HUGE Prediction From Top Banker (Bitcoin SURGING Despite SVB Collapse)

HUGE Prediction From Top Banker (Bitcoin SURGING Despite SVB Collapse)

Is capitalism really failing us? Are there more bank insolvencies on the horizon? In this video, I go over the latest crypto and finance news and show you there’s more to life than being tied to your bank.

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0:00 Bitcoin Surge
1:39 Bank Run?
4:02 Ken Griffin’s Bad Takes

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Foreign Could pivot tune uh on Tuesday Bitcoin price continues highly Impressive post svb collapse rally Surging above the 26 400 level the first Time since June 12th of 2022. uh Bitcoin's post svb collapse rally has Taken the Bitcoin price uh from 1906 to 26-4 unbelievable Um I would like to say I didn't tell you This but I did hahaha Oh these people man uh six percent was Expected they got six percent on the CPI Uh it makes it easier for the Federal Reserve to Pivot Fed pivot bailout Banks continue raising Rates Bank Run All right Bitcoin Bear Ship pours cold Water on recent rally Infamous Bitcoin they say or Peter Schiffman once again pouring cold water On the recent rally the world's largest Tripped over to steep the client's value Well bitcoin's bike 20 has resulted Along fed pivot chip doesn't believe Bitcoin is a better inflation hedge than Gold both Bitcoin and gold are both gold And Bitcoin prices merely returned to February levels uh but only Gold's rally Is sustainable uh let's see he suggested The feds Bank bailout puts all U.S Bank Deposits at risk risk comes not from the Bank failure but from inflation the Value of all Bank deposits will fall as

Inflation socializes the losses Um let's see he predicted that Bitcoin Would soon drop below four thousand Dollars we know who we know what channel He's watching uh JB Morgan uh other big U.S banks flooded with new clients post Svb collapse is this true that when Everybody's bank account closes they Just go try to get another one I mean I Guess what they're saying is if you're In a small to mid-sized Bank you're Trying to get into one of the big fours I'm telling you we just need to start Calling Bank of America Sprint oh his Friend's not around anymore Bank of America uh Verizon we'll call City ATT we'll call uh Wells Fargo T-Mobile I've never asked a person this Question and they did not respond the Same way do you hate your phone company Yes yes I do everybody hates our phone Company There's no motivation for these phone Companies To provide you a customer service why Because they know you hate the other two Already They know you hate them but it's okay Because you hate the other two already It should be hard for you to switch so Used to you were calling you'd say hey You know what I I need to change uh my I Need to change phone companies I can get Out of here I I don't like what you guys

Are doing here and they would say oh no Sir like please do not change like we Really value your business we want to Keep you here uh you know we can offer You this kind of discount we can do this We can do this whatever they can do to Keep you because their jobs were Depending on upon them keeping you not On an individual level but you know Definitely uh on a corporate level like If you start losing a bunch of accounts And you're an account manager then you You know you go the way the dinosaur There's no motivation for them to to do That anymore now when you call you say Yeah I'm thinking about uh switching to A new phone company Uh yeah you want me to give you the Number to Verizon I'll give you the Number you want the number I'll I'll Forward you over there right now I'll Transfer you Verizon No no no I'm thinking about switching I'm Thinking about changing because like I'm Just not happy that you guys are doing This Uh yeah well you know what uh 18t's down Street uh I'll look uh here we go uh What's your address I see right here There's an ATT uh 1.1 mile from me uh do You need an Uber I'll call you an Uber That's how it feels that's how it feels They're like yeah how fast can I get you

Out the door because they know you're Gonna leave and be unhappy where you're At too they get the unhappy people from The other places that's what the banking World is moving to it's tidying up Making a small amount so they all have a Monopoly and that is a very dangerous Thing for a very dangerous thing for the Country king Riven fed's intervention Svb collab shows us capitalism is Breaking down before our eyes there he Is look at those eyes look at those wide Eyes Uh us is supposed to be a capitalist Economy and that's breaking down before Our eyes uh and this is what you see What you see is a guy like King Griffin Who's an evil person Nobody likes Ken Griffin he is the Founder of hedge fund Titan Citadel I Interview the financial times he uh Are You The Regulators should not have Rescued in uninsured depositors at Silicon Valley Bank the rate do you see Her do you understand what he's saying Here he's saying Uh yeah we should just screwed everybody Like yeah like all the people are Unsecured like are uninsured let's just Make them have no money this is what's So upsetting about all this he wants all The retail to lose all the time that's What a hedge fund is they bet Against retail that that's what they do

Okay But really and truly he wants to see This conglomeration of banks he wants to See them all come together and to where All the small players are gone that Makes it their Investments easier to Manage And I think ultimately this is a guy who Is you know very close to being Satan Himself very close uh who doesn't have a A shred of human decency in his entire Body these are the lizard people these Are the lizard people because they're so Out of touch with what the average Person goes through that it makes them See like they're from another planet so He says Griffin added that the Government did not have to step in as The U.S economy was strong enough to Ride the storm the U.S government did Not have to step in you're correct and On one hand is all our money they're Using okay but on the other hand it's Yeah but there's a bunch of regular People that lost all their money So the government is saying it's not a Bailout right well that's a lie it is a Bailout the difference between what You're seeing here and what you're Seeing with the bailouts in 2008 is Right here they're bailing out Seemingly customers that's what it seems Like to me now they're saying it's a Loan they're never getting this money

Back this is a bailout for all intents And purposes but here's the problem The problem is that The system has been set up for you to Fail the system has been set up where You must participate in the system okay You don't have another option really but You do you do not have to be attached Banking system does it make your life Easier to just go along with the banking System and say all right here I am I Sign up okay you got me here we go I got I I left this account let me open this New account if that's what you want to Do if you think it's more convenient Then by all means you do you but we see Now The banks are about as safe as Celsius The banks about as safe as having your Money on FTX because the government Can't bail all the banks out they can't Bail all the customers out we get a few More insolvencies You're gonna be affected whether it's Your account your boss's account one of Your clients accounts you're going to be Affected I don't want to cause a bank Run I don't want to cause a bank run no The hike of crypto in two years well you Probably cause one I I don't want to do that why well Because when we do a bank run That means everybody panics and Everybody lose all their money that's

What happens to these insolvencies what We want to do is we want to take the People that watch this channel the Bitcoin the largest community in crypto And we want to lead you through the Promised land away from the banking System That's what we want to do and I'm going To go through that process myself to try To figure out how easy it is or like are There certain things I have to have an Account for I don't even realize it or Is there a little link somewhere and I Can click it and realize no I don't need That either so we're going to be going Through that process on this channel to Unattach from this banking system Because bring it all back around here to Ken Griffin he's saying capitalism has Failed it's failing No no you set up a Jank freaking system And you forced everybody to participate In it knowing the system was going to Break and now you want to blame them For making bad decisions we're here to Be the information and education to put Your hands in the middle and split the Curtains and see behind and realize that You don't have to be a part of that Foreign

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