Huge Blow-Off Coming: Bitcoin & SP500 Investors Have Been Buying Without Warning.

Huge Blow-Off Coming: Bitcoin & SP500 Investors Have Been Buying Without Warning.

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Allah has changed in just five weeks the Plant in the background my hair cuts on The opposite side but what hasn't Changed is this bullish signal which We've been talking about for months on End this was the breakout that set Bitcoin a light to go towards 31 000 we Are not yet done by the looks of what The smart money is showing us so in Today's video let's have a look at What's going on with BTC what's just Occurred in the stock markets the Biggest markets in the world the NASDAQ And the s p overnight as we close out The last month and a huge mega signal on The vix which we have not seen since Prior to 2022 uh 2020 the pre-pandemic Levels that were achieved in these Markets guys let's start by Smashing up That like button subscribe to the Channel if you haven't already top of The video description is out Tia premium Where you can learn more about trading And investing in the long term Cycles From ourselves I've been in the market For over 17 years across cryptos stock Markets trading Futures cfds and of Course in real estate as well the Biggest Market in the entire world so This is going up there is a discount on TIA premium full of hours and hours of Educational content to help you set up For the upcoming bull markets all right Guys enough of me Shilling about the

Fantastic education there Bitcoin we are On the way again to around thirty Thousand dollars this pullback that we Have seen on bitcoin during the middle Of April really didn't amount to Too Much I personally was expecting a little Further maybe a test of 26 and a half Into this Zone here but what that Potentially means moving forward is that We may get a test on that later after we See further upside we still need to Break past these higher levels the month Is ending soon soon the week is ending Soon for April remember the spot markets Do trade 24 7 so that's going to come Out on Monday morning or Sunday evening Depending on where you are in the world So that's going to give us a better Reading on what's going on at the moment For BTC but what we can confirm is that The U.S markets have started closing at Some of the highest levels that they Have seen since this first dump in April Of 2022 the NASDAQ has closed its month So we're looking at the macro chart here At the highest levels since that period So that's over 12 months now coming up Towards the resistance level here at 50 Percent for the S P 500 this is also Closed at its highest level since April Of 2022 so since 12 months above its 50 Level here at 41.55 now of course There's still a lot of bearish news and Uncertainty and volatility and

Unprecedented events that are occurring In the markets but what the smart money Is doing in the market right now is Buying the dips and they are buying These dips faster and faster now Eventually this is going to lead to Something to the downside we'll have to Get a correction but for now it's best To be on the side of the trend and the Trend is up the missed opportunity as We've pointed out Is underneath 3 800 for the S P 500 you Can see what's just gone on through March this was the banking collapse and Basically there was a lot of volume Buying up these levels we're on the S P This time not on the Futures Market you Can see the volume here is the highest Volume since 2020 so that was since that Pandemic low so that's some pretty big Volume buying it up on a higher and Higher dip meaning they're coming into The market at higher prices buying up Quicker and pushing these prices higher Meanwhile the noise the news that is out There is telling us the opposite it's Telling us that the market should be Collapsing based on many different Events that are going on out there but We're sticking to the facts in the Charts and this is exactly what is going On right now so what else is going on Well banks are obviously collapsing left To right that's that's what's going on

That's the news headlines so what we've Just witnessed though is the highest Daily close in 2023 the S P 500 the Highest weekly close in 2023 for the S P 500 the highest daily close for the NASDAQ in 2023 the highest weekly close For the NASDAQ and we've also seen the Highest monthly close for the S P 500 as Well above its 50 level which is a very Key resistance level especially when It's on on a macro chart especially when It's from the bear Market downtrend this Particular range right here if we take It off log you can see the magnitude of The downtrend the October low as we Talked about and from that time we were Expecting anticipating a potential Significant low in March based on Historic Cycles in particular we go back To our 20-year cycle which is this Period right here all of that data is Out on the channel which you can go back And check out on these videos so with The s p that was the low there October Then into March and then this is what Has happened from that point so it's not A straight up move to these highs nor Does the top have to be anything overly Significant maybe we don't blow off to Eight five thousand or six thousand or Eight thousand points but we Methodically move our way up into 2025 2026 2027 before we get to a peak maybe We do go a little bit higher a test and

Then a failure before we fall under and Form a bear Market any of those options Are open but for now earlier on in this Move this is what we're seeing something Very similar to what is happening in 2002 2003 the NASDAQ is also moving in a Very similar fashion now these moves to The upside for the stock market and Bitcoin are probably going to be helped By the weakening US dollar but in the Short term as we pointed out we Potentially see this Market coming up to Around 103 maybe testing this upper Resistance level here at around 105 but It's been a very weak close in April Being one of the lowest closes since March of 2022 so all of these months Here closed up higher than where we Currently sit and yes it's coming off The back of a lot of negative news Around many countries not using the US Dollar anymore so there's a bit of Turmoil there but of course when the News is the worst it's typically the Bottom or a local bottom is near and That's potentially what we've seen here Because the prices basically stagnated At around 101. so maybe this is time for A little bit of a pull to the upside but Nonetheless over the longer term Probably still some more downside there So we'll keep up to date with this on The channel make sure you have liked and Subscribed so you are getting up to date

