Ethereum Gas Fee Upgrade in 7 Days! 🔥 $4,000 Rally Incoming?

During the timeframe which ended on the 1st of March, Ethereum [ETH] hit its highest inflow since July 2022. With the Dencun update a week away, there’s now 31.387 million Ethereum—worth approximately $116 billion—staked on the Beacon Chain.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Sponsor: Tangem
00:56 ETH hit $3800
01:09 Bitcoin is in a bubble
01:22 ETH rally hasn’t started
03:33 Dencun Countdown
03:49 Gas fees + Staking
05:33 Wormhole pre-market token surge
06:00 ETH Deflation
06:11 ENS at ETH Denver
08:56 Lens surpasses Farcaster in 3 days
09:47 META outage
10:06 Gnosis Pay at ETH Denver
11:35 VanEck Launches NFT Platform
13:35 Cathie Wood Bullish on Ethereum & Solana
14:27 SEC delays Ethereum ETF
15:09 Outro

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~Ethereum Gas Fee Upgrade in 7 Days 🔥 $4,000 Rally Incoming?~
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[Music] Ethereum is starting to make some moves In the market and today we're going to Break down a lot of the reasons why you Guys are not going to want to miss it my Name is Paul bar welcome back in the Tech path all right a couple of things I Want to get into today first our sponsor That is tangum if you're looking at Self- custody this is one of the best Ways to go into your self- custody Journey and it's very simple all you Have to do is jump over to the tangum There in the top right you're going to See that little blue button where it Says get tangum that's where you want to Go and it's going to guide you to the Three card set that's the first thing You want to do get the three card set You've got a backup you've got one you Can carry with you and of course now you Are in your self- custody journey start Getting your tokens off the exchanges Start kind of managing your own plan for Your crypto out there just use our our Link down below it does help the Channel All right so let's get into a couple of Points here on ethereum moving Aggressively in the after hours what we Saw overnight uh Bitcoin also hitting Its all-time high uh quite a bit of Things happening here of course the one Thing I always want to bring up is of Course Mr Jim Kramer calling Bitcoin a

Bubble this was his little uh uh his Little point right here is that is it a Bubble cryptocurrencies and artificial Intelligence not a bubble I think maybe You look at the inverse of that you know Crypto not a bubble AI going to take Some time to get it really uh moved out I think we're still a long way from that Happening also want to go to a CNBC Interview that I thought was very Interesting around ethereum and Educating some of the mainstream media Listen in people are waiting for uh Ethereum and ether for for the ETF they Think that's just a matter of time at This is at this point it does look like It's a matter of time but it also Depends upon how SEC takes it I think With ethereum it either going to be Super easy or it's going to be a little Bit more difficult also the big drop in Solana prizes of down to around $16 Approximately was also because of the SEC naming Solana polygon bunch of Tokens as may be security without any Proof but we are seeing the Technologies Coming back and the technology making Those tokens really picking up the price The adoption of defi which decentralized Finance has already like 8 billion on New protocols like multi-billion dollar Game we are not even talking about Millions actually loged there I think e Is right now is very underappreciated do

You see ethereum the same as Bitcoin I See the utilization of those two very Different I feel like the technology Tokens we have not seen the real rallies There and I think end of this year we're Going to see the real rally whether it's Ethereum whether it's polygon whether It's optimism anything which actually Going to push the institutional adoption Of anyone who's holding this ETFs even As a most basic utilization I don't call Them all tokens anymore because the Technology has has built up so much on All these platforms with real users and Adoptions so we're going to have to Bone Up on this stuff back here Geez because it looks like it's it's Here to stay all right I and she References this I thought was uh Intriguing calling them technology Tokens uh totally agree with that in the Sense that this technology is pretty Much reframing how all things are going To work when it comes to digital content All sorts of transactional levels Especially when you get into what we Will see in terms of tokenized real World assets all of that coming in one Thing to note right now is you have the Countdown to Denon uh the upgrade here On ethereum just seven days away very Interesting timing here Bitcoin all-time High ethereum now cracking 3700 lot of Intriguing things going on and if you

