How Real Estate is still BOOMING | 18.6-yr cycle | #realestate #btcnews #crypto

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Important to get through this because We're here as holistic Traders and Investors to understand the market at Large you may have seen this before our 18.6 year cycle we're roughly around Here and we're looking forward to Heading up into this winners C phase of The market it's where everyone is making Money in Bitcoin cryptos stock market in Real estate most importantly because Along the journey here from the low of This cycle back just after the GFC we Haven't seen anything as crazy as what I'm expecting to come up we have seen Plenty of gains in real estate from Those bottoms but this is where things Get really really crazy what I think Will happen is people will be taking Profits from their Bitcoin and their Cryptos potentially their stock Portfolios ramming it into the real Estate market because they're seeing Everyone make a lot of money from Real Estate