Crypto Weekend Outlook🔥Bitcoin Holding Above $50k?

Fidelity’s Director of Global Macro, Jurrien Timmer, has suggested that the Bitcoin (BTC) market cap has the potential to reach a quarter of the “monetary gold” market, hitting an impressive $6 trillion. Meanwhile, altcoins are still heating up.

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
00:49 BTC ETF breaks volume record
00:41 Donald Trump
04:36 ETFs in 6 months + Price Prediction
08:07 Crypto downsides
09:33 ETFs distraction to utility
10:53 Uniswap
11:36 Solana Updates
13:19 Charts (LuxAlgo)
14:26 Outro

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~Crypto Weekend Outlook🔥Bitcoin Holding Above $50k?~
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Let's get into the weekend outlook for Crypto where the market might be going And trending both on bitcoin a handful Of altcoins I'll do some charts toward The end you guys are going to like it my Name is Paul bar welcome back in the Tech path thank our sponsor today and That as an IT trust Capital looking at Long-term holding for your crypto Ira This is one of the places that you can Go go over to itrust this is Where you can do your own self-directed Trades with within your IRA with crypto So ethereum Bitcoin alt coins precious Metals all of that available over on Itust Capital all you have to do is use Our link down below and you'll get a $100 funding reward just by saying you Came over from pbn so use that and let's Take a look at what's happening in the Markets here of course Bitcoin coming in Pretty pretty hot right now if you think About it breaking uh USB Bitcoin ETF Volumes now have officially topped 50 Billion in trading this is a significant Number and the question is is it going To slow down I've got a clip maybe They'll tell us listen in what's about To happen or not between the having and Everything else and what kind of Interest we're really seeing um from the Institutional space given where you sit And actually the institutions that You're talking to um where are we in

That Process listen we we've come a long way Fast both in US stocks and in crypto I Mean crypto it's almost felt too easy Right you know we've gone up almost Every day and so it wouldn't surprise me If there's some Consolidation um right trees don't grow To the sky but I think the big story is We've now opened up the institutional Really the the Raa Community right $45 Trillion dollars of wealth are managed By Brokers and you know we've got baby Boomers who own most of the wealth in America and they're getting their first Easy access to bitcoin and you're seeing It through these ETFs the massive growth In a very short period of time uh in This whole ETF complex um and I don't Think that's going to Stop so novag grats does hit on a couple Of points there you know I I think that The market remember was so nent remember The entire Bitcoin Market under a Trillion dollars and if you compare this To just other Industries much less one Of the key financial assets around the World in crypto uh I think is a lot of Room for growth on these and he is right You know 40 plus to $50 trillion dollar In assets that are controlled by Boomers That are really getting their first shot At it this could really start to I think Open up especially as we see more and

More narratives around where crypto is Going in fact here of course is Donald Trump coming in let me play play from This listen then isn't the next logical Step for you to embrace Bitcoin because Bitcoin obviously is decentralized the Government can't get its hands on it What about Bitcoin with all the young People including African-Americans who Are are very interested in well a lot of People are doing it I always liked One Currency I I call it a currency I like The dollar but a lot of people are doing It and frankly uh it's it's taken a life Of its own you probably have to do some Regulation as you know but many people Are uh embracing it and more and more I'm seeing people wanting to pay Bitcoin And you're seeing something that's Interesting so uh I can live with it one Way or the other I've always liked One Really powerful thing and that's called The dollar Yeah all right well at least it isn't a Situation where we've seen someone like Senator Warren who is absolutely on a War path to try to get Bitcoin removed From the financial Eco system so if we Do have someone like a president Trump Former president Trump actually in the White house that would go the opposite Direction of what the Biden Administration has done that's a very Positive thing I think for crypto in

