Explaining the Crypto Crash In Full Detail. Is The Bitcoin Bull Market Over? (Are Altcoins Dead?)

Explaining the Crypto Crash In Full Detail. Is The Bitcoin Bull Market Over? (Are Altcoins Dead?)

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In this video, we explain how the crypto crash began and what to expect next.
Also, we answer the question; is the bitcoin bull market over?
Does this crash affect the macro cycle for bitcoin and crypto?
Lastly, we update the traditional markets like SP500 and Nasdaq.

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Saturday the 10th of June was an Absolutely bloody day for the altcoin Market but you guys here have been Absolutely prepared for further downside In altcoins in cryptocurrencies because We understand the importance of Remaining with the cycle in today's Video I want to explain that maybe to Some new people and just give you a road Map moving forward looking at the Altcoins what can potentially happen From this point looking at Bitcoin Separate to cryptocurrencies looking at Ethereum and also the traditional Markets recapping those as we discussed It in yesterday's video I thought I'd Get away from the screen as I leave Australia tomorrow but this is the last Video so stick with us tomorrow I'll be Traveling this is the update for the old Coin markets make sure you hit that like And subscribe button you know what to do At the top of that video description Guys also there is the link to our free Trading workshops our members have Crushed it in the last 24 hours this was Yesterday and Ms has got sixty percent Here sixty percent for Mr Nice and I've Got a few more hundred percent bags to Go through later in the video but first Up let's have a look at what's happened With the altcoin market and I'm going to Get into all of those major questions That everyone has been posting about

Over Twitter or on YouTube and Everywhere else to understand the Markets right now looking specifically At it from a chartist's point of view so This has been the first major one here We've got the total cryptocurrency Market cap excluding Bitcoin and eth Because this gives us an idea of the Health of the altcoin market and so this Has been covered many many times it's a Regular feature on the channel we look At the Wyckoff schematic right here so Just looking at is this an accumulation Phase how long have we gone through the Accumulation phase and what can we see Next that's the important part everyone Wants to know when to DCA because Basically what's happened from the top Is there's been way too many early Dollar cost averaging into crypto Currencies all the way down only you see Them pump for a couple of weeks and then Crash and pump for a week or two and Then crash and pump for a few more weeks And crash and this is exactly what we Want to avoid in the market so that we Can be here with a bunch of cash when The next cycle comes around it's still Too early I know it's not what everyone Wants to hear because we just want to Get into the market and what make sure This thing goes straight to the Moon as Soon as that money goes in we want it to Go straight to the Moon unfortunately

What the chart has been saying for many Many months now this is for the old coin Market don't get it confused with Bitcoin Bitcoin is separate to the Altcoin market the reason being is that The majority of the old coins I know we Don't want to hear it I used to believe It myself in 2017 the that I held Actually can do something in the future Once we can put that aside and Understand the altcoin market is Basically a bunch of garbage it makes Life so much clearer the weight lifts we Don't get attached to things we're not Married to these old coins so Essentially that's why they're different Bitcoin at this time stage is doing Something it's not there yet but it's Doing something ethereum whether we want To believe it or not we're not Maxes but It's also doing something the majority Of stuff buying a few here or there but The majority of the 20 000 are not doing Anything that's the reason why we have To separate the old coins with Bitcoin And also separate it from ethereum at This stage as well so there's nothing to Do with Maxis here it's just about Protecting our money and this is exactly What I looked at in the channel back Here looking at three days ago now Bitcoin investors are crashing crypto at An alarming rate so we're looking at Bitcoin or Bitcoin sliding and altcoins