With the macro cycle analysis So just in the last 24 hours I posted This on Twitter looking at the Resistance level for the S P 500 so this Has now happened quicker than I had Anticipated which is what's leading me To think that these lows are just coming In a little bit too fast and the Excitement to the upside is a little bit Too fast for something that could be Sustained longer term and so this Typically all leads to a bit of a blow Off and we'll see that in a moment just With the fear and greed index the market Sentiment and that typically leads us Into a bit of a reversal for maybe an Extended period so this has now happened I thought this would take a little bit Longer but basically this is what we're Seeing right now the s p e mini future So the most highly traded Futures Market In the world just closed at its highest Daily level in 2023 as I pointed out Here on Twitter so this is now showing Stronger signs to the upside this is Really starting to get a little bit over Hated but it is also giving us pretty Strong longer term bullish signals on The vix this is the lowest level monthly Close for the vix that it has seen since December 2019 so before the pandemic Crash so this is the vix meaning that You're going to see Tops on the vix when The S P 500 is coming to a bottom and

Then you'll see Tops on the S P when the Vix is bottoming but it can go through Some pretty extended periods during the Uh through this 17 to 11 level where you Get this bull market and it seems like This is now basically on the cards to What's happening with the s p so Layering all these different indicators In together is really showing a lot of Strength to this s p early on which is What we've been talking about here on The channel since the October low we Haven't swayed from the opinion that Maybe this was just a run-up in a bear Market it was a rally and then we're Going to get a collapse we have not Swayed from that at all since at October Low even we could go back to June as Well yes this Market did go a little bit Lower in October but overall this is a Very key trading range that is setting Up for a new bull market to the upside And it seems like we're going to get Some of these breaks relatively soon if This Market keeps at this pace so Throwing a few lines on the chart right Now we can see to the upside 4 200 Points is the key level to get above for The S P 500 this is at that rejection Trap going back nearly 12 months now you Can see that there's been many tops and It is looking like it is trying to close Above to get above that level again to The downside they can crisis low I think

We've all got that under our noses now This is basically a distant memory and Which is why I typically say that any Levels under the 3800 point for the s p Is a missed opportunity for these hedge Fund managers money managers uh retail Anyone that sort of missed out on this Very extreme bearish time in the market Because now the market is pretty well uh Just looking at that as a distant memory To the downside 4000 is still our level And then also this 4060. so we're Holding out relatively well let's wait For the confirmation above 4200 as I Said I still remain cautiously confident That we'll eventually get there but how We get there in the short term is pretty Much anyone's guess another metric that Keeps popping up time and time again is Stocks in correction so covering things Like the breadth of the market how many Stocks are nearing all time highs or 52-week highs or nearing their 52-week Lows and so we have S P 500 stocks in Correction when this is near its highs It's typically at the stock market lows Like you can see here through the GFC so The global financial crisis the market Was bottoming and this was starting to Roll over this shows the percentage of s P stocks in a correction it is typically A sign of selling exhaustion and bullish For prices going forward so we're seeing This in an extended period above these

Levels where the stocks are in Correction so this is like a lot of Stocks in correction this is few stocks In correction and we haven't been at These levels for this long in this Little period but we've been at a Sustained high levels for quite a Considerable amount of time last time This happened was during the GFC and Prior to that it was during the Tech rec Bottom so this is another reason why It's possible that we're starting to Roll over we're putting in lower highs Lower lows and this Market eventually Starts to roll over and there are less Stocks in Corrections which means there Are going to be more stocks going to the Upside so if there are more stocks going To the upside that's obviously going to Lead the fear and greed index to Greed And potentially extreme greed but the Problem with this is that if we don't Get enough time in the neutral zone so Around this sort of 50 level or lower Then we run the risk of remaining at the Highest for too long too much greed Comes into to the market and eventually We have to roll over but that rolling Over in the market sentiment could still Happen at higher prices so what could Happen is the market run up and then Roll over to higher prices and at the Rate the market is going at the moment That is a very high possibility that we

Take out the resistance levels the Market gets into a higher grid reading Or an extreme greed and then we start to Roll over put in some consolidation Above the previous resistance levels Which now becomes support and surprise Surprise your ta lesson 101 is complete Resistance flipping to support and so That's what leads the market to Higher And Higher Ground while the fear and Greed is able to maintain a healthy Balance on the way up now during this Entire period of the market moving to The upside you're still going to have Lots of negative news especially people From Big corporations like Morgan Stanley Mike Wilson is a very key Example of how a mega bear can remain a Mega bear during a market going up and Essentially what I like to call this is This is how smart money goes from Smart Money to dumb money at the end of the Day they're trading other people's money So it's other people's money going from The wealthy to the less wealthy who now Become more wealthy because these guys Just have absolutely no idea that the Market is going up or they do have an Idea and they're basically trying to Manipulate the market that would seem More likely that's typically what goes On so we don't need to get up in arms About it it's just what goes on in the Market and listening to any of this sort

