Crypto MASSIVE January Rally Incoming?🚀 $JUPuary, VR Tokens, & WEF 2024

On this episode, we’re taking a look at the January crypto calendar. Several bullish events are taking place that could elevate certain projects above the others and possibly the entire crypto market together, including: the World Economic Forum 2024, Apple Vision Pro, and Solana’s $JUP airdrop event.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 Sponsor: Tangem Wallet
00:41 Coinbase & USDC at Davos
05:19 Clear-eyed about crypto
05:48 XRP Evernode Launch
06:59 Hedera Hashgraph
08:20 $JUP Airdrop Incoming
11:46 Coinbase case
13:40 SEC Hack
14:07 Xbox Direct
14:48 Apple Vision Pro
17:16 OVR
18:02 Render
18:40 Parallel TCG $PRIME
20:42 META
21:29 ApeCoin
22:15 OpenSea 2.0 Coming
22:34 Avalanche NFTs Skyrocket
23:09 Outro

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~Crypto MASSIVE January Rally Incoming?🚀 $JUPuary, VR Tokens, & WEF 2024~
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All right let's get started thank our Sponsor tangum you're looking at going Into self- custody this is one of the Ways to do it and the way you can do This is by simply going over visiting The tangum website and you can grab Their cards which is a self- custody Wallet and it's very simple just click That get tangum you're going to have a Three card option or a two card option Get the three card option it's very Simple you have an extra it's easy to do Super slick app you have your card Present and boom you've got self- Custody and you can start doing that on Your own right now today all you have to Do is click the link down below to get Started all right let's get into a few Points I want to hit on and I want to Open with coinbase at Davos I'll explain What Davos is if any of you guys don't Know what the world economic forum is We'll talk about that in a second but Listen into this clip so um I think You've actually launched an International Exchange right since December I think it was early December Can you give us an idea again of of Numbers of flows of how exciting that is We can't talk about numbers quite yet We'll be introducing earnings in February can you give us a glimpse into What else you have in store for us in 2024 in terms of new products you know

2023 was a big year because we announced Asset management for the first time we Announced derivatives we have many new Products that just got launched that We're now looking to grow so I don't Expect 2024 to be a big announcement Around products I expect us to see Expansion and growth in many of our Existing products where we just got a Toe hold in okay so this is your first Davos what are you most excited about oh You have like a million meetings we do We do what I'm really excited about is Davos would really help us with our go Broad and grow deep International Strategy there's many global leaders Here there's an opportunity to talk About crypto regulation There's an Opportunity to talk about how crypto Will really benefit their users and Their markets and how coinbase is a Trusted counterparty and how we bring a Different brand to the markets and so We're really looking forward to the Meetings that we have on the schedule All right so couple of things that they Talked about there one of course Global Expansion the fact though that coinbase And they do have earnings coming out Which is going to be a big point of Contention I think within the markets And really understanding where things Are going to be going but there's two Things here one coinbase at Davos at we

The world economic Forum this is going To create a bigger Connection in the Crypto space overall and I'll explain What that might mean the biggest Narrative though that I think will be Coming out of we is what you're going to See in real World assets and this is Just an example of where real world Assets have come over the past little Bit from 2023 you can kind of see where It really kind of got on the map and the Explosion that we saw I've had you know Many Executives on talking about rwas And really what their potential are and Why this could be absolutely one of the Biggest things in the financial sector So this is a big factor and I think it's Also one of those narratives that is Going to be playing out very positively And some of the projects of course that Are tied to that and I want you to think About you know the connection between Charl Schwab the connection between JP Morgan what chain does all that well It's Avalanche so you can kind of start To put the dots together and you can see Some things I want to get over to Another thing that could be a big you Know a big direction that everybody's Kind of been pointing to but we haven't Necessarily see it just happen just yet And that is regulation here's Jeremy Aair from uh Circle talking a little About what that might look like

