How Many HBAR to Become A Millionaire!

How Many HBAR to Become A Millionaire!

In continuation of our moon math series today we’ll talk about one of Ben’s favorite projects HBAR. How many do you need to stack before the bull run to become a millionaire?

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0:00 Intro
0:42 What’s HBAR
1:21 Scenario # 1
1:51 Scenario # 2
2:46 Hedera basics
3:20 Scenario # 3

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How many age bar do you need to become a Millionaire next Bull Run today I'll be Looking at a couple of scenarios to find Out what it's going to take to change Your life with hbar let's get it [Music] [Music] Hey Welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben In this video I'm bringing down how you Can turn your millionaire dreams into Reality by stacking H bar take a second And smash that like button and subscribe To the channel stay in the know about Crypto first things first hbar is the Token for the hedera project and it's Not a blockchain according to its Founder Dr Lehman Baird Adera is a Hashgraph and acts differently than your Typical blockchain for now I'll take his Word at it because being a hashgraph Makes you go parabolic the normal for it The all-time high for hbar is 56 cents And that happened in the middle of 2021 And from there it's about 91 percent and Its market cap has tumbled along with it But assuming h-bar will return to its Previous market cap of all-time high a Millionaire bag of h-bar will cost you About a quarter million dollars or 5.8 Million h-bar tokens not too sexy at all Unlike me there are a lot of Inflationary headwinds with HR is going To make these numbers more difficult to

Pin down so keep that in mind as I cover More h-bar scenarios before we get into It though I need to let you know that I Do hold hbar and I am very bullish on This project but I've never accepted any Money from hbar and the information in This video is simply my thoughts on a Project I really believe in I always put My money where my mouth is hbar has the Potential to 10x next Bull Run smash's Previous market cap six million dollars In 2021. and 20 billion dollars is in Play Then in order to become an H bar Millionaire you would need 2 million H Bar worth about ninety eight thousand Dollars at today's prices better than Before but not great remember we're Working with large market caps so it Takes a lot more juice in the can to get Past 10x but HMR has great fundamentals That gives it an edge over a lot of Other projects [Music] Thank you [Applause] Adair is without a doubt one of the best Connected crypto projects around in its Community the age barbarians are Die Hard To the Max Adera has dozens of High-end corporate Partnerships and Their founder Lehman Baird is always Making the rounds at conferences staying In touch with the latest in crypto Hedera is a very fast protocol and

Boasts a growing ecosystem of mfts that Work with its very well-designed wallet Hash pack but hedera isn't in a silo It's not hey it's a fully evm compatible Protocol which means it plays nice with Ethereum go ahead and smash that like Button though and subscribe to the Channel to get more of this kind of Crypto news content and research with All the fundamentals covered and big Partnerships in play let's look at a Mega bullish scenario for hbar where it Firmly enters the top 10 and has a Market cap of 55 billion dollars not an Unattainable goal in my opinion what Kind of presence in the market would Translate to one H bar equaling one Dollar and 55 cents a 30X from its Current price now we're talking so to be An age bar millionaire these numbers You're looking at a cool 650 000 HB Tokens or 33 000 at today's price of 50 Cents now that's more like it all hail The hashgraph if you're filling your Hash pack with hbar don't forget to Stake what you have so your bag can keep Ahead of the token emission rate they'll Happen over the next few years you can Take your tokens directly in the hashtag Wallet or a variety of other staking Wallets as well the most important Takeaway is to organize your portfolio In a way that sets you up for Success Decide how your Investments can help you

Achieve your goals start building a Portfolio that will one day have you Living your dreams powered by the Definitely not a blockchain hashgraph Adera that's all I got be blessed good Boy out [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]