Ethereum Upgrade Unleashes MASSIVE Liquidity Potential🔥🔥

ERC-404 is an experimental and unofficial Ethereum token standard that has recently caught the attention of the crypto community. Pandora is the first token based on ERC-404. Pandora, an ERC-404 token, rose 12,000% in just one week, reaching the $32,000 mark.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Sponsor: Tangem
00:44 What is ERC-404?
02:45 Pandora
04:07 Monarch
04:24 ORDI
04:50 Pandora’s Massive Growth
05:53 Uniswap the new OpenSea?
07:03 Gas prices exploding, GET READY!
07:34 Outro

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~Ethereum Upgrade Unleashes MASSIVE Liquidity Potential🔥🔥~
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Eth is getting ready to do something I Think people are not ready for we are Going to see some very big moves in a Very short period of time you don't want To miss this one stay tuned my name is Paul bar welcome back in the tech path Let's get started today I want to thank Our sponsor that is tangum look into Self custody get your tokens off the Exchanges get them into a wallet this is The place you want to go go to tantrum. Use our link down below and you can get Right into starting your self- custody Journey all you have to do is pick out That three card set get it going use Your app start moving your assets in There and get ready for a bull run so Make sure and use that link all right Because so there's a couple things that Are happening right now uh there is a New standard on ethereum called ERC 404 It's a hybrid token standard that's Gaining huge traction right now I want To go to a clip because it will give you A little bit of an insight as to what This means for theem listen up just say You've got a Bitcoin most people can't Afford one Bitcoin so they buy 0.1 Bitcoin 0.2 Bitcoin or. 3 Bitcoin so Just say you've saved up enough and You've bought 0.1 Bitcoin 10 times now You own one whole Bitcoin what then Happens is the Smart contract registers That you have one whole Bitcoin and now

You get a Bitcoin jpeg what this means Is it means that you actually have one Whole nft as a JPEG that you could buy Sell use trade do what you want but what Happens if you still want to hold on to It and still have some skin in the game But you wanted some easy quick liquidity Well instead of trying to sell one whole Bitcoin for $45,000 what you could do is you could Sell 0.1 of a Bitcoin but the contract Knows that you don't have one whole Bitcoin so what it does is it takes that Bitcoin nft and it burns it now you've Got 0.9 what happens you get a little Bit more liquidity you trade some mcoins You then buy another 0.1 Bitcoin now You've got one whole Bitcoin now you get The Bitcoin jpeg back all right so this Means this has a lot of implications on What's going to happen with the Traditional nft ecosystem just to be Aware you know here's from cryptopolitan Uh ERC 404 remains unofficial and Unaudited but be aware that it looks as Though this is going to get approved and There are some early movers that I'll Showcase to you in a second recent Announcement also uh coming in from Binance and okx saying they'll support ERC 404 so that means big interest of Course these exchanges will do it and Then critics point out that there are Still some vulnerabilities such as

Possibility of theft by ERC 404 token Holders so just be cautious on these but It's like this on any early movement of Technology this is usually how it gets Going for sure all right a couple of Things to be thinking about if you're Saying okay what does this mean for gas Fees what does this mean for tokens Projects all that good stuff well one Thing to watch is that right there it's Now a tab on coin market cap that's huge Because when you go into that tab There's a few tokens that you can kind Of take a look at one of course is Pandora this is the one that was the Early mover and this is the whole idea Around the idea of tokenization and what This might look like for so remember it As the video explained is that think About this if you have an you know a Board ape and you have to sell that Board ape well you're having to sell the Entire board ape so you have a very few Limited Marketplace versus being able to Fractionalize that that's the whole goal Of what 404 really means so it's very Likely that we're going to see Pandora Absolutely Skyrocket I'll get to some Charts here in a second on Pandora to Give you guys uh some insights on that If you look at Pandora overall here's a Good example right here this is crazy That this is already this far up the Chart and this right here is a little

Bit of a glitch so that means that it's Probably even more so in line in terms Of market cap of some of the biggest nft Projects out there so this is something That keep an eye on now there there's a Couple others that are starting to move In the 404 bandwidth and I think this is The key as anything when you have these Early movers there's always copycats That come in Monarch is one of them just Be aware Monarch they're trying to Gamify this so it does kind of create a Unique element behind it but I'm this One is not proven it could be a rug pool So just be aware cautious cautious Cautious all right so here's Ori which Was the first brc2 this is a good Example because this is exactly what Pandora is it's the first 404 so this Makes it unique and that's why you see Ory at such a high level of explosion Here in terms of market cap you kind of See these moves right here on uh or this Goes back into December of just last Year so this is exactly what could be Happening with Pandora so just keep your Eyes on all of this if you go over Crypto slam take a quick look again Guess who's number one this is Pandora Right here and I'm on the 30-day right Now if you and this is brand new so if You go here in the 7day Pandora number One go to the 30-day Pandora number one Look at who they're up against here

Overall Crypt bunks obviously the Ordinal side of it dokyo I mean this is This is a big deal so could this change The entire architecture of things like Openc what we might see on the nft Market or in the idea of loyalty and Really kind of community building Because that's I think really what's Some of the going to be some of the Killer apps all right so let me zoom in Over here on the right hand side you can See ethereum taking the number one Position again back from Bitcoin which Had been holding the number one position In terms of blockchains by nft sales so That in itself another opportunity foro Gets approved most likely will this is Going to explode the blockchain now the One problem is this going to cause an Massive move on gas fee so if you guys Are thinking about doing anything on Ethereum right now right now might be The time to do it and I'll show you the Y chart here in a second all right so Let's jump over to the charts real quick And I'm looking at the UN Unis swap Chart mainly because this is where the Liquidity is going to exist this could Become the next generation of open SE Think about where the liquidity is on Nfts right now and remember that this is Not going to get listed meaning what I'm Talking about is tokens like these 404s Like Pandora are not going to get

Necessarily listed on the traditional Exchanges because the architecture has To change to get that done to be able to Assign that nft when the token ownership Begins so this could be a huge Breakthrough for Defi and of course Unis Swap sitting in a really good spot right Here if you are training Unis swap get Ready I think this one is another one That's going to start to move and Pandora this is of course the 4H hour on Pandora and I think the chart speaks for Itself this is the kind of movement We're seeing it is a $23,000 token right now again you get The nft it's like think about this as The first board eight that's kind of the Comparison that we're looking at in the Evolution of where this may be going Around the 40 404 protocol so a lot Happen happening for sure and what does That mean well it means that gas prices Are about to explode and you can kind of See it already coming up to 60 79 in Terms of wave remember that's the fee in And a fee out so really that's 120 for a Transaction so if you are looking at Doing something whether it's getting Into some nfts that you've been holding Back on and you're trying to catch this Before a bull run guys this may be the Time to do it because I think ethereum Gas fees are getting ready to absolutely Go crazy so and that's not I mean it's

Good for stakers everybody's going to Start to continue to earn a little bit There all of this is lining up for Ethereum meaning eth could start to see Some pretty big moves here so pay Attention to what's happening out there On the charts right now if you guys not Are not in the diamond Circle get in Right now this is a thing you're going To get in terms of additional research a Lot more uh tool sets I think probably We should do a little bit more of a deep Dive on this for you guys and drop it in The diamond Circle just for you guys so Make sure and join catch me on X Paul Baron catch you next time right here on Tech Bath

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