Listening what are the chances for some Stable coin regulation this year in in The US I think there's a very good Chance of that and I think what you're Seeing is you're seeing a desire from The administration I think you're seeing A desire from the treasury the FED but You know both both chambers of Congress And and and certainly on a bipartisan Basis you know you can you can uh refer To chair gensler's comments for for what He thinks it signals um or not um I Think my view is that there's progress Being made on in Congress there's Progress being made in terms of the Courts looking at the law and there's Progress being made uh from Regulators In every Major Market in the world You're seeing progress on stable coin uh Legislation stable coin laws are going To be on the books in almost every major Global Financial Market in 2024 and so That's a backdrop for growth and uh you Know we're excited to be able to Continue to invest into that there's Momentum I think there's a very good Chance of seeing this uh pass into law This year all right so he hits on you Know his opinion obviously being you Know the CEO of circle he has to have That opinion but at the same time you Think about what he just said and that Is the amount of regulatory pressure That the markets are really giving uh

Our lawmakers and that really boils down To what we saw in the ETF approval what We've seen in the courts all the things That have really continued to push our Lawmakers into a position and it also Starts to move Mone money into guess Where into the lobbyist of DC and when You have lobbyists that have money to be Spent this is where we start to see Action in a quick way so could we get a Surprise coming into regulatory um Scenarios especially around stable coins In January that's one thing we are Watching very closely and if you think About this timing what's happening with We World economic forum and then you Look at some of the agenda over there Here's a good example World economic Forum annual meeting kind of shows some Of the topics this of course is a topic Called cleare eyed about crypto and if You look at Who's involved in this right There's Brad garlinghouse you got Sona Sign of course from grayscale uh Etc This could be one of the first breakouts That we've seen at we other things that Are happening within the xrp ecosystem Of course is ever know just got launched And of course remember this has been a Little bit under the radar some of you Let me zoom in on this a little bit Uh a little bit under the radar but Essentially this really takes xrp to Another level in terms of opportunity if

You haven't checked out our video we Actually did a full video on the ever Node potential for The xrp Ledger and What that might look like so go back and Look at that uh kind of get briefed on This but this could be one of those that Comes out with a bit of a surprise could We see xrp actually benefit from what We'll see with the everod launch so lots Happening there here's a little bit more Uh explanation because they did get Listed on a centralized exchange being Bitr this is a hard token to get to too So uh if you are an xrp holder and you Were able to go out and claim those There were some air drops coming in on Ever node that would enable you to do That that was back in December uh for if You missed it I understand that but the Point being is that this is now Launching and we are seeing potential Opportunity here for xrp so this is Another one that we're going to be Watching in January uh going forward now You've got other things happening over At we and this is hadera hadera is Plastering their banners their brand Name pretty much everywhere within the Uh Davos um location and I think this is Just indicative of what's happening with Blockchain meaning great branding Companies that understand how to connect To the global Elite and what that might Mean for real world assets going forward

Because I think that's going to be the Narrative uh going forward that really Kind of comes from all of this here's Hadera's post right here we're excited To announce the new partnership with Hchi uh us which joined hadera uh the Council if you haven't watched our uh Videos on hadera they have basically I Think it's 39 members in the council Governance Council that makes up some of The biggest companies in the world so go Back and learn a little bit about hadera We've had mans Harmon on many times and They get that one they get it and I Think the key here with hadera this is One of those projects that we've watched For quite some time is they've started To plug into the right you know Companies the one thing that still is Missing in my opinion is this connection To the retail world because a lot of What they're working with is the Enterprise side Hatachi is another good Example of this but this is their latest Governance C council member so that's Good for hyera all right so here's a Tweet talking about jup in the salana Ecosystem and about every swap that You're probably making out there within Phantom is happening on Jupiter so this Is going to be one will be one for the Ages in terms of the size this could be The biggest airdrop ever and everybody's Going to be watching this one this could

