HUGE $BEN Coin Update (Crypto Adoption Campaign COMING)

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Thank you Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben Today guys we're going to talk about Bitcoin we're going to give an update For Ben Nation what is going on right Now with Bitcoin we've had several big Updates over the last week uh as you Guys can see the market cap went up Pretty considerably today there was a Hundred thousand dollar buy on bitcoin Uh the price up today about 11 looking Like it's getting going back in the Right direction the market cap the Movement we're looking to uh you know be Making some big splashes here pretty Soon we've got some things in Development uh by the end of this week That hopefully we'll be able to make Public That uh I think you guys are gonna be Very happy about we're gonna need the Community is what we're gonna say Um so you guys be ready been Nation be Ready Um when What gets an ounce towards the end of This week as long as things go smoothly Uh you're definitely gonna have your Opportunity to play a part in the spread Of Bitcoin what we did yesterday so I Went to Washington DC yesterday came Back today uh is we met with a potential Partner uh and this is what you guys Have to understand about partners that

We're looking at for Bitcoin We're not looking for Splashy names that Just want to leverage the marketing of My platform what we want is we want Partners that are going to provide real Actual tangible benefits To the bencoin holder community so the The Bitcoin holders are getting benefits And also together we're all working Towards growing crypto adoption uh of Course but we really want to attack both Sides we want the Bitcoin holders right To build benefits benefits you either Um it wasn't that funny I know I laughed In my own joke But uh so that's what we did we met with A partner last night uh the CEO Cassie And I uh and we also met with a lobbying Firm uh that we're just waiting on a Final proposal for them so they're going To send us a final proposal uh and we Should have our uh you know lobbying and Consulting uh you know arm done uh ready To roll for our policies and regulations And what a crazy week it is all this Stuff going on in Washington DC while I Was up there uh you know we could get Into the William Henman documents we Will do that I'm sure tomorrow on the Show uh tons of other stuff to talk About in in the world of Washington DC a Bill to remove Gary ginsler like so much Crazy stuff going on but that's what we Were doing there so the Swami company is

Going to really help us at first with Consultancy so what they're going to do Is they're going to be looking at all These bills all these hearings and Trying to to help us pin down what the Trajectory is and what the retail Trader Should be you know looking for and Pushing for in the Bitcoin community That that's what we care about the Retail Trader and the investor we don't Care about the exchanges right like we Care about how it affects you I mean Sam Obviously went to Congress or the Senate And tried to get everything set up for His centralized exchange and take any Consideration for what the people wanted And of course You know background on him in many ways Um but lobbying firm Big partner we're looking at it's not Official the partner's not officially uh Done yet but we are looking at it now While we don't have an update on our Sponsor stake here uh don't forget you Can play games with crypto uh head on Over to steak uh and You can uh check out how to sign up play Games with crypto it's fun stuff uh but We're trying to get Bitcoin on stake now It's not going to happen overnight but I Can't tell you what we don't have a Confirmation on this update yet what I Can say is that we have reached out to The company that runs the token

Management behind steak uh that's who Actually we've got to get through uh in Order to get it listed so we're working On that I don't have anything super Confirmed for it Um uh quite yet and I would also say This a lot of you guys have been asking How can you get involved how can you get Involved in Bitcoin see we're going After Partners advisors we also want Ambassadors we want people that are just Representatives of the bencoin community And so if you want to check that out you Go to the bincoin Twitter it's at Joinbitcoin and you can go and click the Link tree and it's going to take you to Several different applications Um if you were a person or a company a Candidate for an advisor if you want to Be an ambassador if you know someone That might make a good partner your Company might make a good partner they Can provide real tangible benefits uh to Bitcoin holders make sure to fill those Applications out we've got a lot of them In so far and I can't wait to I can't Wait to see more uh we also have uh next Week going to Dubai uh going to be Meeting with several potential uh Advisors uh for Bitcoin we're going to Be uh having a big party with bitget While we're out there and we'll be Meeting with a few other key players in Dubai and helping us move Bitcoin

