Gensler Wants $2.6 Billion To Target Crypto + Powell Pump🔥 LIVE🔴

As I delve into the latest developments in the financial world, I am excited to share the news on Gensler’s ambitious plans to secure $2.6 billion for targeting the crypto market, alongside the anticipated impact of Powell’s upcoming pump strategy. Stay tuned as I break down these crucial updates in real-time!


Hey there! Today, I am diving deep into the intriguing world of cryptocurrency regulation. It’s a hot topic right now, with the SEC looking to secure a hefty budget to step up their oversight efforts.

Gensler’s Bold Move

I’m thrilled to share that the SEC, under the leadership of Chairman Gary Gensler, is aiming for a whopping $2.6 billion budget for 2025. Yes, you heard it right! This ambitious move is set to shake up the cryptocurrency sector like never before.

  • The SEC means business this time!
  • Aiming for a budget that screams commitment.

Powell’s Market Moves

Powell, on the other hand, is making some waves in the market. This live show is sizzling with excitement as we witness Powell pumping up the market sentiment with his strategic maneuvers.

  • Powell knows how to make headlines!
  • Market reacts to Powell’s drumrolls.

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The Focus: Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Let’s zoom into the heart of the matter – Crypto, Bitcoin, and Ethereum steal the spotlight in today’s narrative. Gensler is eyeing these giants to ramp up regulatory efforts.

  • Gensler sets his sights on Crypto, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.
  • The big guns in the crypto world take center stage.

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As we wrap up this whirlwind journey through the world of crypto regulation, one thing is clear – change is on the horizon. With Gensler’s ambitious budget request and Powell’s market moves, the landscape is evolving faster than ever before. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in this thrilling saga!

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