Exposing Politician Inside Trades (Ultimate Copy Strategy)


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Is Congress cheating the stock market And trading on inside information we're Going to be looking at all the stock Trades of the past year and exposing the Suspicious Activity a big shout out to unusual Whales they have been posting about this For years at this point uh and they just Released a full report on politicians Trading in 2023 and surprise surprise Politicians have beat the market and in Fact many in Congress have made some Unusually time trades resting in some Huge gains and we're going to be looking At the top gainers of the year Brian Higgins Mark green Garrett Graves and of Course everyone's favorite politician Nancy Pelosi I do want to give a big Shout out to unusual whales they're the Ones putting out all this great data and You can check out they have their own Website unusual whales.com I read the Report and it's Pages upon pages and I Found some pretty good tidbits within This uh Congress trading report for 2023 And I want to point out a key figure Here there are 535 members members of Congress we got 100 in Senate 435 in the House but only about a fifth of them are Trading okay so we're down from oneir That we had previously seen over the Last previous years part of it is Because we've seen a prolific stock Traders retire or no longer running for

Reelection but also there's another key Figure that people aren't really talking About it's re-election year and unusual Wales has actually pinpointed the people Who have taken a break a general rule That he has found if they're up for Reelection in 2024 then they severely C Or stop their trading activity and he Lists the names and of course everyone's Favorite option Trader Nancy Pelosi is On that list so we're actually seeing a Decrease in politicians trading but that Makes sense you know hey a lot of people Are going to be looking at campaign Finance ads and you don't want your Opponent to have a hitpiece on you Because you're insider trading but you Might ask well that makes sense right You know there're sophisticated people They're smart you know they're older They're wiser it would make sense that They can beat the market right it does Not make sense and look at this figure Right here these are actively managed Funds and only 10% of them have Outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 15 years and here we are actually uh Trending this in year-to-date returns to The spy uh right here you can see spy 24% they're coming in well above because Remember only 100 are actively trading So they're better Traders than the best Traders on the planet and what does that Tell you and if we go down the Tweet

Thread here you can see democ rats Actually dominated the Republican Counterparts here Democrats were up 31% Republicans only 18 uh meanwhile S&P Itself was up 24% meaning Republicans Didn't even beat the S&P 500 but Democrats did and many traded despite Conflicts in their committees in record Numbers and make sure you stick around To the end of this video we're going to Reveal their most recent trades the best Traders in Congress and maybe if you Want you can copy trade a Nancy Pelosi a Dan krenshaw let's make the moves that The big whales are making everybody but As we go back to the list I do want to Be intellectually honest people Brian Higgins Mark greens Garrick Graves taken Up the top three you can see here 238% return remember S&P y uh only 25% but let's go ahead and uh you know Let's see what they had to say in their Own words now it is important Higgins Green Graves Higgins not a very active Trader his portfolio was almost all Nvidia and Nvidia year-to date is up Over 225% so we're going to give him a Pass here Higgins you get a pass today All right what is the next name we have Mark green very active Trader many Suspiciously well-timed energy trades We'll come back to him in a second next Graves heck of a last name there not a Very active Trader but he did have a

Well-time purchase of coinbase which was A big contributor to his returns last Year and coin is up even more 321 per so They get a pass as well what about the Suspicious trades let's actually put uh Mark greens words in his own mouth we're Not going to speak for him here Mark Green had a comment and I'm going to try To read between the lines here because You know on the surface this seems like A good comment I have no Insight in how Trades are made and only notified after They occur in fact I go above and beyond Even the hint of impropriety here I Instructed my broker in writing to Manage my family's Investments and to Disregard any instructions for me should I try to provide input which I have not Why would you say disregard any Instructions from me should I try to Provide input if you're not trying to Provide some input this makes me think Hey over at lunch oh I I forgot to Mention that one thing about that one Bill that was going to really severely Impact that one sector of the economy oh I didn't mean to do that on purpose the Fact that he's saying disregard any Instructions from me should I try to Provide input why would you put that if You're never going to provide input now That's just you know just my two cents There all right now back to some trades Here we're going to look at Dan kinshaw

