Is the Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle Broken? #bitcoin #cryptotrading

🔴Video Title: Is This Time Different For Bitcoin?
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Is this time different what's happened In the past is 50% hit and a pullback 50% then it's ready to go cyle before That 50% pullback then we had another Crack at 50% and it pumped from that Point and it may be broken this time it Did pull back the next month it had Another pushup and came back to the 50% Level so this it's just far too short Term for me I would have wanted to see It on a more macro time frame at least On a weekly chart so if the market does Continue to close above $42,000 over the Coming months then this did not happen Like it did in the previous Cycles all We're doing with the 50% level is Figuring out is the market weak at the Moment or strong maybe this is going to Peig sooner than we had anticipated and We should be prepared for any Significant pumps from that point avoid The Trap of saying this time is Different and that allows us to act in Certain ways moving forward for our Portfolios