campaign Fair Shake's top donors include the crypto Exchange coinbase crypto firm Ripple Labs Venture Capital firm and dreon Horwitz and its Founders and the winkl Vos Twins and the advertisements um that Began airing on social media platforms And on television in February make no Mention of crypto instead they paint as A fake and an accomplished actor they're All actors okay Like so Anna's not too uh too happy About this and again this is part of the Political landscape that happens across All of these campaigns what is Interesting about this is that the ads That they ran against Porter were Actually true listen in so let's look at Those claims one at a time Katie Porter Takes her campaign cash directly from Big farmer that is true Big Oil this Claim is true and the big Bank Executives again true but that $22,900 Donation is from the 2021 election cycle From the now former president of that

Company so who paid for this ad Fair Shake is a political action committee With the website saying they are Committed to quote the next generation Of internet and helping blockchain Developers with a quote clearer Regulatory and legal Framework all right so just so everybody Understands Fair Shake is a super pack That is focused on this and this has Been something that I think is well Aware everybody's aware of this and it's Just like any other lobbying group I Think the key is is this time around the Crypto industry the blockchain industry Has learned how to play the game with The best of the best out there and I Think that's one of the things that has Kind of set the you know the landscape a Little bit more on uneven scale so we're Going to see a lot more of these kinds Of AC I think out there in the elections This year remember this is the year we Have I think it's 33 seats that are up For grabs and if we get those seats this Will be a different kind of Regulation Period once we get past the November Election so a lot happening for sure I Want to go to another clip right here Because this is also uh tyt talking About other candidates listen in crypto Got involved in other races this cycle As well including spending more than $1.7 million backing Shamar

Figures a house candidate in Alabama who Finished on top in Texas State Representative Julie Johnson who Benefited from just shy of $1 million in Spending from the crypto pack um and is Leading the Democratic primary to Replace representative Colin alred uh Though the race hasn't yet been called With 44% of votes in and by no the race Has been called Johnson one yay money Investors so so I I like it the the fact That we uh we're actually getting blamed For doing what the rest of the political Landscape has been able to do for I Don't know decades uh so it's Interesting now we still have a lot of Work ahead of us we're basically taking Out the swamp we're taking out the old Bringing in new ideas people that Understand where blockchain and web 3 is Going and I think that's the good thing But you still have the Big Kahuna out There and that is Warren listen into This clip in our financial system Pretty much everybody follows the same Set of rules I'm talking Banks and Credit unions and credit card companies Uh gold Traders and stock Brokers uh Private Equity now has to follow the Rules precious metal dealers venmo Western Union but not crypto my view of the World is same kind of activity same kind Of risk should have the same regulation

Per and she told me she just wants to Level the playing field would this Legislation do That where do we even start here I mean Senator Ward is literally the queen of Political theater what is she even Talking about same risk same regulation Of course we agree with that and that's Exactly what we currently have Senator Elizabeth Warren has misled the US Congress and many of the American people Through the way she is communicating how Cryptocurrency is regulated today as you Know she has a bill that we're calling An effective ban on cryptocurrency 19 Members of the Senate are currently Sponsoring that bill we've met with all 19 of those offices and many of those Offices were shocked to learn that Cryptocurrency businesses are regulated As money service businesses the exact Same way that remittance providers like Your venmo and Bunny Graham and PayPal Are companies are where you go to buy And sell cryptocurrencies these are at Exchanges you can now buy cryptocurrency Through PayPal and the cash app all of These companies where you do the Exchanging so to buy and sell Cryptocurrency or anything else they're Regulated as money service businesses They are registered with finson under The US Treasury and they are subjected To the bank secrecy act there is not a

Gap that is just Misinformation and shame on her for Doing that she does know the difference This is a political attack on bitcoin And on cryptocurrency and we must hold Our elected officials Accountable and I think that's the thing We are seeing now the fact that you have And everybody understands how political Uh jargon is done they kind of put up What is in most cases half troops much Like Warren Warren has been on record Many times getting kind and we've done It here on our Channel we've shown a lot Of these hearings where she just kind of Has her agenda and completely ignores The facts so that is something that Perryan was talking about there totally On point totally in agreement but the Way to beat them is to go Grassroots and I think that's what we've seen with Fairshake now another thing I want to Get into is why is all of this happening This is talking about Bitcoin being Inflation proof listen it Americans what Is their number one issue poll after Poll uh says it's inflation and and Bitcoin in particular is inflation proof It has a limited Supply you can't print More and so why do we have politicians Trying to take this option off the table That would protect Americans from Inflation at a time when they need that Protection most and that's why we have

