Did Bitcoin Price Just Top | Wyckoff Schematic Tells All | #bitcoinnews #cryptonews

🔴Video Title: Did Bitcoin Price Just Top | Wyckoff Schematic Tells All | #bitcoinnews #cryptonews
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This chart has a superpow it picked the Bottom on bitcoin back in 2022 and now It is picking a local top on bitcoin What is this well it's the white cop Schematic it can be an accumulation or a Distribution as a name suggests a Distribution shows when the market is Getting sold off and on the flip side an Accumulation shows when the market is Getting bought up this is how we Identified the Bitcoin cycle low in 2022 And now it's showing us that we could See a top in 2024 these supply and Demand patterns happen over and over Again and it's a natural part of Market Action us the schematic we able to Identify the market was about to get Clobbered after the ETF hype we did all Of this in real time on the YouTube Channel so make sure you hit that Subscribe button and I'll see you there For the next Update