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Looking for how the Cycles progress once Something has already happened and what That trigger is is the 35% from the October low of 2022 so we're up 40.5 so It's exceeded the 35% so when that Happens 100% of the time there has been A positive result on the S&P 6 months Later let's look out to 12 months 93% of the time there has been a Positive result Dow Jones one year later From the trigger 94% of the time the Market has been up and for the NASDAQ 1 Year later the market is up 88% of the Time the data suggests that these Markets are going to be higher that also Suggests that there is going to be more Money flowing into the financial markets We typically see that money flow into Bitcoin and cryptos as well and when They're at these extreme levels when We're getting towards the end of Cycles Things start to get Crazy