Gaming Token News Round-Up 🚨 MAJOR UPDATES Coming!!🚀

On this episode, we’re rounding up the latest MAJOR updates coming to the world of blockchain gaming. 2024 is shaping up to be the year for exciting catalysts ready to light up the gaming space.


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00:00 intro
00:21 Sponsor: Tangem
01:02 Avalanche Gaming on Nasdaq
03:40 Gaming Dominates AVAX Testnet
04:15 Mine $PLSR Now!
04:37 Solana Token Extensions
06:11 Honeyland Keynote Event
07:50 Solana Airdrop Tracker
08:30 Saga Mobile Airdrops Coming?
09:47 Claynosaurz Game Coming
11:40 Flow x Ethereum
12:10 Fast Beak on Flow
13:50 In-Game Trading Coming
15:37 RARI Chain Now Live!
16:06 Palworld MASSIVE Growth
16:44 Palworld Destroys Illuvium Thesis
17:27 Illuvium Founder Quits
19:10 Sandbox Enables Palworld Gameplay?
19:40 Gaming Explodes in 2024
20:12 outro

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~Gaming Token News Round-Up 🚨 MAJOR UPDATES Coming!!🚀~
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If you guys want to learn a little bit About what's going to be popping in web 3 we're going to be talking about that Today and dive into a lot of the gaming News and also some of the projects that Could be really getting steam so make Sure and stick around for this one it's Going to be a good one my name is Paul Bar welcome back in Tech path before we Get started I want to thank our sponsor And that is tangum and this is a self- Custody wallet that I think is one of The most unique out there at first it Uses a set of cards and an app in Tandem And uh it's really slick it's a great Way to actually kind of go into your Whole process of getting into self- Custody if you haven't tried self- Custody controlling your own tokens is Kind of the ultimate freedom and this is A great way to start so just go over to Their website click on that get tangum Right there you're going to see the Three card set and the two card set get The three card set you can get the white Card by the way now it's available and Uh do that because you've always got a Backup and of course use our link down Below it does help the channel out all Right let's get into a couple of topics I want to go to this first clip this of Course is John Woo from Avalanche and he Talks a little bit here on um NASDAQ About the future not only what Avalanche

Is doing but maybe where some key plays Are starting to come into consideration Listen in so I know everyone is Discussing how much new incremental Demand will be creative from the Institution s on the asset class from uh BTC spot ETF but I think 2024 will Ultimately shape up as a year where the World sees real use cases from business Use cases and adoption it's great to Meet clients where they are but I agree With John this is just one thing that We're doing one thing that the industry Is doing uh and it's a nice moment but We don't need to spend too too much time On it right they're going to be Investing in companies that are going to Be bringing more transactions on chain That's going to be a net benefit to the Long-term health of any any of the Crypto assets tokenization of real Assets means many many things not just Finan finial assets but loyalty points And other things that are non-financial But the real benefit I think is going to Come in almost a year from now the first Thing that's going to happen is Tokenization of non-financial assets you Know we're working with gaming companies Big part of gaming companies is creating In-game asset marketplaces but each game Is siloed so if you can like bundle Different marketplaces to different Games it gives the user a better

Experience almost like a shopping mall B You know bundling businesses actually is A a principle that's worked for a long Time it's no longer NFS are no long Going to be associated with just Cartoons it's going to be associated With engaging with their customers you Know I was with uh so for example would Be like someone Big Brand was saying Soon as the Barbie doll leaves the Walmart shop they lose full engagement With that uh customer so they're trying To create a five digital product where You know there's an nft associated with That Barbie and they can now know when They're going to see the movie Barbie And ultimately it'll save them a lot of Money because they don't have to Reacquire the customer through Google or Facebook because they're they're already Engaging with their customers so Literally will affect their income Statement in a very positive way all Right and we'll leave it on a positive Note all right so John hit on a lot of Things there he's been on our show many Times we've talked about the vision of Where Avalanche is going and we we get Into Avalanche gaming quite a bit and And I agree with him I think this is Going to be the year that we do see Gaming connections but also this idea of Potentially connecting Real World um Brands and real world customers outside