Going down harder and this time all Coins have gotten obliterated whereas Bitcoin only went down two or three Percent so I've also got that that range To look at for BTC as well so this Pretty much is lining up with this Schematic as I was looking at this is Potentially B or C or B going into C and Yes there is the the possibility that c Does not go below this second low here If this is all foreign to you don't Worry stick with it subscribe to the Channel and it'll make far more sense in Future all we're looking for here is Where are these lows coming in and do we Start to see signals of the end of Uh selling basically the end of the Supply coming into the market this might Be one of those signals this might be The low and the market goes up from that Point it might be I know that something Going to say no there's definitely Further downside that's okay the point Here is I am not trying to buy the low I Want to buy the breakout I want to buy The confirmation that the low is in Otherwise we can be starting with many False starts there's a low a breakup and Then down again there's another start And a breakdown there's another start And a breakdown there's another start And a breakdown I just want to avoid all That in my portfolio because I'm an Investor I'm a Trader I'm here for the

Long term and I have rules in play to Avoid that and that's what I want to Share with you guys as well so looking Forward could this be the final ShakeOut It's not confirmed yet but it's got some Of the indicators to say that maybe it Is the only thing that is holding us Back is the amount of time left and as We've covered many times before there's Probably still another year or so to go Of moving sideways in a trading range so Although this might be the low and maybe We see another 50 100 percent of The Upside for some old coins over the Coming months I'm not convinced that it's time to get In yet we're not ready for that big blow Off top in the bull market so we've seen A major crash in alts we've covered that Many times before with the reasons why They're basically weak they're basically Garbage from the previous cycle there's A lot of hopes and dreams as Michael has Pointed out my brother points out that They are pre-loved just like your Second-hand used vehicles I don't know If you want to buy it again I think Someone wants to go into the new latest And greatest thing if they can afford it So that's what's happened over the last 24 hours we have seen a collapse some Might call it a capitulation but there Is still no signs of it stopping yet Besides a nice hold on the logarithmic

Downtrend of the total cryptocurrency Market cap three so we've touched on That and we're holding for now this Could continue to grind down and that Would definitely put us into this Section of the Wyckoff schematic and it Would also throw us into the Wall Street Cheat sheet where we get that long grind Out into anger and depression for all Coins separate to be Etc speaking of Which Total cryptocurrency market cap is Holding up much better because this Includes Bitcoin and ethereum and you Can see that we have come back and Stopped at around one trillion dollar Market cap here so on the 50 level from The cycle low to the current Peak back Down 50 so this is potentially a turn in The market we've got to wait there's Still plenty of time to go but we're Looking for some signs here for the Market to hold up at least for the Majors Bitcoin and ethereum because that Cycle has not changed we've talked about That since the bottom you guys that have Been here have been fantastic and thank You very much for dropping your comments And discussing that here some really Interesting discussions as some still Don't see it between the difference and You guys are helping them out so you're Learning along the way to understand That there is a difference between

Bitcoin eth and the rest of the altcoins And the cycle is still up we're still Holding in here it's still a bull market Full Bitcoin full ethereum and then it's Holding up the total cryptocurrency Currency market cap at this stage but For all coins different story very very Different story like we covered in this Video here three days ago and we covered It the video before that as well so look Out for those Wyckoff schematic videos Coming up so moving across to BTC what's Happened in the last 24 hours is Everyone has freaked out the Bitcoin Bears have gone absolutely bananas Thinking that this is the next collapse To 20 000 or maybe even 15 is we've come All the way back and sat on 50 is that The end I don't know I don't claim to know if That is the exact end what I have Pointed out before and you guys have Seen it is a trading range between Around twenty four thousand and twenty Seven thousand so I've drawn that just a Little bit higher but basically this is A range that Bitcoin I think has needed To come back to and continue to Consolidate in before we can amount a New attack sometime in the second half Of 2023 and so far this has worked out Reasonably well putting in all the other Timing aspects as well that we've Covered many times before looking at the