Be making mainstream media it's so big But this was uh talking a little bit About the potential of is Jupiter going To build the thing of Larry Fink's Dreams around real world assets what We'll see around centralized exchanges And and the tokenization of Securities And what we will know of the mon the Modern monetary system and the financial System going forward and Larry you know Larry F talks about this often so much So I think he's kind of in on the G on The gain of where this is going one Thing they did talk about which I Thought was interesting here good Example imagine a world where highly Liquid markets Forex stocks RW all Crypto assets wrapped in a narrative Commodities all sit in one single state Of a machine you can transact across all Of them in a single Atomic transaction Taking one second and very little money That is the beauty of what blockchain Brings to the financial system and I Think thinkink understands this this Step of the Bitcoin ETF this is just one Of many that's going to be happening Further into other tweets all right so Here's where Jupiter's talking about the Airdrop this all will occur on the 31st Of January 10 a.m. eastern now if this Gets pulled off and this will be kind of The balance of it because there will be A potential that they could run into

Some problems and one thing that they've Talked about in their release and he he Goes into a very long thread here on uh X about what the potentials are both Success and failure but the point is is That this could open up an opportunity One of on Jupiter if you guys aren't Ready on Phantom you should be because This one will be interesting and if you Look at Jupiter in comparison to other Exchanges out there potentials you know Compared to just Unis swap alone the Opportunity here is going to be pretty Significant if it fails could be a great Opportunity to get in on it if it's Successful it's only going to draw a lot Of attention to what the potential of Jupiter and of course this is only going To push into the salana ecosystem as a Whole so salana is a great position to Be in right now with Jupiter uh coming In and just give you an example if this Thing goes out to a dollar which let's Assume that these are the two potential Options of failure or success around a Buck or let's say it doesn't succeed as Much then we could see a potential entry Point around 50 so that's an an Opportunity that could open up for People to get in at least and maybe see A correction and be able to jump into This after the air drops start to occur So once all the Press dies down all that Kind of flows into it all right so if we

Do get the dollar that's where we get Into the billion dollar market cap Potential here and if you compare this To something say like a Unis swap good Example right here market cap Unis swap Almost 4 billion holding out there so un Swap is a good example to compare to to What could happen within Jupiter and the Salana ecosystem so all this very Positive because remember Unis swap eth Ecosystem think about that Unis swap of Salana just kind of compare that way so Big opportunities here for sure all Right so another thing in January on the 17th we'll get uh coinbase's motion to Deny for judgment uh this will all come Come together and there's going to be Four we're going to have metal lawmen Later on uh this week to talk about this But there's going to be four he thinks Four different potential options here is The judge denies the coinbase motion That's one let me kind of zoom in on That for you that would be a low bar for The SEC to win secs to show that they Allegedly had facts making their claim Plausible that's number one number two Judge grants coinbase a motion with Presidence this means that the entire Case is dismissed it's all over at the District uh and they move on to possibly An appeal court option three judge Grants a motion without president's pre Prejudice and the SEC gets a chance to

Amend and then of course if the court Rules the SEC lacks authority from Congress to regulate crypto exchange There would be no point allow them to do An amendment in the first place so There's a win there and then option four Judge grants motion with respect to the Claims relating to the 13 crypto tokens But denies with the whole idea around Staking you could see kind of a half wi Either of these I think there well There's about a 25% chance here of one Of these that could be a big catalyst on What could happen with coinbase now what Does this AFF overall think about it if You see a win here or at least the idea Of a win coming out you're going to see Coinbase stock one Skyrocket you're Going to see all sorts of tokens start To see their way toward listing and if We do win or if coinbase does win on the Staking side you're going to see staking Come back to all these exchanges which Is going to explode the market in all Points whether it's new tokens being Listed and for sale here in the US Staking going live or the potential for Coinbase and other entities starting to See the big Advantage for this so again This is all happening in January further Into this all right let's go into Another one this also is going to be Happening and that is that now we've got Senators that are going to be reviewing