The four walls and this is a problem That has existed in retail and in Business forever so he is right Acquisition of the customer happens in Many cases and a lot of times it has to Be redone that's a big deal so it's one That we're going to be keeping an eye on Now when you look at the subnet over on Avalanch this is just a quick look at What's causing the transaction growth Right here the blue line is the overall Transactions on the entire all subnets But when you look at this lighter Blue Line This is Pulsar this is one game one Game we had the Pulsar team on talking About this and The Innovation that's Happening in that is a big deal I think For Avalanche but also paves the way for A lot of future games uh in terms of Subnets and the architecture that Avalanche has kind of put forth out There so it's a big deal I think we're Going to see a lot more of it further Into this this of course right here was Uh Pulsar talking a little bit further About Minor media this of course is when You can go out and get some additional Tokens on their extraction boost so this Was a thing that they were kind of Talking about in the previous video that We did with them if you didn't catch That make sure and go back and look at That video learn a little bit more about Pulsar it's going to be a one to watch

For sure all right so let's move on to Salana and some of the things that are Happening within the ecosystem there We'll talk about some air drops and all That good stuff but I want to go to this First clip this is talking about the Salon of token extensions uh take a Listen what exactly are token Extensions you can think of them as a Series of options features and Capabilities built into the newest Iteration of the salon token program Token issuers from game developers to Stable coin issuers can choose to enable Any combination of token extensions the Non-transferable token extension has Been a long requested feature by Developers while it was previously Possible to freeze a token it couldn't Be destroyed but a non-transferable Token can be the metadata pointer Extension allows full programmatic Customization of metadata for that token Perfect for games or new asset classes Token extensions offer native solutions That eliminate the need to patch smart Contracts and disperate protocols Together now everything you need is Right there in the token Itself so this is new on salana one of Most recent updates with salana this is A very big deal around what the future Of nfts but also within the architecture Of salana itself is going to change in

Use cases around smart contracts so Pretty big advancements and I think this Again this is something being done that Uh I think a lot of Chains would like to Do but have not been able to get there And salana of course kind of rolls it Out a little bit under the radar so make Sure and check out more on that I want To continue on to some of the games that Are riding on uh salana and one of them Of course is honeyland honeyland we've Had the team on before we've really do Dove into I don't know if you've ever Played the game it has some very Uniqueness uh around it first of all Graphics are great on they do a good job With onboarding it is available on IOS And Android And they have an event coming up their 2024 Vision keynote that's happening I Have a feeling that we are going to see Some big things in this keynote so if You're not already set up for it it's Live in four days I would watch on this And hxd is the token so if you're not Already kind of tracking this this has Already started to make a run and if You've probably watched our Channel you Probably already knew about this but the Point is is we're getting ready to see I Think some very interesting things with Honeyland I want to go to this next clip Which was uh the honeyland CEO talking About kind of the future of where

They're going listen in so mark your Calendars for next Tuesday January 30th At 2: p.m. Pacific time uh that will be Our uh 2024 Vision kyote I'll be Delivering it uh it will be a live event So you'll be able to catch it either on YouTube or on our Twitter uh feed Everything that we have set forth to Accomplish and Conquer this year to Truly make honeyland one of the greatest Web 3 games on the planet it'll be Impossible to talk about web 3 gaming And mobile web 3 gaming without talking About honeyland that's our goal for this Year I think we have the plan and the Ability to execute against it the CEO is Always so excited I mean he's a great Interview too he's like I said he's been On our show check that video out it's a Good one to watch if you really are Interested in web 3 gaming because he's Got a lot of innovation and thoughts of Where this is going I think we're Getting ready to see some big news here I want to jump to the salana airdrop Tracker that's out there and take a look At what's coming if you look at I'm Going to kind of zoom in a little bit Here here if I can and then we'll show You guys what's coming up you got magic Eden happening this is on high Buzz Alert and then of course parcel one We're watching for sure if you guys have Not checked that out make sure and take

A look there others to watch in there uh Let's go further on down well there's Tip link tip link is a big one these are All coming on salana so just be aware There's teleport this one is going to be Huge I think teleport could be one of The breakouts for later this year and Definitely in 2025 all right so here's Jupiter they did sponsor salana mobile So I can imagine there may be some drops Here for leaderboard uh members and also Maybe some other uh Saga phone holders So just be on the lookout for that other Topics of course this is the leaderboard Announcement that they had up salana of Course this is what everybody's kind of Watching but helium is now a sponsor of This as well so very interesting how We're starting to get these companies Working together we've talked about that Before is that's what makes salana such A unique platform and then here's salana Mobile uh 15,000 referrals from across The globe leaderboard is shaping up We're on that leaderboard right now so Make sure and use our link down below We'll leave one if you're not already Getting the chapter 2 this is a piece of History because we are already seen the Genesis token and what its benefits are In the current Saga phone remember this Saga phone the original went out on eBay For as high as five grand this was a $500 phone and then you had all the

