Ethereum Gas Fees Climb🔥Layer-2 + Solana MAJOR UPDATES

Ethereum gas fees continue to climb as activity on the blockchain remains growing at escalated levels. Meanwhile, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana are working on solutions to better scale web3.

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Sponsor: CoinLedger
01:15 ETH Gas Fees
03:18 AVAX Warp Messaging
04:10 Polygon Type 1 Prover
04:35 Magic Eden ETH Fees
06:14 Coinbase Micro-Transactions
07:20 Wyoming Stablecoin
07:59 Coinbase Pay x Ledger
09:10 Gnosis Card
10:29 Solana Merchant Fees
11:37 Sports Betting
13:27 Heroes of Mavia
14:04 Solana on Epic Games
14:48 Avalanche Gaming Transactions
15:31 Web3 Game on Xbox
15:43 Charts
16:16 Outro

#ethereum #crypto #NFT
~Ethereum Gas Fees Climb🔥Layer-2 + Solana MAJOR UPDATES~
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