Fed Pivot Soon? Global Macro vs Crypto

Fed Pivot Soon? Global Macro vs Crypto

Welcome to our blog! In this post, we delve into the ongoing debate surrounding the potential pivot of the Federal Reserve and its implications for both the global macroeconomy and the world of cryptocurrencies. As we navigate the intricate landscape of financial markets, we aim to shed light on the clash between two distinct realms and examine how they influence each other. Join us as we explore the global macro environment and the ever-evolving crypto sphere, deciphering their interplay and deciphering what lies ahead for both.


In this article, we will explore the current market dynamics between global macroeconomic events and the world of cryptocurrencies. As financial markets continue to react to various factors such as inflation data, geopolitical tensions, and policy decisions from central banks like the Federal Reserve, it is important to understand the potential impact on treasury yields and the crypto market. Let’s dive into how these elements intertwine and if a Fed pivot is on the horizon.

Treasury Yields and the Fed:

Recently, treasury yields have experienced a drop following dovish remarks from a Fed official. These lower yields are a reflection of the market’s anticipation of potential changes in monetary policy. As the Fed navigates its way through economic recovery post-pandemic, its comments and actions have a significant influence on treasury yields.

The Future of Inflation Data:

Inflation data is closely monitored by markets, and any unexpected changes can have a profound impact on treasury yields. If inflation rises beyond expectations, the Fed might be prompted to tighten its monetary policy sooner than anticipated. Conversely, if data suggests that inflationary pressures are transitory, the central bank could maintain its accommodative stance. As investors evaluate inflation risks, treasury yields will be affected accordingly.

Middle East Violence and Economic Impact:

Global events, such as the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, can ripple into international markets. These geopolitical tensions can increase market uncertainty, leading investors to seek safe-haven assets like treasury bonds. As a result, treasury yields can respond to geopolitical events, highlighting the interconnectedness between global macro factors and financial markets.

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Topics Covered in the Video:

The following are some of the topics covered in the accompanying video, which shed light on global events, market dynamics, and the relationships between different asset classes:

  1. Israel & Hamas: Examining the impact of the Middle East conflict on financial markets.
  2. Job Growth: Analyzing the influence of employment figures on market sentiment.
  3. Immigration: Understanding how immigration affects wage growth in an inflationary scenario.
  4. Nasdaq vs. Treasuries: Comparing the current NASDAQ to treasury ratio with historical trends.
  5. Speaker of The House: Discussing the upcoming election for the Speaker of the House and its potential implications.
  6. Tudor Jones: Insights from renowned investor Paul Tudor Jones.
  7. Fed Losing Control: Evaluating the perception of the Federal Reserve losing control over the economy.
  8. Bitcoin & Gold: Exploring the relationship between cryptocurrencies and traditional safe-haven assets.
  9. Hyperinflation: Examining the possibility of hyperinflation and its impact on financial markets.
  10. Fed Rate Hike?: Speculating on the timing of the next potential rate hike by the Federal Reserve.
  11. Stocks during War: Analyzing the historical performance of stocks during times of conflict.
  12. Crypto Assets: Discussing the role of cryptocurrencies as alternative investment assets.

Global Macro Events and Market Sentiment:

Global macroeconomic events have the power to significantly impact market sentiment. Whether it’s political unrest, trade wars, or the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these events can create waves in financial markets. Sentiment-driven investors often seek refuge in treasury bonds during times of uncertainty, leading to changes in treasury yields.

Inflationary Scenario and Multiple Jobs:

Inflationary pressures can lead to a decrease in purchasing power, forcing individuals to work multiple jobs to meet their financial needs. This phenomenon can have a broader impact on the job market and wage growth. As more people participate in the gig economy or take on additional work, it can potentially put downward pressure on wages and further exacerbate income inequality.

NASDAQ vs. Treasuries:

The current NASDAQ to treasury ratio is higher than during the tech bubble of the late 1990s. This indicates a potential overvaluation in the stock market relative to the bond market. Investors closely monitor this ratio as it provides insights into market sentiment and risk appetite. Changes in this ratio can have implications for treasury yields and the overall financial landscape.

Speaker of The House Election:

The upcoming election for the Speaker of the House is expected to take place soon, and its outcome can affect markets. Investors will be watching closely to see how the new leader’s policies and agendas shape economic and financial prospects. As the political landscape evolves, it can introduce new variables that impact treasury yields.


As we analyze the relationship between global macroeconomic events and cryptocurrencies, it becomes evident that these factors have a significant impact on financial markets, including treasury yields. The comments and actions of central banks like the Federal Reserve, the volatility caused by geopolitical events, and other market dynamics can drive changes in yields. It is crucial for investors to monitor these factors to make informed decisions. As the market evolves, the interplay between global macro and crypto assets will likely continue to shape investment strategies and market sentiment.

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