Forward so that's going to be really big Next week going to be in Dubai also Going to Abu Dhabi for a day For a meeting so taking a ton of Meetings while we're out there trying to Do a lot of really positive stuff for Bitcoin wanting to get you know an International Community involved in Bitcoin Um because the American like Community Is what we're pushing adoption in Primarily However you know because of our current Um Political structure here or financial Structure with the SEC people are scared Over here and so our regulation really Isn't moving forward uh we've got Another company that we're working with You guys are going to find out about Tomorrow so big announcement you know Coming tomorrow morning We're working with a site where you'll Actually be able to spend your Bitcoin To buy things If you want to spend it had a lot of Requests for people to buy merch and Other things we're working on that too Um however here's the caveat because of What I just said right International Things are going well in crypto in America not going well regulation wise This partner or or this company that We're going to be working with

Allows International users to spend Bitcoin but American users can't even Can't even use it can't the the platform So it's gonna be big for international But in America we still get a lot of Fight for and that's really what Bitcoin Is all about Um you know is pushing this adoption and Regulation the right way education the Right way and public awareness as well So here's another big update for you Here which is We now have officially signed the Paperwork for our first uh public Awareness ad campaign so you guys will See that probably in the next you know One to two weeks it's going to be big It's going to be splashy you guys are Going to love it Um so you know we're right on hitting Everything on the roadmap uh we added at 50 eth Um as our one of our advisors we're Looking at adding another large uh you Know influencer advisor for Bitcoin and Of course we're reaching out Strategically to uh you know many many Uh you know more business oriented uh You know candidates for advisory for our Advisory board for uh uh Bitcoin as well So we want to balance out uh splashy And effective right like splashy names Do so much they bring the hype however Um sometimes it's actually the advisors

That have the more business experience That you can lean on that have a real Say in the direction of the pro the Project not just from a hype perspective Hype is important too obviously Um uh and last but not least the last Update uh I will tell you guys Um is that The hack that occurred Um we are working on Uh we are going to be suing Verizon We're gonna be trying to get some of the Money uh to pay people back that's a Long process so we're looking at ways to Pay people back over time obviously our Primary target now once again I got Hacked I was the victim a lot of people Became victims from this Um because you know a bad actor got Control of my Twitter posted it you you Guys probably know what happened Um obviously uh and a bunch of people Sent money in that they connected their Wallet and then as soon as they Connected their wallet to this third Party site it drained it and so what We're looking at is trying to come up With a maybe it's working with strategic Partners uh you know companies that want A little bit of awareness and they're Willing to uh you know donate towards Paying these people back I can't promise everybody's gonna get Every single thing back that they lost

But we're going to do our best Um and we are going to be Um Starting the people that will get the First priority Will be those who lost Bitcoin the People in the community the Lost Bitcoin Um obviously we have supply of Bitcoin Uh you know like I think we have after The five percent from beneath I think I Have about 12 and a half percent uh on Behalf of the Bitcoin Foundation Um so we have some we can pay smaller Amounts back uh but some of the amounts Were pretty big uh with Bitcoin is 700 000 total that was stolen between Bitcoin eth and other assets uh but We're we're working on it we're fighting For you guys I I hate that that happened Um and I hate it for the Bitcoin Committee definitely the worst Um because For some of you guys like this is your Ticket this is the way you view it You've you've been coined as uh your Ticket and the bull run to your 100x I Know that's what people think and so There are people that lost small amounts Like You know 0.25 East but that 0.25 East Was not just the money it was the dream That they had that money represented That that crypto represented that could Become the life-changing thing for them

Down the road and I get that I'm Sympathetic to that Um but just like I said on the show Yesterday I remember if you did lose Money if you did connect your wallet It's your fault like It's a very sensitive thing because I Understand you lost money but you have To own that ownership that you had bad Upset you had bad security procedures That's really what happened here you Shouldn't just click on a random link And go connect a wallet uh they can give Access to everything right you don't Just do that unless you really really Really know what it is Um I never said anything about this coin Never talked about it never hinted at it That the coin that the guy made out the Hacker made up Um and That's why when we are able to work out A conversation plan start paying people Back starting with Bitcoin you're going To have to go and do a security course We're going to have a bit lab Academy And security course you're gonna have to Take before you get your funds back Because we want you to stay safe in the Future so it's been a good day Bitcoins Up 11 12 right now in the day I feel Like uh you know there was a bottom We're moving in the right direction I Can't guarantee prices or Price moving

But there was a hundred thousand dollar By 50 East buy today things are heading In a positive direction guys super Excited about Bitcoin by the end of this Week we should have two or three more Confirmed things we can tell you about Um but uh super excited love you guys be Blessed good boy out Foreign Thank you