What happened on the SEC hack so this to Me is just another benefit of getting Regulation in line so another potential Of there just saying hey we just just Need to get this outlined let's get it Done and most likely I think it's going To most likely be a uh a a uh stable Coin regulation first other things that Are happening here in January Xbox Getting ready to drop their uh new Release and of course this happens on January 18th so you'll be able to turn In and learn a little bit more about What they're doing on Xbox now could This go into more VR because remember You got a big deal with Apple launching Their Vision Pro uh or excuse me CES Just happened so we saw a lot of VR uh Technology being released at CES I think This starts to play to a narrative that We've talked about before which is cloud Compute the PO potential for AI and also The potential for VR tokens within the Crypto space to start looking at Potentials here and I'll talk about some Of those and what that might look at Look like I want to do get into uh The Vision Pro because what it might mean For crypto actually I think it's a Bigger potential for crypto than a lot Of people people are giving it listen Into this next clip this talks about Mainstream uh well it's the mainstream Media talking about Vision Pro and what

Kind of impa impact it will have listen In and what about the Vision Pro that Comes out soon couldn't that be a force All in all it's a disappointing piece For those of us who are Apple eff Fishing Autos um I think in the near Term Vision Pro is is not likely to be a Needle mover for apple is there a needle Mover coming I definitely don't think It's the Vision Pro from a Bank of America I would say kind of net NE which Is what our rating is it's not going to Move the needle for numbers in the near Term all right so you can see mainstream Kind of seeing this lukewarm but if you Go further into this it starts to get a Little bit more interesting you have to Dig a Little Deeper listen to this next Clip apple is once again stealing the Show here at CES by just simply Announcing when a new product will be Available which will be available on February 2nd and you can actually Pre-order it on January 19th at 8:00 A.m. a.m. eastern time 5:00 a.m. Pacific Apple's only going to look like produce Initially 60 to 80,000 units of Vision Pro for the February 2nd release he Believes that the Vision Pro will sell Out soon after the release apple is now Scheduling training sessions for some Employees to be flown out to California And training is set to begin in the Middle of January each employee is going

To be trained for 2 days and that it's a High stakes Endeavor the device needs to Be customized for each person in a poor Fitting could ultimately ruin the user Experience every step will be carefully Orchestrated including how retail Employees approach a customer and how They place a device on the user's head Which then it increasingly sounds like The Vision Pro customers will be pushed To pick up the device in store even if They place it online I think this is Going to sell it extremely quickly even Though the price point is $3,500 and It's only going to be us-based people Are going to be flying from all over the Country to come to the US to be able to Order this thing which is absolutely Unreal all right so the point is is this Could be one of the only products that's Ever sold out for Apple uh and if you Think about what that means as a Collectible item or just you know you Know part of history and what its Implication on the rest of the VR Market Could have as well because this is going To set the tone for a lot of games being Developed along with all sorts of Different projects going to be aligning To this that I think is the thing that a Lot of people are missing over all Speaking of over we'll talk about over The reality they're of course ready for It right now so if you're tracking some

Of the VR tokens we'll call them out There over is one that we're tracking And have been looking at for quite some Time actually this was one of the tokens That we looked at in its last run to Fame and if you look at the charts just To give an example of where this went When the Vision Pro announced this was Back in May of this year this is where Over exploded to all right that's pretty Insane and we see it right now of course Starting to move this I think is an Anticipation for what we'll see with the Apple release this week so maybe this Has some short-term run opportunities or Possibly does this go absolutely below Istic with the potential of what over Could be within the Vision Pro so lots Happening there other things that will Happen with the Vision Pro is around Retail and this is the spatial Computing Which is their new terminology for Trying to define and explain what's Happening but the point is is that There's going to be a lot of opportunity Here for projects like render because of The ability for cloud compute and this Is retail let's just show an example Here of you know how you might be able To see what spatial Computing is in Terms of retail there's a certain level Of this done at VR right now but nothing To what I think we're getting ready to See going forward so lots of opportunity

