I Pick My Hottest “AI” Altcoins

I Pick My Hottest “AI” Altcoins

In this video, we’ll discuss AI Altcoins niche and the impact of the Fed’s latest round of money printing. We’ll also explore Bitboy’s controversial stance on Shiba Inu and whether it’s time to start spreading FUD :joy:. Stay tuned for all the latest news and trends in the crypto world.

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Fetch.ai
0:33 AI Altcoins
3:42 Printing again
4:12 Shiba Inu FUD

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If I have to pay a single dollar out in This in this lawsuit I will tattoo my Entire body with Sheba Fetch dot AI CEO shares insights on 2023 Roadmap and microagent launch future of AI and crypto uh February's AI narrative Saw blockchain based AI project Skyrocket and value chat gbt and Generative AIS maybe an aha moment for The space but it's just tip of the Iceberg of course fetch is a project That combines a lot of different uh Blockchains together into one I believe Let's take a look let's rate this Niche Guys this is the artificial intelligence AI coins by coin gecko you have Singularity or agix at the top they're Up 60 for this week you have fetch AI You have ocean protocol which I didn't Really consider to be involved here Artificial liquid intelligence don't Know anything about this numer rare Project that was one of uh otika Tawari's top five coins to five million Picks back in 2020. I exec RLC approach Has been around for a long time now I Would say I don't know about uh I exec RLC enough It's been around for a while I I wonder If it's always been AI would you see With a lot of these projects is that They kind of become a new Niche is what They do I would look down here and I Would say Matrix AI network has been

Around for a long time syndicator wow That's been around forever I would say Right now looking at this looking at This Niche look at AI rate this niche if You're telling me to rate the coins In this niche I'm going to tell you the Overall I'm going to give these like a 5 out of 10 because there just aren't a lot of Top projects up here Um but what I will tell you is the top Projects here I'm going to give you a 10 Out of 10 with Singularity Fetch and as Well as GRT Um they all belong here as well I think This is a niche to watch out for I think Here here's here's what I would suggest If you really want to get into this Niche I would start digging into all These projects And I would try to find one that's a Newer project that's not an older one Because a lot of these older projects Like uh D brain chain and Matrix AI Network and stuff like that they've Already had their run they're they're on The downside Isaac I would probably say the same Thing about I would be looking at some Of these I don't know what they are I'd Be looking at ocean protocol I'd be Looking at artificial liquid Intelligence I would be looking at Singularity dowel

Because Singularity Dao Is related to singularity.net here's Singularity now these are tied to Singularity.net to agix oh yes so Seniority Dao is one I would really be Watching out for now I believe we had an Investment in this back in 2021 I'm not Sure if we do anymore I'm just trying to Be like 100 transparent about this that Would be amazing if you did I don't know Where it is maybe we should find out Maybe we may have never actually made The investment Um but I'm telling you that regardless Of whether I made an investment in it or Not I don't even know where that stands Right now what I would tell you is if You're looking for a coin in this Niche That could move I would look at Singularity now because of its Relationship with Singularity as a Company in a gix so look here here's the Ecosystem Partners look at this WOW Singularity Hacking fire blocks chain link trust Wallet newnet Insurance sdal labs Coindesk All coin buys CNN Yahoo coin Telegraph crypto reporter Singularity now so there you go this Could be one to watch I would keep an Eye on this one I hope it doesn't pump Just because I did this segment here I'm Sure it probably will but wasn't the

Purpose I didn't know I was gonna talk About this where it came on came on Started looking and um you know saw a Good uh a possible good coin there and Of course we have the uh Fred of course Is the the tracker of uh US Dollars Um and we are basically going to Um you know they're pretty money again Right they turned it on yesterday right They printed 300 billion dollars Did you know about that yeah I don't Know if it was it through q e or some Other QE wow yeah it was your QE I Believe I believe that's true somebody Can can uh double check that Um see what happens uh but yeah so there You go there's some very interesting Stuff uh all right let's move on here Guys uh stop fighting what are these I Just Stop butting our scam coins what are you Talking about like what footing am I Giving you When have I fighted Sheba I've always Said I don't like Sheba I don't like Mean coins does going to give a little Bit of credibility too because it's been Around for longer guys I've never been Proshiba but I'm not out here Shooting holes in Sheba now I destroyed Uh safe Moon uh you know before it Collapsed and got people out of it Thankfully Um but I don't understand what they're

Talking about Shai choji kusama who I Still don't know who he is I still don't Understand why this guy buys all this Fake engagement the anonymous lead uh Voluntarily developer forshiba in your Ecosystem has dismissed prominent well You know what thank you the Cryptobasic.com for calling me prominent Prominent crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong Aka Big Boy with a kind request to stop Spreading fear uncertainty and doubt Within the Sheba Inu Community what are You talking about like who What fun am I spreading like what is the Fun I want to know what fud have I said About Sheba like what is the thing that They're mad about I don't I don't even Understand The developer did this in the third part Of a largely deleted thread today taking A leave from bitboy's book by adding to The YouTuber now has real beef to deal With a Javit the influencer who's been Named in a one billion dollar class Action lawsuit against alleged paid FTX Promoters Um guys if I have to pay a single dollar Out in this in this lawsuit I will Tattoo my entire body with Sheba My entire body will be tattooed in Sheba You know uh There's zero truth to it obviously so if I do then I was probably going to prison Anyways uh for what because people don't

Like me I guess I'm the Donald Trump a Crypto That's why people said in the chat over Here But I like what what is he talking about I sat in your live stream and you said Nothing about ship of substance ignored Me and blew us off wait is he in here Where where is he where are you in here Today oh no there it is Jay day your Whole video on Shiba with slander You accuse the head of sheba's SBF is That not fud especially because you have Nine proof I don't know what nine proof Is I guess this is where you know you're Scared seven eight nine he's German nine Proof uh first of all we're not even Talking about that video we're talking About a video from last week and the Video from last week had a lot of Evidence and it turns out SPF was Involved in karma Dow was involved in The beginning Of Sheba he was that's why there's the Sloppiness between the addresses explain The addresses then sir explain Alameda Openc account And the connections between ryoshi Explain it you can't because it exists That's not fear uncertainty and doubt That's reality What does it matter if SPF is in charge Of Sheba what does it matter at this Point to read he's taking it you're

Doing whatever you want to do with it I Don't understand why I'm just telling You who the founder is I know who the Founder is now and I actually went out Of my way to create a follow-up video to The SPF as the founder of Shiva video to Get the facts right and to get them out Like that's literally the most that I Can do is give you the exact right Information how is that slander what Your coin so bad that revealing the Creator of your coin is fud right that's Scary Bud like you're doing your own Slander right now Foreign

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