$FYN Skyrockets After Pokémon Day Presentation🚀Affyn Incoming🔥

Everyone in the Pokémon community routinely sets themselves up for disappointment every single Pokémon Day. This year was no different, paving the way for web3 Pokémon-inspired games like Affyn ($FYN).

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00:00 intro
00:18 Sponsor: Tangem
00:46 Pokemon Day Presentation
01:42 Pokemon Fans Dissapointed
03:11 NFTs Coming To Pokemon!?
03:46 Pokemon Innovation
04:19 Affyn $FYN Skyrockets
05:07 Affyn Nexus World Land
05:53 Restaurant Integrations
06:41 Graphics Improve
07:59 $FYN Marketcap
08:27 Solana Pokemon Game
09:00 $MAVIA Chooses Coinbase
09:44 outro

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~$FYN Skyrockets After Pokémon Day Presentation🚀Affyn Incoming🔥~
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All right so today is Pokemon day and What does that mean for crypto are there Some potential projects out there that Could benefit from this you will Definitely want to stay tuned because We're going to show you one that will my Name is Paul bar welcome back in the Tech path before we get started I want To thank our sponsor and that is tangum This is a self- custody wallet that is Meant for you it's very easy to use has A great app also in unison with the card Set all you have to do is over to their Website click that little button in the Top right get tangum get your three card Set and of course you can start moving Your tokens off of exchanges and Directly into your own self- custody Wallet very simple to do and of course Now with the Bull Run it's a great time To start doing that all right let's get Into a few points here Pokemon day has Begun uh this is a big deal because We're going to Showcase a handful of Tokens that will most likely benefit From this but I want to go to this first Clip Wo the Pokémon company is developing This game as a three-party collaboration With creatures Inc the creators of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and DNA are Partners in the development of Pokemon Masters ex all are some key companies There involved I'll show you what that

Means here in a second but I wanted to Get a reaction video from IGN you know One of the biggest gaming networks out There they look at where these Trends Are going listen to what they had to say About this the Pokemon Trading Card Game Community uh has been uh you know pretty Unpleased with uh the current CL client That we used to play the card game Online they finally uh you know they Sunset uh Pokemon training card game Online and replace it with Pokemon uh Live it's just not the same it feels Like actually several steps backwards And is missing tons of features that the Old one that was like 20 years old had We're in turmoil right now okay and so The fact that they're making another Game most people who buy Pokemon cards Actually are not playing the game They're collecting my hope is that There's because I I remember years ago When I was I could buy a pack like in Real life and then it would always have The code in it and I I would put that Into the online thing and I would be Able to open a pack online as well and So I I would hope for that kind of tie In in this so that people who are Actively already engaged in the TCG are Getting something for it as opposed to Just sort of restarting their Collections having start scratch kind of Seems like it sucks yeah I mean you know

Probably not so not happy is really what It boils down to what does this mean for You know some of the projects that are Out there that maybe are working on Similar game structure that fall into The web 3 gaming space we've got a Couple of projects that we've talked About a little bit you want to keep an Eye on but the company they're Referencing was this company right here DNA as you'll notice here playback nft Service pick five nft card game this is The company that they're working with Right now so there could be some Assumption that maybe that we could see Something like that coming down the pipe Uh in the future further in here if you Go look at some of their Milestones one Of the things that's very interesting is Back in October they launched an nft Literacy test so that means they're Already prepping for this and again Partnerships like you know Pokemon uh Could play into this so definitely uh One to watch for sure and one thing if You go in and look at just some of the Tech that Pokemon has been uh Responsible for the last real Innovation I think most people would remember that Pokemon go by n antic uh but that was 2016 so not really a lot of innovation So is this the opportunity for a web3 Gaming project to come in if you look at The you know the success of what we saw