So many people around the country who Are running on Pro Bitcoin and pro Crypto platforms you have Bernie Marino In uh Ohio is one you have uh uh in Pennsylvania you know Senator Casey he's One of the 19 who wants to ban Cryptocurrency his Challenger mccormac Just came out Pro cryptocurrency Elizabeth Warren has a challenger John Deon so lot happening there and I think The key here is remember uh and and this Is kind of one of the things that I Think is a little bit you know kind of Two-faced here in the sense of well hey It's okay you still have Securities and Bonds and gold and all these other Things you can invest in Mr you know Voter don't worry about digital assets Over here because it invades on the Political landscape that kind of Controls our business being the banking System you don't really need that one to Control inflation I think that's the Problem that people are starting to Understand now the key here is is how do We convince the next Administration to Kind of go in this direction listen to What they had to say there's a lot of Talk about Donald Trump and what's his His current state on crypto and the Truth is is we don't actually know what His stance on crypto is and I would Caution people to think he might be a Strong uh proponent of digital asset

Technology during the Trump Administration they didn't have a very Good track record the SEC you know Trump Under the Trump Administration blocked Spot Bitcoin ETFs just like chairman Gensler did secretary minuchin the Treasury secretary tried to Outlaw Selfhosted wallets which led to us being Involved in in in legal action with the US Treasury to prevent some you know Devastating requirements on on this Technology and then president Trump Himself put out a statement saying he Was not a fan of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency so we are calling on Donald Trump to issue a clear statement On his position of digital assets and Cryptocurrency because as of today it's Not Clear yeah so this is a big deal guys if You are getting out there and you're Politically active you need to be Thinking about this whether you're a Trump voter or you're a Biden voter does Doesn't really matter I think the key Here is winning the Congressional votes But also just getting the president Whoever that's going to be Biden or Trump or whoever the Democrats put up to Understand digital assets are the future This is one thing that we've got to do So whichever campaign you might fall Into what I would say start pushing it Out there let's get their opinion on

Where this is going because unless we Know we can't really understand where They might stand I like what coin base And many of the supporters of fair Shake Are doing and that is going Grassroots Getting into Congress seat by seat Because that's what it's going to take Going out there uh make sure and stand With crypto this is not an ad coinbase Do not pay us to do this full disclosure This is just us helping to support the Digital assets industry look at that Number right now donated by crypto Advocates uh 86 M 350,000 crypto Advocates right now There's the PO the policy maker contacts That we've got to be able to reach this Is a big deal and it's also reshaping The form of how our legislature is going To be conducted maybe over the next Decade so a lot is at stake right now if You guys want to learn a little bit more About that you can also go all the way Into recent activity these are people That are joining top donations lot Happening out there uh for sure last up Is one more clip of why we're doing this Why does all this really matter Paul why Well listen in you also I'm sure as as a Five member commission and as the staff Are going to be considering in recent Months because you are uh facing a Deadline coming up in May around a spot Ethereum ETF having a it is Kaye you had

To get this question of course we are Now about two months into a world in Which spot Bitcoin products exist they Have had incredible uh demand more than 8 billion dollars in inflows now the Optimism is ether spot ETFs are next do You not first have to settle the Question as to whether ether is a Security or a commodity can you answer That first well Kaylee again uh on any One of the crypto tokens it's about the Facts and Circumstances as to whether the Investing public is anticipating a Profit based on the efforts of others um But we do have filings in front of us I'm not going to comment I will say this This is a highly speculative asset class One could just look at the volatility of Bitcoin in the last few days and look I Grew up loving roller coasters maybe in My adult years I don't Rite them as much But you you really should be conscious As the investing public that this is a Bit of a roller coaster ride on these Volatile uh assets and then the question Is is how How firm is the foundation of The you know you get to the top of that Hill how's the foundation underneath it And are there cash flows or what's the Use case for thousands of these tokens There's about 15 or 20,000 of them they Also may be Securities because the Investing public is relying on the

Efforts of some group of entrepreneurs In the middle of these projects and Would you consider ether as part of that Group that may be Securities I Understand you're asking the question But again I'm going to defer on that Question all right so she asks about e Can't answer uh he goes off and says you Know thousands of others roller coaster Ride telling his story reality is is That you know we're going to be dealing With these kinds of Innovations and it's The same way that technology has Innovated and it disrupts we've seen Mobile innovate it disrupts social media Has innovated and media it's disrupting And we're now at the precipice of Finance being disrupted and it's going To be blockchain whether you like it or Not Mr G it's going to happen for sure All right if you guys are not in on the Diamond Circle get in now it's another Place to get additional content you can Join our new telegram group it's very Easy but you have to be in the diamond Circle so click the link down below Catch me on X at Paul Baron we'll catch You next time right here on Techb

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