Look at some of the stats right here Just to give you an example of where gas Fees are right now I'll zoom in on a Little bit of that for some of you that May not be catching that little bit High A little bit high and it you know timing Here for Denon because remember denan is Really designed to reduce gas fees That's its major goal uh the question is How much here's a good example though of Vitalic talking about the potential for What those gas fees might end up going To and this is just a uh a nice little Fun um you know Bing pool so forth of Where the gas prices could go with this New upgrade so interesting to see I Think it's going to have to be Significant to really make a major push On eth here's the thing though if we do See a major reduction in gas fees Remember we're we're significant gas Fees right now and you know what gas Fees mean that means great rewards for Stakers and with that if we see a huge Reduction in gas fees this is going to Really increase the productivity and the Capacity use case of ethereum as a whole All right so here's a chart quickly on Uh eth revenues just to give you a good Look and the last time we really saw This was back in mid- October of 2021 That of course being the all-time high Interesting point right here is that This is all happening in a period of

Time when you think a lot of people that Have been looking at the markets here Recently saying maybe we have a Compressed Market because of the Acceleration of how fast we're moving to Alltime high maybe that's not Necessarily the case in fact maybe with Eth we're just beginning so it's going To be one to watch for sure further into This this is a good example of the chart And then of course here with ion L You've got reaking happening also Growing very quickly so lots of bullish Signals here for ethereum overall Another thing is Wormhole uh is now Getting a little bit of activity this is Going to give us uh cross utilization of The eth network and if you look at Something they noticed here in the Article at today's price what it means Is the airdrop will unlock a heady 2.7 Billion in wealth making it the largest Airdrop in crypto history third largest Airdrop in crypto history according to Keko so that'll be another big factor Here I think uh playing into kind of the Future of where eth is going all right So ultrasound money quickly just to show You the deflate uh deflationary rate of Eth definitely moving down significantly If you compare that to even The Happening of what's happening with Bitcoin uh right here eth Denver Happened what happened at eth Denver

Enens ens of course is a big part of What we've been talking about a little Bit here on the show and that is Ethereum name services and and what it Will connect to in the future and I'll Show you some videos on this here in a Second but just to take a look at the e Or ens uh chart you can of course see a Little bit of a god candle moving right There on ens for many reasons and some Of them I want to go to this next clip Let you listen in um ens allows us to Convert human readable names like or luke. computer and luke. Eth into machine readable addresses Ethereum addresses salana Bitcoin Litecoin and much much more we're here To and we're here to extend All of the other DNS domains that are Already exists your name will work and You can use it within enss completely Gases and completely for free right now Today if you want to issue domains or Change your address based on the current Market situation or based on who owns an Nft or give out subdomains to every nft Holder or you want your profile picture To change based on the day of the week Have fun be my guest you can store your Avatar in here you can store your banner In here you can store so much more Whether you want to store your preferred Dm3 messaging profile encryption Keys Header for your banner image age ZK

Proof to verify you're over 21 so you Can get a drink your preferred color Scheme light mode obviously if your app Wants to store your preferred sound that When you visit your Myspace profile be My guest you can use it as immutable Records copyright decentralized Protocols use it such as forecaster we Love forecaster web 3 messaging whether It's XMP or dm3 or any of the other Protocols out there if you're a coinbase User you can get a free cb. ID Unis swap Has it GoDaddy recently added a web 3 Tab and if you don't use GoDaddy any Other DNS provider it's a couple extra Clicks okay fine so if you have an ens a Uni. eth a cb. ID or lens name or you Name it we'll print you a card and we'll Have a good time enjoy Denver this was The last Talk of the days I went way too Fast but I'm sure it's Okay all right so as you guys know we've Talked quite a bit about uh ethereum Name service and what it means for Interoperability of the next generation Of the internet this was just some Things they were doing over at eth Denver this was the card he was Referencing which really gives you the Capacity to connect on all these Different web 3 communication tools Including things like foraster lens Protocol many of those we've talked About if you have hav't checked out our

Videos on those go back and look in the Channel we've done quite a bit of Breakdowns on those in the past further Into this they did something kind of Cool they added even more utility to the Ens cards this year in addition uh this Is going to be interactive records so You can now message anyone on coinbase Wallet Converse app Etc so really kind Of opens up your ability to communicate Uh in the future of what web 3 uh tools Are going to be and especially how ID is Going to be done I think in the future All right just to give you an example of Where we are right now now around 2.6 Million uh total domains I know that is Small in comparison to the total number Of domains that are out there but this Is where it all begins and I think this Is just another opportunity for the next Generation of the internet foraster of Course as you guys have seen before We've shown you this uh this chart Before mainly growth if you look at it Right now around 28,000 users then of Course ly's protocol launched last week We aired that and lens's protocol now Over 20 26,000 uh profiles also with Lens protocol so big growth in this area If you guys are looking at the potential Here of how this is going to be used all It's going to be driven and writing on Ethereum so very very bullish for eth in General uh Kobe letter um hitting on a