Airdrops that came with it everything From Bon and what we'll see in the Future around this and it's as I've said In the video that we talked about the Sonophone is that this is maybe the next Generation about about Hardware is going To be delivered in terms of brand value And connection over there so check it Out uh we'll leave a link Down Below on That all right so I want to go into Another clip and this of course is the Claur town hall remember closur part of The airdrops that went into the Saga Phone so another big benefit but anyway Let's jump over to the clip real real Quick these videos have resulted in over 37 million views uh and all of that has Led us to Growing our following on Instagram from 900 followers to Crossing 999,000 followers this morning about two Months later basically the digital Companion is a is a native application That we are building and that Application sits in the center of the Cloo ecosystem uh and within the ditel Companion you have like multiple you Know gamified loops on the other side of The spectrum you have obviously the Quest system and resource row items and Basically it's it's the it's the Foundation of the crafting system so you Will be able to customize the armor Obviously of your your clo but also like Apply to it different pose and emotes we

Want to give you tools that basically Let you create content on social with Your own dinosaur and and basically get Rewarded for the content that you Produce all right so that's a very Innovative way of creating not only Brand stickiness within you know a Digital ecosystem on social but also Giving the users and the owners of Closur the ability to earn Revenue so First of all creative uh very social Oriented and also content creation at The same time so it does all the markers Of what you need to really get a brand To go viral now even though it's 100,000 On Instagram you know from where they Were I have a feeling this one is going To really take off in a big way let me Know if you guys in fact are actually a Closur holder did you get in early were You able to get one of those little Dinos and uh what are you going to do With it let me know drop some comments Down below all right so let's get into Flo Flo is another project of course if You're not already aware this is another Token we like and watch quite a bit they Have finally connected over here this is What Crescendo is connecting over to Ethereum this will make a huge benefit Of all of the different projects that Are riding inside flow additionally if You go over and look at their evm onflow You'll start to see some of the things

That you can do that you can't do in Traditional layer too so this is another Big benefit I think going forward so Keep an eye on flow I want to go to this Next clip though and the next clip is Really where we get into a little bit More around how flow is working with Things like Dapper Labs listen in Welcome to Fast Break the latest game by Dapper Labs today I'm going to be Selecting a lineup for the games that Start at 400 p.m. Pacific time tonight And I am using my game assets my Top Shot moments to create teams to compete In this run leaderboard I'm going to Submit my lineup um my lineup's ready And it will score as the games are Playing so right now the V1 version of The contract is deployed on testnet and Will probably be deployed on mainnet as As this video is delivered but one of The many powerful things about Blockchain is we can open up this game To third parties we can open up this Game to individuals we can can open up This game to people that want to play Fast break but don't want to have an Account on Top Shot and so when people Mint tokens for the game and the game is Updated we will be pushing millions of Transactions through flow and when we Launch we'll have 10 to 20,000 daily Active users which will make the game One of the largest games that's being

Played in web 3 all right so that's good advancement Since it is a protocol it's going to Have the ability to really kind of go in A lot of different directions and they Even mentioned it there in that video Further into flow if you go into flow Diver you'll see quickly this is one of The more active blockchains out there With 100 or excuse me 1.8 million active Accounts up 56% so again more reasons to Look at flow longterm the way that They've been able to construct this Especially with what they've been able To do with Crescendo so a lot happening Uh with Flo so keeping an eye on that Let's go to our next clip this is Getting to a little bit more of in-game Trading uh on Flow again take a look the Evaluate SDK brings that same MMO style Item trading and messaging to other Blockchain platforms on Flow so if I Head to this website that I created so If users hit trade they'll directly see An interface where they can see users They've had conversations with and They're able to whether it's chat with The other user or build trades execute Trades securely all in the place where You collect your nfts without ever Having to go to a third party you can Also integrate the SDK in games so here In our demo game we have two players That are looking to trade with each

