Gareth Soloway: “Bitcoin Going to $12k.. But Then What Comes Next Will SHOCK You!”

Are you wondering about the future of Bitcoin and what lies beyond the predicted $12k mark? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the insights shared by Gareth Soloway, a renowned expert in the field. Brace yourself, because what comes next will leave you completely shocked! So, get ready to delve into the fascinating world of Bitcoin and uncover the unexpected twists that await you.

In this article, we will delve into the analysis of Gareth Soloway, a prominent market analyst, who predicts that Bitcoin is heading towards $12,000 in the near future. However, he also has an intriguing perspective on what lies beyond that. Let’s explore the potential price targets, support levels, and the market conditions surrounding Bitcoin’s future. Keep reading to find out more.

H1: Next Price Target for Bitcoin: $24,800 to $25,000

Bitcoin has been experiencing a rollercoaster ride in recent times. Gareth Soloway suggests that although the cryptocurrency may initially drop to $12,000, the next price target in his assessment is around $24,800 to $25,000. This prediction provides some hope for Bitcoin enthusiasts who may be concerned about the current downward trend.

H2: Ethereum’s Lower Lows Compared to Bitcoin

In comparison to Bitcoin, Ethereum has faced more significant challenges, having made lower lows in recent market movements. This indicates that Ethereum is relatively riskier compared to Bitcoin, as it is struggling to regain its momentum.

H2: Next Support Level for Bitcoin: $24,800

In Gareth Soloway’s analysis, he identifies the next crucial support level for Bitcoin at around $24,800. If the support holds, there is a potential for a bullish move, leading to a price increase. However, if Bitcoin fails to find support at this level, it may witness a further drop.

H2: Potential Drop to $20,000 and then $15,700

If the support level mentioned above fails to sustain Bitcoin’s price, Gareth Soloway warns that there is a possibility of Bitcoin plummeting to $20,000. This would be followed by an even more significant decline, potentially reaching $15,700. These projections serve as a cautionary reminder of the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency markets.

H1: Cracks in the Stock Market with Apple’s Missed Earnings

The stock market is showing cracks, which could have a broader impact on the overall market sentiment. One contributing factor is Apple’s recent announcement of missing earnings. This news has generated concern among investors and has the potential to influence Bitcoin’s future movements as well.

H2: Microsoft’s Stock Market Momentum

Another important aspect to consider is Microsoft’s performance in the stock market. If Microsoft shows signs of rolling over, it may signal a larger shift in the market. This can impact the overall sentiment and potentially have consequences for Bitcoin’s trajectory.

H1: Bitcoin and Crypto Market Adjusting After Recent Run

After the remarkable surge of the past few weeks, the Bitcoin and crypto market are starting to display signs of adjustment. This correction is expected as the market often experiences periods of consolidation after significant upward movements.

H2: Warning Sign in the Near Term

However, an alarming observation is the repeated selling into bounces and pops in the market. This pattern represents a warning sign in the near term. It suggests that market participants are taking profits rather than entering new positions, signaling a potential shift in sentiment.

H1: The Riskier Nature of Ethereum

When comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum, it becomes evident that Ethereum is riskier due to its lower lows. Gareth Soloway’s assessment highlights this volatility and draws attention to the additional risks associated with the Ethereum market.

H1: Building Energy for Next Move

Despite the current market adjustments, investors and traders speculate that the market is building energy for its next move. This anticipation arises after considering the recent pop and subsequent consolidation. Market participants are eagerly awaiting the next significant movement.


In Gareth Soloway’s analysis, he predicts a potential drop in Bitcoin’s price to $12,000, followed by a target range of $24,800 to $25,000. However, it is worth noting that Bitcoin’s future remains uncertain, especially considering Ethereum’s lower lows and the cautionary signs appearing in the stock market. Nonetheless, market participants rely on moments of consolidation to build energy before the next substantial move.


  1. What is Gareth Soloway’s prediction for Bitcoin’s next price target?
    Gareth Soloway suggests that Bitcoin’s next price target can range between $24,800 and $25,000.

  2. Is Ethereum riskier than Bitcoin?
    Yes, according to Gareth Soloway, Ethereum has made lower lows compared to Bitcoin, indicating its higher risk profile.

  3. What happens if Bitcoin fails to find support at $24,800?
    If Bitcoin fails to find support at $24,800, it may drop further to $20,000, followed by a potentially significant decline to $15,700.

  4. How do Apple’s missed earnings affect the stock market?
    Apple’s missed earnings have contributed to cracks in the stock market, generating concern among investors and potentially impacting Bitcoin’s future movements.

  5. What is the significance of Microsoft’s stock market momentum?
    If Microsoft shows signs of rolling over in the stock market, it may signify a broader market shift that could influence Bitcoin’s trajectory.