Higher to the low there's 11 weeks to The downside this was also about uh 11 Weeks top to the bottom here 11 weeks And then again we had about 12 to 14 Weeks to that FTX collapse so from the August top to the FTX collapse 12 weeks And 14 weeks so we're currently at eight Weeks now full markers do not go like That like we've pointed out this could Potentially just be grinding sideways And heading up higher similar to what we Saw in 2015 2016. it was a bump up and Then a grind sideways for six seven Months Small little pop-up grind sideways okay So that's potentially what's happening Here and although the individual days They can feel pretty pretty damn crazy Like yesterday was only 2.3 and it Didn't even break the previous day uh Four days ago that low and it can feel Very very crazy it's not it might not be Over yet maybe we do test a little bit Further down but the main point here is That the emotion packed into that one Day and Bitcoin only did 2.3537 it was absolutely wild the couple Of days before it did 3.29 and no one Bad and I lived when it was on the 7th Of June because the day before it Already pumped up so it's all relative To what people had experienced the day Before this is how short-term mindseted A lot of people are in cryptocurrency

Maybe you are maybe you're not I hope You're not because you're obviously Watching this Channel and this was Really extreme one of course all coins Were getting absolutely obliterated but Two the two days before the market went Nowhere and then all of a sudden you get 2.3 percent of the downside and people Go bananas it's uh it's it's basically Crypto once you can get your head around That then Things become a lot easier you Just go it's just another day two Percent down oh what happened yesterday Nothing people are excited about a tiny Move so that's where Bitcoin is overall The macro is up all Market Bitcoin bull Market Bitcoin Bitcoin bull market okay To the to the short term bear Market yes Lower highs lower lows that's short term But the longer term there is your bull Market we're still in it right now that Is going to Pivot if we break 20K and One other thing to notice is when we uh Broke down yesterday notice how there Weren't too many calls for this is going To 10 or 12K there was there were calls But nowhere near as many calls for 10 or 12K like they were back at 20K now People are only hopeful that we go back To 20K so you're starting to see that Bar rise this is a very characteristic Of climbing the wall of warri and their Bottom targets are getting higher their Bottom targets will never get met they

Won't get met that's the whole point of This so they'll looking for 20 Bitcoin Might get to 24 maybe it gets to 22. Never gets to 20. Market moves away Again and then they say oh look it's Going to come back down and hit whatever That bottom was last time maybe goes 22 Maybe goes to 25. and that's what that's What they'll be calling for all the way Up so Recap Bitcoin bull market still on the Macro pivot Points have not changed they Have not broken down and they couldn't Have broken down they said it was only a 2.3 drop so let's relax we've still got Downside if we still get extreme fear And extreme emotions and extreme Excitement just look at where those Pivot Points are we're looking for a Range somewhere around 24K so anything Within that zone doesn't really matter If you're looking to buy Bitcoin I'm not Telling you to wait until that point Because maybe it doesn't get met in Terms of a percentage it's really not That far away to the downside maybe we Hit that 23 9 24K it's been within about Seven percent so Give or take your your entry points go For gold on that speaking of entry Points Quick reminder about the top of the Video description there is that link for Our free trading workshops but if you

Want to be part of Tia premium link is Also there as well but subscribe to this This is a free newsletter it's a free Crypto and economic report plus we'll Let you know when our free trading Workshops are coming up and you can be Scoring massive profits like these guys Did in the last 24 hours using the Strategies that we teach in those Trading workshops so it's again analysis It's a swing trades and knowing how to Manage your profits 300 here well done Guys this was a massive day for one of Our members here 20 on looks Gala uh Just over and over and over again so Well done to you guys 20 here another 100 and something 100 and something here 200 great great great stuff okay so I've Caught everyone up there's 240 and Well Done crypto Ricardo 64 as well you guys Are making some good trades because the Trend is intact that's how we trade the Trend Bitcoin dominance it has broken Out we're waiting for one more days Close to stay above this level of the Top 7 around 48.7 ish 48.8 basically 49 When you include stable coins as well But looking at the Bitcoin dominance Without stable coins so this is our Exclusive Tia indicator you can see that The uh the dominance is now up at about 56 coming in close to this top here now Some might recall that this was a level That I was looking out for because well

