How To Grow Your Crypto Portfolio 140% w/ Yield Farming & Staking in 2024 | YieldFlow Review

How to yield farm crypto? Best staking coins 2024? Today let’s review channel partner, yieldflow and do a walkthrough of the platform.
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00:00 What is Yeildflow?
02:33 Fees and Risks
04:02 Staking, Lending, Liquidity Pools
04:56 Walkthrough (Depositing $10k)

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I just started earning over 140% on my Crypto portfolio through yield farming Or more specifically providing liquidity On Unis swap let me share with you a Walkthrough tutorial of how I do it Through partner of the channel yield Flow because unlike many centralized Solutions which have no transparency Meaning they hold your money they Control your money you take on Counterparty risk yield flow is Non-custodial grow your portfolio with Yield flow a decentralized secure and a Non platform so think of them just like An interface to use the defi or a router To connect to the liquidity pools to Plug in to the altcoin staking onchain Because defi today can be complicated to Use and that's what yield flow is aiming To solve yield flow routes the customer Assets via Smart contracts to the Different protocols eliminating the Complexity and ensuring a sustainable And positive journey in the passive Earning space and in general as written Up on coin Telegraph the all-in-one Solution investors need yield flow says Its goal is to combine true Decentralization with a simple and easy To ous interface the entire platform Runs on Smart contracts publicly listed And audited by ceric meaning anybody can Check and scrutinize them the project Also does not collect personal data

Either so there's no kyc as they offer a Crypto only experience meaning you can't Wire in money from your bank account you Can only use stable coin or crypto and Before we get to the walkthr the three Main Services they provide are lending Securely lend your assets to others and Ear interest staking validate Transactions enhance the network and get Rewarded and liquidity pools help others Trade by providing liquidity and earning Fees and any onchain staking protocol They tap into or liquidity pool protocol They tap into not only is their code Audited by certic which I like but also Any smart SM contract yield generating Smart contract that yield flow Taps into Is listed publicly for all to see and Again you can stake your altcoin on your Own often the uiux just sucks or provide A liquidity on any of these pairs on Your own it's often just super Complicated but if you just want a plug And play easy to use interface yield Flow is aiming to be that solution so Right now they have over 20 plus Different crypto assets that's available Over 10,000 active users and of course How do they make money well it's right In their white paper we can scroll down To fee structure and it's all there all Transparent just know there is a Performance fee upon cash out that is Calculated based on your earnings so

It's 100% performance related so only When you earn do they earn and last is The management fee which is based on Your deposits annually and of course all This can be offset by the amount of Their toal token that you stake this is Also a governance token I believe but All two fee components do depend on the Token and staking and the more you stake The less you pay this way we can reward Investors who stay with the project so Again I appreciate that transparency We'll check in on my results at the end I have been using this for about 2 Months but the last thing that should be Noted are the risks because as you know The safest thing you can always do in Crypto is Buy and Hold in Cold Storage There is a degree or two more risk when You engage in anything outside of cold Storage now again this has been audited Which I like any contract they engage With has also been audited and they list That out very publicly so again I like And if you're going to stake anyway or Use defi anyway to get that sweet sweet Yield might as well do it in a Decentralized way versus the centralized Which we've seen before so make your own Decisions do your own research do what's Best for you and by the way link down Below if you want to check this out Let's do the walk through as you can see We're already at staking they offer

Polygon Phantom a Sandbox staking at the Moment join the fully transparent node Pools to earn staking yield of up to 16.1% in real time without the Complexity of running the node yourself They also have a lending feature and Again we can see right here it's all Through defi so if you want to lend your Usdt on the a protocol you have that Option and then of course what I've been Using liquidity pool version 3 again I Was willing to take on this risk try it Out for myself you do what's best for You but just know the the interest you Could earn this is an annualized Percentage yield based on the trading Fees from the last s days if it's a Volatile Market this will be a lot more If the Market's super still not a lot of Trading this will be less I'm starting Out with $110,000 as you can see here We'll deposit it it in the eth usdt pool And we'll go about 2 months and see my Results so let's start on the main page Go directly to the app here we are now We have to connect our wallet a dii Wallet and just know I'm doing this on The arbitrum Chain this is an eth scaler Just cuz I don't want those heavy fees That comes on eth might as well do it on ARB again use the chain that you want to Use but they do offer an arbit from Bridge as well just cuz they don't want You to get hit with those fees either

Also I am recording this on a different Day so as you can see the APR is already A little different but first step after We connect the wallet is to approve the Usdt oh and I do realize I do need some Eth for gas let me get that real quick And yes now you can see we're actually Starting off with 10,000 and then just Under 2 eth and also good to note that We do have to get as close as we can to The ratio between eth and usdt so if I Have $110,000 total and in the pool Right now ethereum is 62% of that pool We need around 6,200 eth boom there it Was there it is all right ratio is good So now we approve that usdt now that It's approved through the wallet let's Add the liquidity as you can see it lays Out all the stats you'd want to know and Let's put in the Max and approve All right we're now doing it now you can Remove the liquidity anytime you want There are no lockups you have full Control to withdraw whenever and also Every 12 hours you can claim your fees And choose to redeposit them for Compounding interest or just Bank them In your wallet boom okay it's about 9 Days later this is our result after 9 9 Days I'm claiming my fees thus far and If I was smart I would have claimed them Every 12 hours and then redeposited them Uh for compounding interest but I forgot So this is just 9 days later claiming

Fees for the first time so we're Claiming 3 eth as well as $630 Usdt okay we've claimed them let's check The Wallet and point4 E in $611 usdt because they're one was some Access there cuz I didn't deposit Because of the ratio it was hard to Deposit everything at once we got the Fees is the point and I'm going to Choose to Redeposit add Liquidity do the gas Fee and as you can see we're waiting on The Blockchain and boom there it is that was Nine days let's check back in at another Couple weeks around the twomon is Mark All right final check in it's been about 9 to 10ish weeks I have been claiming Fees and then rep putting them back in As much as possible I honestly I could Have done it a whole lot more maybe you Can do that if you choose um but I did It some and I just want to point out That I do now have this lonely 600 40 Usdt that right now I the eth doesn't Quite match up because this ratio is Always changing so just something to Note in the total but if we check in on The stats for the portfolio right now Total assets are $1,522 plus that $600 still in the

Wallet so not too shabby after 9 to 10 Weeks and some of you are saying Austin I thought was supposed to be 140% or 70% Or 90% And yes it is always fluctuating This uh takes the trading fees over the Last seven days but also just understand That's annual that's so that would be a Whole year give me your honest thoughts On this down below what do you like what Do you still have questions on and Link Down below for you to check out on your Own