DUMBEST take on FTX Fraud!!! (Best 60 Minute Clips)

Are you ready to delve into the world of FTX fraud? In this blog post, we have compiled the best 60-minute clips that showcase the dumbest takes on this controversial subject. Get ready to explore the depths of this topic and unravel the truth behind FTX fraud. Join us as we dissect the most outrageous claims and uncover the untold story. Strap in, because this journey is sure to challenge your understanding and leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. So, are you ready to uncover the truth? Let’s dive in together!


In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of cryptocurrency and the recent controversy surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and his alleged offer to pay Donald Trump not to run for president with a staggering $5 billion. We will explore the revelations shared by Michael Lewis during his interview on “60 Minutes” and examine the implications of SBF’s donations to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Additionally, we will address the claims raised by Lewis and discuss the potential consequences for FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by SBF.

SBF’s $5 Billion Offer to Donald Trump

One of the most astonishing claims made in recent times is the alleged offer SBF made to Donald Trump, promising a payment of $5 billion if he decided not to run for president. The astounding proposition highlights the influence and financial power wielded by individuals in the cryptocurrency industry. However, it remains unclear whether this offer was legal or if it would have materialized. Nevertheless, it shines a spotlight on the intersections between politics and the crypto world.

The Revelation on “60 Minutes”

During his appearance on “60 Minutes,” Michael Lewis, the renowned author and financial journalist, shed light on the potential offer made by SBF to Donald Trump. This revelation captivated viewers and sparked a wider discussion about the involvement of cryptocurrency figures in the political landscape. Lewis’s insights added fuel to the fire, propelling the controversy to new heights.

SBF’s Donations to Joe Biden’s Campaign

Contrasting the alleged offer made to Donald Trump, SBF has been known to support Joe Biden’s political ambitions. With millions of dollars donated to Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, SBF’s involvement in political contributions showcases his connections and influence in the realm of politics. The intertwining of the crypto industry with political figures raises questions about the motivations and intentions behind such donations.

FTX and the Run on Customer Deposits

While the controversy surrounding SBF’s potential offer to Donald Trump and his political donations gained attention, Michael Lewis also discussed the impact of the run on customer deposits on FTX. Lewis suggests that FTX could have continued its growth trajectory if it weren’t for the turbulence caused by the run on customer deposits. The situation faced by FTX is distinct from a traditional Ponzi scheme, such as Bernie Madoff’s, as FTX had a legitimate business model.

Lewis’s Critique of FTX’s Actions

Lewis offers a critical perspective on the suggestion that FTX could have continued to pilfer customer funds without facing consequences. He highlights that FTX’s actions would have had severe legal and regulatory repercussions, making it improbable for such a scenario to unfold. It is important to distinguish between legitimate businesses in the cryptocurrency industry and fraudulent endeavors, as not all companies operate with ill intentions.

SBF’s Interactions with Biden and Trump

The involvement of SBF with both Joe Biden and Donald Trump illustrates the far-reaching connections and influence he possesses in the political sphere. This highlights the network of relationships that can exist between cryptocurrency figures and political figures, blurring the lines between these seemingly separate realms. The interplay between finance and politics demonstrates the complex dynamics at play in our society today.


The controversy surrounding SBF and his alleged offer to pay Donald Trump not to run for president has sparked widespread discussion within the cryptocurrency community and beyond. While the implications of such an offer remain unclear, the involvement of cryptocurrency figures in politics raises pertinent questions about the influence wielded by individuals in this industry. The situation faced by FTX is distinct from fraudulent schemes seen in the past, emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between legitimate businesses and illicit activities in the cryptocurrency world.


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