Here uh for retail for sure so I want to Go to another clip who else could be Benefiting in a big way uh we had the Parallel team on not too long ago this Is a clip from that interview listen Into what they had to say you know a Tweet from you guys this was the Apple Vision Pro test exploration and you're Already you know making a lot of these Kinds of advancements we Uh are ahead of the game in that regard It's also worth mentioning Actually I Don't even know if I'm allowed to say This but I'm going to say it anyway uh It's also worth mentioning that a couple Of our team members were were were key Elements to Apple's team building those Uh AR glasses that everyone's talking About and we were able to steal them Away and they've been helping us with The AR elements of of our uh our Environment so I think that we'll be Ready uh when uh the Apple headset is Ready I can't wait to get my head on Onto one so they wouldn't even dip their Tow into the space if they didn't think There was a chance of success and they Have a very high success rate when it Comes to new technology so if they can't Bring it on mass then then it's probably High time for a bunch of us to pack it In but we should all just be ready uh Both Ways all right so koi was talking about

That um and I I believe that they're First of all they're a little bit Secretive of how they go about this is The prime token if you guys don't know How parallels connected here but the Opportunity here again could be one of Those that if Apple does succeed with This it opens up the Gateway for so much Opportunity within games you know Productivity applications what we'll see In retail all sorts of functional habits That I think will start to shift think About how mobile impacted Society this Is where I think we're going now it is Very early there's only you know I think 70,000 of these so it's not going to be Out everywhere it will be very early Much like what if you think about it From the extent of how Ulus kind of Hit The market but this is a little bit Different this is the Apple ecosystem so A lot to be said for that all that Happening in January another thing to Watch here of course is meta is getting Ready to drop drop their Q4 results in January so be ready because this is uh As this Wall Street is kind of claiming This after a stunning reversal of Fortune and the reason they're saying That is because of this chart right here This is the stunning reversal of Fortune Where mea was at its bottom back here in October of 22 and look at this nothing But up number at 300% gain on meta over

That period of time now you remember That everybody thought that Zuckerberg Was out of his mind that this was going To be a loss cause that this was going To they ended up laying off tons of People everybody thought that this guy Was out of his mind and look where we Are now with meta and likelihood to see An unbelievable number coming in from Just a huge and I still think suppressed Holiday season with what is going to be Able to do with this all right so AP Chain gets launched on the 31st so That's coming up as well with that You've got the potential of up of other Side also uh causing some action in The Market along with what we'll see around Apoin so listen in I'm going to go to Another clip real quick on other side Where it is currently so listen In All right so that's coming up here in Early February so lots to lots to track Down we're not done yet I got two more Items all right so another topic of Course is open seed developing their 2.0 Platform upgrade this is being the Potential for uh displaying ticketing Nfts also salana nfts and ordinals will Be part of this again this is a big Competition what's happening in the Magic Eden ecosystem so also another Benefit for salana last but not least of Course is cryptos slan some of the

Biggest movers as you can see dokyo Right there let me zoom in on that for You guys the number one uh transaction Collection here for sure so that is Another reason Avalanche I think is Going to continue to see some success Here if you look let me kind of zoom out On this and look at the 30-day let me And then just show you guys a little bit Here let's go over here zoom in and you Can kind of see right here Avalanche Number five right now look at this Growth though this is a 30-day so Another reason that this starts to move In all these areas so we've talked about A lot of tokens a lot of projects January is a big month it is a big month For narratives to really kind of paint Out what the potential is for 2024 but I Think it's also a very critical month For some of these major movements Whether it's in the AI space the VR Space the cloud compute space what we'll See in some these ecosystems Avalanche Salana Etc all pointing in the right Direction and that is a bullish 2024 so If you guys think it's going to be a Bullish 24 make sure and smash the like Button right now if you think it's going To be the year for crypto hit that like Button and of course subscribe to the Channel if you guys want to follow me It's out there on X Paul Baron we'll Catch you next time right here on


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