General so maybe we have something Brewing here here or possibly ramas Swami is in his ear you know cuz VI is a Very Pro digital assets going forward so I think that's a big one uh of course You think about you know treasuries this Of course is Reddit they are filing for Their IPO Reddit says they invested Excess cash into Bitcoin and ethereum And may continue to do so they're Looking at it simply as a store of value So again this goes back into the things That we've talked about here on the Channel a lot and that is businesses That are eventually going to understand I think still we need stable coin Regulation to make that approval once That occurs then I think we might start To see some action moving into some of The crypto assets themselves I want to Go to another clip here that gets into a Little bit of what the the ETFs might Look like within a month or two listen In you know how how many advisers can Actually recommend recommend Bitcoin as A product today versus how many will be Able to do that in six months from now I Don't have a perfect answer but I would Tell you at least double in six months Right there are big channels that still Aren't turned on that we know they're Going to get turned on right we're in Conversations with them these are the Big

Platforms uh and like there's an Inevitability to it why because their Customers are calling and and bitching At them and saying we want to buy Bitcoin with you and so then the sales Guys who get paid for selling stuff are Screaming at their bosses and so I'm Certain it's going to happen like this Is not it might happen it is going to Happen it just takes time these are Organizations are very conservative uh In general and you know crypto scared The heck out of people 18 months ago and So there's still Scar Tissue um you know It's surprising that we have a a you Know approved you know us sanction Bitcoin ETF and it's still very Difficult for a lot of crypto companies Just to get banking services in the US so as you can see I mean noot's very Bullish on this if you look over at our Own uh ETF tracker this of course is our Uh tracking right now for February again Black rock kind of leading the way there But Fidelity right behind it in terms of Overall sentiment interestingly enough Though we've continued to see uh numbers Continuing to grow in terms of assets Under management so all of this Available over on pbn you can get into The market sentiment uh index where we Do all that stuff uh I want to go over To another clip here this is talking About price predictions of where it

Might go based on what's happening with The ETFs listen in you know when markets Get new buyers and start breaking out uh It's hard to have a price prediction I I Do think we will test the old highs you Know with in a relatively short period Of time and if you take out 69,000 Usually you don't go right through the First time you'll touch them and you'll Come all the way Back and you'll be mad you didn't sell Something and and then it takes off Again but once you break 69,000 listen It could measure to 150,000 right 125,000 so um interesting that still We're seeing that you know six fig Mark Always tossed around here uh and it g Getting to 69k still a tough one but Bitcoin has been very resilient at the 50k range for sure Fidelity director are Now predicting Bitcoin Market Cap May Reach as much as $6 trillion couple of Points they hit on in the article right Here the projection hinges on bitcoin's Course towards solidifying its position As digital gold and a store value he Also highlighted the bitcoin's potential Capture is a substantial share of the Monetary gold market estimated around 40% of the world's above ground gold so I think what they're talking about would This be a scenario where we would see a Lot of shifted of assets and I think This is one of those things that uh uh

Peter Schiff may not necessarily like And that is people coming over from gold And into uh into Bitcoin I still think That the money is going to come from Existing Boomer investors that are Having their first shot at ETFs and it's Going to open up the query which is the Next step what else can I buy and that's Going to open up ethereum and then it's Going to open up the idea of all coins All of that I think is still uh coming Now there's always downsides to these Things let me jump to another clip if I Asked you to make the downside case for Bitcoin what would it be in your Mind you know 45,000 42,000 uh what would get you there it Could be uh some regulatory you know Kurur fuffle Uh it could just be the market got a Little long and you you get people People scared um I don't see that as a As a high probability but you know we Broke out you just look at the chart we Kind of broke out from 45 and so pushing Through where you broke out from happens Often in Markets so I think for most you know the Situation of macro um economics what We've seen on the global stage we still Have a lot of things that are happening Happening however you know the narrative Around AI what's been pushing with

Nvidia still holding up and supporting The market I think the key here is going To be whether or not the Securities Market do get and possibly get a major Correction if we do that again would get Back to novag gret's point is that That's one of those correction points That we could see and is that a great Time to jump back into a Bitcoin that Maybe you missed at the 40K range those Are the kind of question marks that I Think everybody's looking at going Forward imagine also some of the Blue Chip assets that would be dropping as Well in fact here's a CEO of kyrock he's Talking about really The Big Show is in These other digital assets listen it Positive but I think it should also be Put into perspective that these DFS are Kind of a sidow to actually using Digital assets to create value for Everyday people and for everybody to to Use the concept of you know digital Value being fully digitally represented Increasing decentralization creating new Options towards you know a financial Autonomy that's the main thing right and Then you say how how can we increase Distribution of the asset and allow more People to benefit from priv appreciation It's good as well but um from in my Perspective it should not um take the Focus away from what is the most Important is like how can we actually

