Defund the SEC (STAY AWAY From THIS Crypto!)

Defund the SEC (STAY AWAY From THIS Crypto!)

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0:00 Intro
00:47 Defund the SEC
01:10 Killer whale rant
08:25 Stay away from AVAX
08:53 Ledger apologizes


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The lawyers are the scammers they know The rules inside and out and they use it Against us the common people and it's Time in this country that we stood up And we said no more frivolous lawsuits Thank you [Music] [Music] Welcome to bitboy crypto and we've been Quite the largest and greatest crypto Community in all the interwebs no Channel Works harder to keep you in the Note about crypto That's right Defund the SEC I can't find my nipples defund The SEC that's the message guys let's Start with this there's a show killer Whales which [Music] Um I mean it really pisses me off yeah I'm Gonna try to be calm here there's your Killer whales I want you guys to know they made the Announcement that I was joining this Show the announcer I always would be on Multiple episodes by the way there's Gonna be a major player on the show They made the announcement Of this I'm pretty sure pretty close to the day I had my hearing down in Miami about the Fake harassment for the lawyer that lied

Under oath and said I harassed him with Phone calls Adam moscowitz lied under Oath I want everybody to hear that about Me making threatening to phone calls to Him it never happened the the hour he Said it occurred and a later phone call I was literally live streaming making Videos the entire time it was literally Impossible for me to make those phone Calls he lied to the judge he lied about His plaintiff he lied about his own Daughter That's the kind of person this man is Okay literally lied under oath about me There's an scx lawsuit against me a Billion dollars which I didn't do they Took a Photoshop of me In of my suit right they're supposed to Do me and my suit I wore that hearing We're gonna put it on the announcement Killer whale's been talking to me about This since um when was the first time They approached me with this probably Six months ago yeah and and I want to I Want to preempt this by saying all coin Daily is involved in this show all coin Daily has nothing to do with this Decision I I we texted back and forth Yesterday I love altcoin daily there Aaron and Austin are great friends of Mine the some of the two best friends I Have in this entire space Wendy's going To be on the show absolutely love Wendy There's some other people gonna be on

The show that I love some people I don't Really like they're on the show whatever But the fact is Is that they made this big announcement I was the outside of the three main People on the show I was the first Announcement that they made the first One okay big deal about me being on the Show now this after I did another show Called crypto gym next trip to the gym Which we're going to talk about here in Just a minute Um Cool let's read the email here this is The email I got yesterday and I want you Guys to see something somebody's Somebody made the an idiotic tweet about This and said well it seemed like what They did is pretty they did it pretty Gracefully okay Let's get to this hi Ben This by the way about our 40th email We've had with them Okay I hope this finds you well I want to get In touch with you in regards to your Appearance on killer whales me and the Team have been pushing for you to appear Since the beginning but unfortunately as A result of the compliance check and the Ongoing FTX case which I did nothing I Did nothing and I would be dismissed From this case and I will be adding this Removal to my lawsuit against Adam

Moskowitz after this is over guaranteed Adam muskowitz is going to rule the day I'm not allowed to make new accusations Against him that's part of the deal from The judge I will respect that I am suing This man to High Heavens you can bet Your bottom dollar on that bet your Bottom Satoshi Thank you [Music] [Music] As a result and the ongoing FTX case I Haven't been able to oh there's the word I swage our partners and TV networks Concerns hmm Hmm no make no comments about that yeah Although personally I've looked in the Case and Bill there are no grounds for Concerned also Aaron and Austin help Explain the situation to us our Mainstream partners are less risk Adverse and one that's resolved before Allowing us to feature in the show as I'm sure you can appreciate that in the Current climate we are making a show About crypto projects there's a lot of Scrutiny and pressure I'm hopeful that We'll be able to work with you in the Future once it's cleared up that's wrong At disappointed we won't be able to Feature you on season one look at this Look at this now I want you guys to Notice this the whole thing here is Integrity who has Integrity who tells

The truth I do Constantly people around me are lying And scamming and and wanting to make Something that's not true please do let Us know if you want to talk anymore Through this and in the meantime I'd Like to prepare a short statement citing A scheduling conflict you freaking liar It is not a scheduling conflict that is A lie where is the Integrity where are Your mainstream Partners when you are Here on Twitter lying in an email about This situation I am tired of people lying and accusing Me the only honest person out here I'm The only one that's telling you the Truth Paul caslin is a liar he wanted me to Concoct a story to make them look good And make me look good wrong Paul I'm not A liar I tell the people the truth That's why immediately went to Twitter And put this up so people will see the Kind of people you're dealing with on That show killer whales they will lie to You to make themselves look good why Because they know after this is over and I'm dismissed from this case they know And they understand they are going to Look like crap well guess what killer Whales guess what I'm gonna make a competitor And I'm gonna Crush you with it that's

What you guys have done now that's what You've done the lying is right here in The email we'll call it a scheduling Conflict I'm not about appearance as an Image that I'm about what's real that's Why the people on this show love me That's why the real people in crypto Love me that's why because I tell it From the heart I wear it on my sleeve I Don't concoct stories for smoke and Mirrors I don't do it where's my Paul Cason Killer whales The people behind making the decisions Don't come in Created a monster Integrity Farms here We go so now it now so as we continue on Here That that lie just got me yeah I I was Sticking with him and I was saying okay I kind of understand kind of understand The whole thing is about integrity This is garbage to be honest with you so As it continues I then say Um Let's see and this is true after I sue Adam Moskowitz following my dismissal From the case which will happen because I didn't do anything All of these people will be sorry they Did not side with the truth and chose to Live in fear which I will not do I saved

People from FTX Countless people I met more people this week in Miami They said thank you so much when you Said get your money off I did it and you Saved me That's what people told me this week I I'm staying away from Avalanche you want To make money off of uh Shane Bateman Freed 2.0 go ahead put money in Avalanche have at it But why would you do that when there's Better projects out there that are Actually playing by the rules and doing Good things like H bar algorand ICP Ethereum cardano like what polygon op or Why would you why would you go with with That I I don't get it I I really don't To be honest with you this experience Has been humbling who is just a CEO the CEO of Ledger Um it's been humbling we want to do Right by the customers the community Everybody makes mistakes and how quickly Can we fix them we come to the community With answers to your questions wow What do you think about that I liked it They listened me am I if they're Noticing the power is in the people we Have to realize it you know an elephant Isn't scared of one ant but it will be Afraid of a colony of ants absolutely Absolutely so well guys this is good News I mean guys what did I say on the

Show yesterday What did I rant and Rave about for 10 Minutes Time to start a revolution Starts right here in crypto Send the message Fix it And they fixed it we'll see what they Say tomorrow we'll see what they say [Music] [Music] [Applause] Thank you Foreign [Applause] [Music]