Interest Rate Cuts Pushing Bitcoin To All-Time-High?

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday the central bank won’t begin cutting its key interest rate “until it has gained greater confidence that inflation is moving sustainably toward” its 2% goal, noting the move will likely occur “at some point this year.”

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00:49 Bitcoin too frothy?
02:12 Are these markets healthy?
03:21 What can derail us?
04:51 Bitcoin price prediction end of the year
05:55 Regulation recap
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~Interest Rate Cuts Pushing Bitcoin To All-Time-High?~
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Well these overheated markets cause the FED to maybe pause their rate Cuts today We're going to break it all down for you And a little bit about Bitcoin and where It might be going you don't want to miss It my name is Paul Baron welcome back in Tech paath all right before we get Started let's get into self- custody if You've thought about self- custody and You just are thinking maybe it's too Complex all you have to do is go over to And download the app from the iOS store From the Android store and you can Actually get started with self- cusing Your own crypto so get that stuff off of Uh exchanges get it in there so you can Keep it and start locking in make sure And use our code uh it does help Channel Out all right let's get into a couple of Topics today one was this news item Right here from Mark a watch Wall Street Is divided on whether or not Bitcoin is Frothy and will undo the fed's ray cut Plan so Remember pal is already already started To slow the potential of a Fed Ray cut And part of this has been because of the Over performance of the economy many People are now looking at the over Performance of the digital asset side That this could cause the FED to Continue to push can down the road in Terms of a ray cut and I think that is a Little bit of an overstated position

I'll go back over to a tweet I did this Morning and this was kind of Highlighting that very thing more more Bitcoin and crypto fud as now the Federal Reserve is worried about the Bitcoin fraud not cutting rates and Digital assets if you look at the Financial sectors out there and I'll pop This piece open right here and showcase It these are the 11 sectors of Finance Energy materials industry or Industrials Consumer discretionary you see the list All totaling around 50 trillion 50 Trillion versus the 1.3 1.4 trillion That we have rocking right now in Bitcoin so it's kind of silly that the Entire Financial the global finan Fincial industry is worried about the Froth in Bitcoin I just don't see that I Think this goes back to the whole point Of the markets just now seeing that hey There's a wakeup call there's a 12 Sector now it's called digital assets Let's go to a clip right here from Tom Lee of whether or not these markets are Healthy listening to what he had to say I don't know what you'd call it with Technology but at least uh some of the Bloom has come off the rose on a Magnificent 7 or at least a couple of Them and on technology in general Although the NASDAQ is is recently hit Some new highs do you see any trouble There or or at least a moderation of the

Gains from recent Years uh well I I I think it's Understandable that technology could be Consolidating some of the gains because The gains since October have been Prodigious I think it's been healthy um Because small caps um Industrials uh other sectors have Started to lead so I think it's a sign That the market is broadening um so I Don't think technology valuations are a Bubble I I actually just think it's been Healthy so uh lee kind of talking about I think more of this has been around the AI narrative and to a handful of Companies that maybe somewhat connect to The AI narrative his statement there Markets are just this is kind of how the Evolution of what we see in Tech goes uh The question was whether or not this Could derail the markets if we saw a Pullback on AI because remember if we Start to see securities pullback does That mean that we see the full Correction in the digital asset side of Things listen to what he had to say two Things would probably derail an equity Move of 20% this year you know something Even pushing the markets down one would Be if inflation uh reasserts itself in a Way that the FED has to reverse its Action and become quite hawkish again uh I think that would terrify markets uh The second is if monetary policy so

Restrictive now that we slip into a Recession I I don't think we're losing That much economic momentum but but Either would would be negative for Stocks now you you've heard me say this Before is that we're kind of walking This very very fine line right now it's A razor wire somewhat in the sense of If The Fed looks at where inflation is Going and says hey wait a minute we Think it a reversal is going to be in Need this would absolutely impact the Market we would see an immediate impact On Securities and a 5100 5200 Dow is Defin going to see a pullback if that Were to happen you can expect major Corrections now the other side of that Is going to be a potential recession That's when you've overtighten too much So the cause here is do they wait too Long to pause or I shouldn't say pause But pull back and actually give us a Rate cut question is going to be June June I think is the date that we have to All watch for now the question is where Is Bitcoin by June or towards the end of The year all of this plays into one Other clip that I want to play for for You guys right now of where bitcoin's Target price could go listen in well I I Think that in the you know sometime in The next 12 18 months you know Bitcoin Can be over 150,000 um but that's because you know

The the backdrop for Bitcoin is so much More favorable today we we've got more Visible demand from the spot ETF and we Know the supply Dynamic is improving With the having coming up which is less Than a month away it does help that the FED is becoming uh doish I mean easier Monetary policy and I think from a Regulatory perspective we had so many Hammers dropped in the last 12 months Really 18 months that unless it's going To be worse over the next two years you Know bitcoin's already faced sort of the Peak of regulatory Backlash so peak of regulatory backlash You look at what we've talked about here On our Channel quite a bit is the Regulation landscape what it looks like Here's Ron Hammond he's talking about The house uh GOP hearing the cftc chair Benam doubled down on eth as a commodity Rules aren't clear Congress needs to go Ahead and pass Market structure this is Something that we've all been known and Has been coming and maybe we're finally Getting to that point where there is Some reality of this happening now even With that being said you still have the SEC coming in to postpone a decision on Bitcoin ETF options proposals so it's Not all Rosy even though the ETFs have Continued to be really much pretty much The story around where Bitcoin is today And I think the next major Catalyst for

The market is going to be the ethereum ETF so when you look at that and the Comparison of what that might look like You have to look at the current market Of ethereum as a whole total eth burned Right now crosses 1.5 million this is All ahead of this Denon upgrade remember Denon all going to affect the layer twos In terms of gas feed I know this gets Into some complexities but if you think About the number of projects the amount Of con uh uh transactions that are Operated outside of E but in Layer Two Now you start to understand the impact Of what that might mean here's a good Example polygon this is prake chain Addresses and this is like 5 days old so This chart is still under this was Feb 29th and you could see the acceleration Here just on polygon transaction this is Spiked well beyond that again this is Where some of these kinds of Advancements will help so eth at the Next level going to be a big one uh to Watch for sure and of course the Countdown to Denon is 5 days out seven Hours so we're not very far away from That could see a very interesting high Around eth going over 4K Maybe by this Weekend we'll see how it goes anyway if You guys are not in the diamond circle Make sure and jump in right now it's a Great place to get additional content It's also where we're doing our telegram

Group now we all launched one just for The diamond Circle members so if you are A member you'll get a notification to Where you can join that telegram group And we do a lot of additional uh content Research all that good stuff right there Catch me on X at Paul Baron we'll cat You next time right here on Tech bath

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