Use fully digital representation of Value and use that to create something Where we have more options you know to To create and exchange value as Individuals and I think to the point He's getting at is that sure ETFs are Going to continue to draw in certain Types of capital but at some point Utility is going to be the key killer App and when you look at all the Different projects out there whether It's ethereum salana Avalanche or Whichever one you guys like point is is That everybody's kind of going at the Same thing and that is creating utility You probably saw Unis swap had a massive Pump on their token today following this Governance uh fee switch proposal which Is pretty significant in the in the Element of utility utility is always Once that a chain starts to figure out Its utility model then you you see all Sorts of things happening including Businesses getting involved a lot more Projects and devs getting involved That's the key thing and I think that That CEO was kind of uh leaning in on Couple of things uh that also could be Happening right now in the market is Inft Paris happening now most likely We'll see a little bit of movement here Within the nft Market I'm interested to See what kind of projects and sort of New innovations that could possibly

Happen during nft Paris uh of course Salana right now nfts are uh really Starting to set some new Milestones five Billion in alltime sales record so this Is another reason that I think we're Going to continue to see a run on nfts Further in uh to salana here of course Is brave officially going on chain with Salana starting today you can us just Can have the option to receive their Monthly bat rewards to a Sal address That they own so more Integrations again Gets back to utility that's a utility uh Token or a utility aspect here's another One we've talked about this one before Uh devour uh is a project that I'm an Adviser on but this is a project that's Out there trying to solve the potential For food ordering food ordering very Utility based another one they just Announced a connection over here with Coinbase Commerce and salana so here's Another topic right here on on Phantom Proud to be the first wallet supported With salana address verification on warp Cast which is the equivalent to a Decentralized Twitter uh very effective I'm out there on it Follow Me On warcast By the way just Paul Baron you'll find Me over there uh but the thing is is That they are creating some very Interesting tool sets within it this Next tweet right here kind of talks a Little bit about it where they announc

That users now can verify salana Addresses on farcaster through warcast Which means you could build these things Called frames that are almost like apps Within in the social media platform this Could be a very interesting use case Again for utility and all sorts of Things of being able to function inside Of social think about not leaving a Social media environment to be able to Do something including a Wallet Transaction or you know a food ordering Situation all those kind of things I Think are coming uh to utility so taking A look at the charts today we'll take a Look at Bitcoin of course hovering Around 51k looking pretty strong right Now with a little bit of money flow Coming back in here of course using our Uh Lux algo uh indicators by the way if You guys haven't ever checked that out You should do it I I use these scripts Right here the signals overlay is a good One let me activate that one to give you Guys kind of some insights here it does A pretty good job with giving you some Heads up these are a good takeprofit X's Right here you can kind of see that Right there on that chart uh but that's A good example of it in action here's Ethereum uh rolling out one thing that I've noticed uh with both our Market Cent senent index which is uh the Sentiment data on ethereum is it started

To Flatline and there's a little bit of Underperformance on ethereum so we may See a pullback here on ethereum coming Soon salana of course hitting around the $100 Mark bouncing off that $100 number This is one that has been very resilient Too for salana as you can kind of see a Lot of price pressure right here around The $100 Mark so we're going to continue To watch all these tokens uh give you Guys a full rundown but the key here I Think is these these are all positive Signs positive signs for Bitcoin Positive signs for ethereum the ETFs are Moving in the right direction the Political landscape might be loosening Up slightly even though I think we still Have a lot to go against with Senator Warren so it's going to be a good one if You guys are not in our Diamond circle Make sure and get in right now it's one Of the best places to catch additional Content catch me out there on X or over On warcast at Paul Baron we'll catch you Next time right here on Tech Bath

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