Other one player will click the other Player and select the trade button and Once that's done the other player is Invited to trade with that person uh and Upon that invitation being accepted We'll pull up a trade window one thing I'll mention is that this entire window Can be styled to match your game's uh UI Elements it'll fit seamlessly into your Game matching the fonts and colors of That of your game UI players won't see Other nfts in their wallet unless you Want them to left you can see a progress Bar in terms of creating the contract For the player to sign it'll confirm on Chain with a progress bar here and once That's completed the items will swap Pretty soon we'll be announcing a Partnership to bring trading to a major Dapper Labs IP all right so you can see this is a New SDK the key thing here is it creates Kind of these new ecosystems that uh I Think will be somewhat competitive to What we've seen in the open markets Around things like open C Etc so think About this as a brand think about this As um any kind of business out there in Terms of keeping your community in one Place so there's a lot of opportunities Here I think going forward all right so Let's jump over to RAR chain this is now Live on mayet so royalties uh now are Enforced so this is one of the big rubs

That we see within the Creator community And I think it's also one of the reasons That we're continuing to see a lot of Advancements on this if you guys haven't Visited rable go over and do that of Course you'll see some of the top you Know Collectibles out there everything From mocha verse to even McFarland so Quite a bit so this is another one that Also has potential of going vertical During this last little bit now we can't Really do a game wrap-up without talking A little bit about po world and if you Guys were not aware of it just Google That maybe you're already out there Playing this on Xbox but po world has Done something pretty amazing I want to Look at this statement it's current Player count growth rate it will have Been played by every human on earth at Hour 267 of it distribute based on what its Growth rate was because look at this up Swing that we've got here in terms of The PO World players this is one of the Most viral games that is may actually be The most viral game that's ever hit um The gaming industry and with this it has A lot of similarities to a web 3 game You guys will know and recognize that Being alium so I think this is something That a lot of people have really kind of Looked at and said why why would this Not be able to you know kind of why did

Ovium maybe not be able to get to that Level you look at a look a little bit More about what they're talking about in Terms of its ranking here's po actually Overcoming League of Legends and even Grand Theft Auto this is a big deal for A small game small game studio with a Very limited budget and what they were Able to do it kind of shows to the rest Of the game gaming world that there can Be some big hits here and uh I think you Just have to pay attention to those Things speaking of alium uh let's go Into why and what we thought about alium We had Grant on one of the I think Co-founders and uh definitely the tech Lead for ovium not too long ago listen To what he had to say with that kind of Line list of stuff is there some things That you guys are working on right now To address these Issues every single one of those things On the List all right so what you see there is A huge learning curve for mainstream Pokemon audience that was one of our Main things that we kind of hit on this Was talked about before powor released And it was literally the thing that we Asked Grant directly and he saw that List needs more battle modes there was Quite a bit here that was already tied Into the potential of what maybe other Games could do and then after that

Interview some things happened right Here is what happened Grant left ovium And one of the things he stated here hey This was would be happening if I wasn't Sure the team was sorted and for those Mentioning danam po world go check my Recent messages on the topic this is Clearly a problem because it looks as Though power world has done something That ovium should have done so this is a Big issue right here Kieran of course Comes back and says hey I've played Power world it's incredibly fun but it Doesn't give me that same feeling that Pokemon did of wanting to collect and Understand everything about the Creatures that's a little bit thirsty I Think and don't get me wrong K Karen You're probably watching this right now Point is is that ovium has I think has The capability of doing those kind of Things they just have never been able to Make the leap that's the problem we see All right so let's jump over to sandbox Right here here's a new idea for game Maker tutorial exploring the ability to Hire your own crew who can follow and Protect you this concept has potential To expand in some bigger such as owning Creatures level up the creatures uh a Company for Adventures robots Etc all That's available Or could be done in sandbox right now so Sandbox could take some of the things

That have happened you know from Gameplay theory of what's going on with Power world and be able to implement This right there in sandbox so pretty Cool stuff right now as you can see There's a lot happening in the web 3 Gaming sector and that's why you cannot Sleep on it right now this is going to Be one of the hottest things we back to The first clip in the video today John Woo Avalanche lead president of aval Laabs he understands this and I think This is something that many brands are Going to start to connect the dots here And really start to make some major Advancements into gaming interaction With big Brands but also a lot of these Web 3 games starting to make their way Out into mainstream so stick around for All of that we're going to be doing more On this give you guys a full update if You're not in the diamond circle make Sure and get in now it's another great Place to get content we still have our Web3 gaming podcast that's over there Done by Kyle he does a great job so if You want to get the news rundown make Sure and subscribe you'll get that over There and of course if you want to catch Me on X it's just Paul Baron we'll catch You next time right here on Techpack

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