Couple things here meta kind of had a Bit of an outage I think this is kind of A new theme but the stock fell a little Bit because of that remember meta has Talked a little bit about possibly using Using ens which would be kind of Interesting to see how that would work In traditional uh social media going Forward other things that happened at Eth Denver this was the genosis cards uh They of course launched this is going to Be a new self- custodial credit card low Fees all that going to be basically Debank yourself and being able to Operate within the blockchain this isn't Available in the US but they were uh Very present over at eth Denver all Right so here's genosis pay in action at Eth Denver Take a look good morning from Denver this is day three of me living Completely on chain Marcos the CEO of SP Came in to Denver go and we had a quick Lunch at Subway Cool at Sweet greens this nice Margarita Used my No's card to book The Uber there You Are do you accept crypto no are problem Yeah I'm sure think that's so cool this Is Jen from stripe and we're just having A dinner do you accept crypto no let's See you went through what do you mean Like you build this let's Go all right so if you haven't learned About we we talked about and have done a

Video on the genosis card essentially This is kind of next generation of Utilizing crypto assets through the Traditional mechanism of you know credit Card services and merchant services all Of that I think is going to be pretty Cool Going forward uh vanac launches an Innovative nft platform it's called Segment uh this is basically a platform Designed to let users uh fractionalized Digital assets this is something that Has been brewing but now is available And vanac of course has been one of the Leaders in terms of institutional Finance guys we've had the VAC team on Here a couple of times I think they get It I think these and others are starting To really understand the use case of Where not only ethereum but also nfts Are going to go I want to go to a clip That kind of explains a little bit more About what they're doing listen in this Platform that we're launching Wednesday Is called ultimately it was Thought of as sort of the what's at the End of the rainbow or at the end of the Road map for the vanet community but it Will benefit the the entire nft Community because we're actually Offering a tool for minting free nfts Where creators can uh add their terms of Use whether personal or commercial even Incorporated M tangible. I's uh IP

Toolkit um and then we have a multi-sig Wallet safe we call segment safe so that Users can protect their assets before They click on malicious links um but you Could bring your Pudgies your squiggles Your punks whatever you could Fractionalize those into a a limited Amount of keys is what we call them We're going to try to bring on some real World asset partners that are tokenizing Let's say wine or watches and and bring Those on but you you get into something Like a tokenized real estate that's Another animal right I mean I want to Get there that's probably like the holy Grill when you think about how much real Estate's valued around the world but my Understanding is that the early that you Could even get that license is like uh June of 2025 so a lot of things happening I Think again you know traditional Finance Starting to really get their head around What this can mean for uh really the Future of Finance as a whole and I think Also Collectibles Collectibles are going To be a big part of that he talked a Little bit about wine even watches as Being part of this for you know Fractional you know verification and you Know provenance I think that is another Untapped market yet to truly see use Case but it's coming it's coming very Fast I want to go to another clip this

Is Kathy Wood talking a little bit Further about the future of eth listen In Chris berisi um you may know him he Was our first uh uh crypto analyst he Decided you know what we should have a Meetup between the Bitcoin and ethereum Supporters and we had a t a such a Productive talk that I went out and Bought ether right away we own you know I already owned a lot of Bitcoin um Because it was so convincing that there Is a place for both yes we're um very Excited about the ethereum network and Salana good to see Kathy is pumped on uh Ethano which is I think keeping her mind Open to really what's happening Obviously you know Arc is one of the uh Bitcoin ETFs out there so for that to Happen I think is still a very positive Thing SEC is delaying the decision on Black Rock and fideli ethereum ETF Proposals uh they are soliciting public Comments the other thing you have to Kind of consider here are the dates Involved 21 days out right now the Comments are due and then the rebuttal Is due in 35 so still looking and if you Remember the first clip we did at the Front of the video is is this baked in Right now I think this is still a Question mark as to whether or not the SEC is going to get this approved I feel Like this is leaning very positive for The ethereum uh ETF I think it's just a

Matter of time before most of these Financial institutions kind of have done The same thing with Bitcoin ETF and That's putting pressure on the SEC for An approval all right if you guys are Not uh subscribed to the channel make Sure and subscribe now it's very simple Just hit that little subscribe Bell hit A like on a video it does help other People kind of explore things and by the Way if you're not in the diamond Circle Get in now we have a new connection over On telegram as well so you can get in on The diamond Circle all you have to do is Follow the link down below it'll get you Into I won't call it a secret but it is a Private telegram group that's only Available for our Diamond Circle members Catch me on X Paul Baron catch you next Time right here on Tech Bath

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