I said Dan krenshaw Dan kinshaw made 33 Trades while in office we may a few the Some of the best well time trades and We're looking at you know some older Trades here though so we go to Dan Crenchaw again I want to give a shout Out to Quinter quantitative as well uh We're going to put a website down in the Description below this is Dan crenchaw Stock trading activity in this tweet They're talking about when if you think Oh October 25th oh no that's 22 not 23 What's Dan caw's most recent trade most Recent trade hey S&P y hey he's not Trying to beat the market in fact before That he is bought some apple so this Time Dan you get a passing grade as well Let's go back to this tweet here we have Another Congressman buying stock in Valero Energy this time is Carper Chairman of the senate committee of Environment and Public Works go to Valero here over the past six months I Mean there's been some dips but they are Up you know over 10% over the past 6 Months feels like a pretty good trade to Have made and was also bought by Representative Mike Burgess who is on The house energy committee so just an Interesting sh to point out Valero Energy a lot of the Insiders on the Energy committees seem bullish on Valero If you want to copy trade here now I Want to point out another feature of

Quiver Quant if you want to trade like a Politician they have a really cool Feature here that looks at the bills That are up for vote and it tells you The publicly traded companies lobbying And the relevant Congressional stock Trades now this bill has 96 companies Lobbying it and 35 relevant trades here So that's a lot of uh companies you I Mean we're scrolling we're scrolling We're scrolling I don't see much Alpha To be made here I don't see too much Arbitrage that can be made plus there's Too many stock trades to cover here we Go to just the very next bill this one Was public on December 22nd this was Public just three days prior this one Only has two publicly traded companies Lobbying at 250 trade so now we're Seeing a little bit more opportunity for Upside t AT&T so we got a bill that AT&T Is lobbying heavily for and tmus which Is T-Mobile AT&T and T-Mobile They're lobbying for this one we got Some trades and you can go down the list This one's only affecting one company And that is Lockheed Martin H imagine That locked Martin lobbying for bills oh Never never that's not the world that I Live in kids online safety act with a Name like that how can that bill not Pass I didn't re I didn't know that one Is going to be a big Roblox you know a Big evil Roblox uh you know once Roblox

Is involved I mean it's basically a step Away from Enron am I right no I wouldn't Go that far Roblox and AT&T that Unholy Alliance so this is a great tool if you Want to copy trade a politician you can See who is lobbying for these specific Bills and then research those bills see What the politicians are saying about it Do we have the popular members speaking Out about it is the AOC or Iran Paul Championing this bill you know talking About it tweeting about it or is it Something that nobody's talking about it That to me almost feels more bullish That's the one that they're going to try To hide their trades in not the one that They're talking about hey look at this Hand over here but meanwhile this hand Is digging in someone's pocket digging In someone's wallet and purse but now For the big reveal Nancy Pelosi's trades How is Nancy Pelosi trading what is she Investing in what is Nancy Pelosi's last Trade if you want to copy trade her Everybody we got it revealed here Breaking the queen is back she jumped in In the Market at the tail end of the Year right before Christmas right to die In a news cycle hey no one's paying Attention to it and then she's making Millions of moves the biggest move she's Made in years she about $5 million worth Of Nvidia calls now what's a call what's A put what does any of this mean what's

Going on with Nvidia well simply put you Purchase a call option if you anticipate The rise of a stock you sell a put Option if you expect it to fall so a Call is going to initially you know it's Normally just a bullish indicator that You're a big believer in this stock but Nvidia wait a minute why would she be Bullish on Nvidia we look at the One-year chart my God it's up 227% like A lot of uh things we've seen uh to two And a quarter here oh this seems Overbought this is inflated she wouldn't Want to buy this in fact didn't they Restrict something with Nvidia oh wait That's right in 2022 the government Restricted Nvidia from selling chips to China do you remember that well and then They allowed envidia to sell some slower Performing chips to them and she bought Nvidia just three weeks before so if you Wanted to jump in you're jumping in a Little bit late now let's see here it's Uh December 22nd we can actually look at That date and you're actually buying it On a discount everybody it's 488 on the 22nd it's 483 right now might even be Getting in a little bit cheaper so if You want to trade like Nancy she's Betting big and this has an expiration Date at the tail end of the year so you Know just another thing to keep in line So once again we have politicians doing Some suspicious activity do we know what

They're saying to their online Brokers Do we know what they're saying to their Asset managers we're not there at these Lunches right we're not there we don't Know but let's just assume do the Brokers and you know that do manage These Investments hey they will Disregard any instructions from these Politicians should they try to provide Input watch what they say now what they Do well wait a minute and we don't want To say they know for sure because Remember folks using Insider information For personal benefit is a crime that Should be strictly enforced so what do You think chat are they insider trading Is there plain and clear corruption Happening right in front of her I Certainly think so and hit that like Button if you agree I'm Dey and us along With ny's Pelosi stocks we'll see you at The [Music] Top