With po world and if you're in the Gaming ecosystem maybe you're brand new To our Channel this this matters because There's opportunities here to invest in Some of these projects that could start To pump during this next cycle one that We've noticed and continue to watch very Closely is a fin now we mentioned this The other day on the show and of course You know here's the seven day this thing Absolutely went crazy but I think for Good reason there's a couple of things That they are doing one thing that You'll notice and we showed showed this The other day is the a launch of Buddy Arena this is kind of their I won't call It a Pokemon but it it has a lot of Elements to it now remember the fact That there is no true Pokemon gaming Structure out there right now these Kinds of of games that's why po World Got to I think was 25 million viewers in Their first month that's a huge leap in Terms of virality around gaming so it's A great opportunity for sure look at the Size of this on just Pokemon unite I Mean that's 50 million downloads right There so you can see the appetite is Heavy for these all right so I want to Go to a clip from the aend team this is A very Innovative approach that nothing Else has really been doing this before Listen in so we've mapped our virtual World to the real world using This Ti

System out of these nine billion uh Pieces of land we have 100,000 that are Minable as nfts so they're collectibles And they also have utility inside the Games so the challenge was 9 billion Lands each one of them us to be unique Um so when we opened Singapore uh for Sale for our Nexus World sale uh we we Sold out actually in less than two hours This could get viral very quickly with 9 Billion individual land plots that are Tied into the game Eco system itself Another thing that was kind of Interesting in our research around a fin Was how they were integrating retail Watch this clip right Here the situation was how you can Integrate games into retail actions and This is something that has been very Difficult to do especially the for the Restaurant industry so if a fin has any Potential success there this will get Huge very quickly because these Restaurant guys are always looking for These kinds of advantages here was the CEO of a fin uh responding to the video That we did uh just the other day Looking back at how excited I was on the Video about Buddy uh buddy Arena let me Kind of zoom in on that for you guys the Game has improve so much and we're about To launch globally in 3 weeks so this is Coming uh down uh the track and we put It on this video If you guys didn't

Catch it it was our three tokens to Watch it was one of others that we like And we do these from time to time but This is one of the things that I think Is interesting now one thing to watch Here is the quality let me kind of zoom In on this for you guys uh kind of Showcasing where they are and this is Something that is different than we Showed the other day on this meaning They've really Advanced the graphics on This and I'll let it kind of render a Little bit here but you can kind of see The the level of Graphics have really Improved a lot for this project so could This be one that takes on one of the big Projects that is out there that has been Very popular and that is Pixelmon now Pixelmon you could also look at some of The graphics right here on Pixelmon not As much of a comparison I'm excited to See this one launch if a fan launches And they do a good job with Buddy Arena This could be a huge bump and if you Look at some of the things and I'll show You some of the uh the examples of of Where the price is here in a second but There's a lot going on with this Particular project all right so one Thing to keep an eye on is when you look At the aen project I'll go back to coin Market cap and I want to showcase Something right here and that is look at The size of the market cap versus volume

This is one that has a lot of room to Run and if they launch successfully if This one gets off the ground and really Does take off when you see the demand You you look at the fact that we have Not seen a lot of Pokemon Innovation Could one of these be a big winner and Uh that's one to watch now here's the Salana version of their Pokemon this is Seekers of doain this is on aurori uh This is another project out there this Is on the Epic uh game store and I Interesting that they put here mature Cash prizes meaning there's some Activity going into blockchain Opportunities there AR Rory dead not Necessarily um a huge move but you can Kind of see up a little and then down Here recently I think there's going to Be some very uh interesting tracks for a Lot of these projects that fall into This particular category so one to watch For sure uh Heroes of maavia just Announced their deal other games to kind Of keep an eye on obviously Heroes of Mavia is now building on Bas we weren't Necessarily sure we were kind of talking About this the other day Bas was in the The Wheelhouse but it was one that kind Of surprised us a little bit but now on Base uh question my I have will be how Fast do they get listed on coinbase that Would be the big question right there And of course if you look at where mavia

Has been trading a little bit Flats so Not as much of a pump on the news going To uh base as I thought they might get So it's one to watch you guys you know I'd love to hear you know some of the Projects that you guys are think are Pumping out there there's so much Happening right now in the gaming Ecosystem and I think some of these Projects are definitely wants to watch All right if you're not part of the Diamond Circle get in now it's free and It's a great place to get additional Content or you can catch me out there on X at Paul bar we'll catch you next time Right here on Tech Paath

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