You can see that as a previous top so Potentially we see some sort of Resistance so maybe we do see altcoins Start to climb back start to take back a Little bit of gains here because they've Been destroyed so much over the last 24 Hours but looking to the upside we have A few other levels here probably coming Out at around 60 odd percent when you Exclude stable coins if you include Stable coins probably 56 that's at the 50 level here when we take it from the Uh start of the Bitcoin bull market to Basically the bottom of this range here Coming in at 38.8 so that's basically That level right through the middle they Are areas to let us know that maybe Bitcoin Is at its peak and that some of that Money is going to flow back into all Coins that's how this thing is helpful How do we know when an altcoin season is Coming how do we know when the strength Is leaving Bitcoin and flowing back into All coins that's what we use these Indicators for to let us know that well Look we saw the Breakthrough of the Dominance on the BTC dominance and of Course what happened well Bitcoin Dropped two percent but the rest of the Altcoin market was down 10 20 30 in some Cases 50 so this helps us out and helps Us identify when those Trends are Changing is Bitcoin still in in a strong

Position is it still King and should we Be waiting to invest into all coins this Helps us identify that exact uh that That exact outcome the other thing we're Looking at is eth before we get on to Those all coins well eth had a day down It did break the bottom for May but Overall it's still above 50 here it has Just closed under the shorter term 50 But overall still holding up relatively Well when you compare it to the rest of The old coin market and just based on The pure data here this is probably Going to be one of those stronger Cryptocurrencies moving into the next Cycle more on that in future videos That's the main thing here the trend in The short term is still down but the Longer term Trend still well and truly Up longer term up shorter term down Waiting for a stopping point before we Can reverse something that unfortunately Didn't consolidate was Ada so this is Ada USD and I've got a couple more to Get through as well the majors there of Course has had the big news that has Been delisted and it's basically been Targeted at the moment along with Matic And Seoul but of course the trend the Trend is down the trend is downed it's Not a great time to be DCA into these Old coins I know people just say buy and Relax and don't worry about it okay That's the way you want to treat your

Money by all means go ahead cardano BTC And no I'm not an ADA hater I just hate My money being lost in cryptocurrencies I want to save it for the next cycle and This is how I do it looking at kadano BTC right a to BTC massive downtrend why On Earth would you be wanting to get Into any asset whether it's a whether It's something else doesn't matter the Downtrend is there and this is just Broken to new lows against Bitcoin this Just means this old coin is weaker than BTC BTC is putting in bigger gains than Ada that is very obvious now you can see It went all the way back down to the low Of December whereas Bitcoin is nowhere Near the low of December and its low is Actually November so it's actually Stronger than this crypto okay a to BTC Broke to new lows it's probably going to Come back and test some of the previous Areas here you can see it's sitting Around at 550 to 600 satoshi's and then You've got the next floor at around 400 Satoshi's if this thing is actually far Weaker then I guess other Bitcoin or Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you Will see it break down from this support Level all right if it holds that support Level maybe you go on another pump the Next cycle not as high as the previous Cycle and basically it's just a rinse And repeat get in get out don't hold These things for the long term if it

Breaks down from this very very weak and That goes for any other cryptocurrency It's the same analysis across the board While I'm here let's have a look at atom BTC that also got destroyed nearly back To that low of tune so it's basically Been breaking down the entire time after One significant hump uh the other Cryptocurrencies that were on the list We saw filecoin get destroyed uh hit new Lows put on log you can see so fresh Lows against BTC not ready to be Invested in yet Phantom a big one from 2021 is coming all the way back to the Low so again very very weak Gala I saw Some people saying that this was a great Thing because it pumps so much but look What's happened it's broken down and Gone further than those lows so Extremely weak very very weak probably Not going to do this sort of move ever Again based on what I've seen over My entire history and cryptocurrency Since early 2017. they do these massive Pumps and they are never able to do These massive pumps again because the Value of Bitcoin continues to rise That's why it does not happen this was One from the previous cycle Icon no one knows about it now because No one cares about it now that's what it Did and then 2021 was that pump there All right you can even put it on log try And make yourself feel better but it's