Of jargon is just going to set you up For failure moving on to the market Sentiment we can see that the equity Money market ratio here is also coming Down when this comes down it usually Leads into a low but some people are Reading this as this has to come back Down to the previous levels that is Entirely incorrect you can see the Pandemic low here never made it anywhere Back to the GFC low or the Tech rec low And that's absolutely fine what we've Seen is the October low on the stock Market which is obviously reading here Is September because this is uh end of a Month when the reading here you can see That low came in and then we had another Low come in for March which is at a Higher low on the price so the money Market assets here the equity slash Money market asset ratio is starting to Move higher yes there are still lower Highs here but it seems like it's Getting squeezed and eventually this Money is going to find its way back into The market like it does during the bull Markets and typically that is what has Happened every single bull market the Thing to note here is that over the long Period of time the lows are getting Higher the highs are getting higher so I Think it's incorrect to read these sorts Of this sort of data as that it has to Go back to the lows it may but it

Doesn't have to go back to those lows as For Bitcoin well it looks like it's Getting overheated just like the rest of The market so this is probably going to End in a little bit of tiers for the People who are getting on late to the Upside we've got to visit level at Around 32 000 to be exact 31 848 that is The next key fifty percent level going From the August oh sorry the April top Down to the November low so this was That key period of the market where it Just continued to get flushed out Basically it was the complacency bounce Before all of the capitulation took Place now we're on our way back up to Test that 50 level which is also the Tops that came in at the redistribution Zone just before the C5 collapses your Celsius Voyager block fire everything Else all that was all that collapse Through uh into June into that June low Of 17 and a half thousand so it looks Like we're on the verge of coming up to Test that level around 32. now to the Upside should we get through that level We take our 50 go to the the net or the All-time high which is at about 69 000 so that brings us out at a 50 level At forty two thousand 200 right smack Bang in the middle of the complacency Bounce that move up into the Bitcoin Miami Conference just before the next Major collapse of lunar UST and of

Course like I just mentioned the C5 it Was also the bottom of the market in December 2021 basically that first big Collapse uh from the all-time high in November and that small one a little bit Of a nothing burger and then a big Collapse into December so it's going to Be a key time to see how Bitcoin reacts Or if we do actually get to 42 000 this Is going to put a lot of pressure on the Bears to eventually flip which could Leave a big squeeze into the market and Then you get that market sentiment where It basically rolls over so this is where We currently sit for the crypto fear and Greed measure we've started to climb Back up we're at 64 now potentially Slightly higher today but nonetheless The pattern Remains the Same these lows Are also getting higher and eventually This has to roll over so like we talked About for the S P 500 we can still reset The market sentiment but it's a good Thing for the Bears if we can get other Bulls if we can get higher before we Reset the higher we go then we have Further uh cushioning to the downside Which means we can collapse further say We get up to the mid 30s then we come Down and test 20 to the downside would Be about 29 000 and then if we did get Anywhere back to these levels of 25 it Gives us a nice cushioning of a 30 Retracement yet where we can remain

Macro bullish but we can be short-term Bearish eventually this is going to have To end so we can see with the crypto Fury and green index will continue to Follow up on the channel but yeah we had That first rejection at around 70 so Somewhere in this 60 to 80 is what we've Been talking about here on the channel As it has shown in the past a pretty Good area for the market sentiment to Top out and seeing as we have putting in Higher and higher lows since June of 2022 eventually these high lows are Going to get broken so this is going to Be that really Bad difficult time for any of the Bears Or people who are sitting on the Sidelines waiting for this next breakout To say that oh look they feel safe to Get into Bitcoin then we see that market Roll over potentially something quite Volatile like what happened in 2019 when We went on that big run in the meantime Bitcoin still has a lot of work to do From this point so we'll continue to Follow up looking at the closes for Crypto on Monday so don't go anywhere Like And subscribe to the channel like I Mentioned top of the video description The discount for our Tia premium before The price increases if you want to get Trading on bitget or buy bit there's up To 230 dollars free no trading required Just use those links down below to get

Trading basically the levels to the Upside 31 000 which is that top 32 000 Which is the 50 level so we've got to Get above those put in some higher lows And then maybe we start to push higher Nonetheless it's going to show up here On the fear and greed index if we get Higher than this point probably going to Break 70 which could then set us up to a Further downside on the market sentiment So the feeling of people out there in Terms of how safe they feel in crypto on Bitcoin which is going to be good for The Bulls because we could get a higher Low forming while resetting the market Sentiment that's a good thing for us if We're bullish all right guys have a Great weekend I'll see you back here Soon I did say I'll get a real estate Video out to you because there's a lot Going on there as well it's the end of The month and I also need to do a sell In may go away video because that is a Particularly Hot Topic people are Starting to question that should they be Selling now before May let's look at the Data next week thanks once again have a Great weekend and I'll see you back here On Monday peace out