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This could be the biggest opportunity You see in crypto if you miss the Bottoms the charts are showing us a very Promising story for 2024 now of course You're going to get way bigger gains Trading altcoins but Bitcoin is the king We must understand what Bitcoin is doing Every single cycle it tests the 50% Level this time is no different last Cycle we tested the 50% level pulled Back for several months and it took over A year before it tested the 50% level Again luckily for us the 2016 cycle was Less than 5 months before Bitcoin tested The 50% level again but what's so Important about the 50% level well Essentially it tells us the strength and The weakness of the market while the Market is under the 50% level it is weak Once it breaks above the 50% level it is Strong and there are no guarantees in The market so we must follow the signals As they present themselves so if you Want to stay up to date cut out the Noise follow the channel and I'll see You guys at the next [Music] Video