Just pushed to new lows overall That is what is going to happen to the Majority of all coins Iota was another One of those old ones just to show you The pattern it happens time and time Again and this just broke to new lows Again so give it that second cycle Probably going to break to new lows Again link was a big one broke to new Lows let's see what happens is it ever Going to recover Matic Massive massive breakdown we covered This on the channel because it was Breaking 50 it happened again so if you Want to learn how to identify this you Want to learn how to not get sucked into Cryptocurrencies and be buying all these Dips on the way down you know what to do Link is in the top of the video Description right here subscribe to the Free crypto and economic report and We'll let you know when the next free Trading Workshop is out so that was Matic coming down the list we have Seoul That was the other one that was on the List of The Regulators uh basically Coming out to destroy them and they have Now Basically being crushed yet again nearly Hitting in a new low below December's Low this is against BTC so it's just Been losing value time and time again Down to 15 bucks a good pump up so yeah You could have made a little bit of

Money here from eight bucks to 24 bucks Some good money actually but of course If you keep holding these things there's Always going to come a point where they Have to come back and test the previous Lows and finally a recap of the Traditional markets the biggest markets In the world the thing that is the most Important but of course we always give a Lot of emphasis to all coins and crypto And Bitcoin that is I'm going to be Traveling tomorrow so I won't be able to Give you a video then I'm going to be in A new part of the world but I'll be back As soon as I can probably on Tuesday so Just one day off there traditional Markets S P 500 the macro is still in Nothing's happened over the weekend this Is all in yesterday's video as well but Just a quick recap at the end s p bull Market basically confirmed as I covered There there is your bear Market bottom Yes I understand the economy sucks I Understand there's a lot of things going Out there that aren't uh favorable to The average Joe but just remember where Does the money come from in the markets The majority of the money does not come From the average Joe that once I Understood that it just made so much More sense when I hear about interest Rates are rising when I hear about they Can't afford their rentals they can't Afford their properties they won't be

Able to afford their mortgages Food's expensive this stuff hits home it Hits us every day that's that's the Difficulty here because it's hard to Separate the emotion because it it hurts Us what if that was us what if that was Us that we couldn't afford our mortgage We'd have to sell our property we could Potentially take a loss because the Market would start to fall that stuff Hits home that's how the news media gets Us it's an emotional response to Something Real that could potentially Affect us but these markets are not made Up of the average Joe all you have to do Is just go back to the other statistic And say where is the majority of the Wealth held it's held by the very few The majority of the wealth last I looked It was something like 50 of the wealth Held by 10 or 20 of the people and then When you get to the next number up that Where is the 90 of the world you know It's held by very very few and or when You can understand that then this makes A lot more sense because those people The hedge funds those sort of things They have been getting into the market Earlier they've still got plenty of Money on the sidelines as well ready to Go in these markets when they see some Pullbacks that is the trend High highs higher lows we've broken many Of these signals to the downside same

Deal with the NASDAQ and yep I still Hear it people think expecting this to Collapse I've talked about many times We'll get reversals we'll get Corrections in the Market at is Absolutely natural and it is very very Healthy for a bull market we need to Have Corrections we don't want to see it Go straight up we need to see Corrections some stability and then a Move again to the upside Basically here is your recession fears There is your low the market has Bottomed and it looks like we are now Heading up to test previous resistance Levels there's going to be Corrections Along the way as well and on top of that Well the vix has helped us identify that Many many times before moved back into The bull market territory and it can Remain here for a very very long time Yes they're going to be some spikes out But these little spikes are just going To be new lows In the market they can just be these Little lows here that's what those Spikes in the volatility are so stay Tuned for more updates as I get to my New location follow us on Instagram if You want to get those updates uh Twitter That's going to be way easier for me to Talk to you there tomorrow while I'm Traveling I'm definitely going to be on Twitter as you know links are all in the

Video description down below and of Course our free training workshops if You want to get on board with those Super healthy juicy altcoin profits like Many of our members have done Congratulations to all you guys as well That is where you can do it Link in the Top of the video description alright Guys thanks once again plenty of updates Coming don't go anywhere as long as this Market is around I'll be around I'll see You guys at the next video have a Fantastic rest of your weekend and until Then peace out