Hackers Got My PHONE NUMBER And I almost Lost Everything! #shorts #hack #youtubeshorts

They are using a multi-step method to access your personal accounts by manipulating the ‘forgot password’ option. Once they have your email, they have access to everything. Keep your information secure!
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Here's the way they thought it was going To happen they get inside my account my Phone number they have my phone number They go to Twitter they log in with the Phone number they don't know the Passwords they hit forget password they Put in the phone number log in with a One-time code Twitter sends them a code To log in without having to have the Password or either they were able to do A password reset through the phone Number that's how they got in here's Step two when your phone number is Attached to your Gmail account what You're able to do is do that same kind Of process on Gmail you're able to go in Through your phone number once they get Access to your email they have Everything you have crypto.com account You have a coinbase account you have a Gemini account all these other accounts I got money floating around in they do The same thing they did on Twitter Except now they have your email now they Go they hit forget password the email The new password request gets sent to The email they have everything