Is TRON Dead? (Powerful Forces Target Asia’s Favorite Crypto)

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I grew up in a time when everybody was Like we're going to eat the banks the Legacy Financial system crypto is going To win and the exact opposite happened 10 companies got together you know your Black rock your circle your coinbase and Others and now they control 85% of all The value movement storage and uh Decisions made in the space that was Charles hoson speaking during our Interview a couple weeks ago I recommend You go check that out if you haven't Talking about the big players in crypto The whales in crypto and now it looks Like the whales are coming after Tron But what does that mean for tron's Price What does that mean for Tron the Ecosystem is Tron Dead now folks I just left the Georgia Aquarium and you know what I'm going to Go ahead and roll some clips for you Here and when I was looking at the whale Sharks I couldn't help but think about Charles words during that interview in Fact I'm going to play one more clip for You here if you're Circle and you say You know there's this hard Fork of Ethereum there's chain A and B we're Only going to support chain a because They have to pick a winner you can't Split your thing or else you have Fractional Reserve stable coin by Default you've just decided which chain Is legitimate so is circle the team

Behind the usdc stable coin is circle Picking the winners and losers in the Crypto space folks that is very very Ominous about where the blockchain space Is heading but folks I'm going to give You a little bit of hopium here all Right I'm going to throw two headlines At you right now usdc stable coin issuer Circle dumps Tron Network TRX is still Steady however and then the next one Tether won't confirm or deny if it's Dropping us DT on the Tron now that one Just broke everybody and you saw it Right there circle is phasing out Support for the usdc stable coin on the Tron Network now is Tron dead no it's Not okay don't worry you still have a Year or so to get out of the ecosystem Or to switch uh your usdc to a different Stable coin Network you can move it to Salon polygon or ethereum but if you Look at the numbers for usdc on Tron you Can see it's actually pretty low anyways It's around 300 million and you look at Ethereum it is over 20 billion so you're Looking at a much much much smaller Market cap in relation to ethereum size In fact it's also bigger on polygon and Salana as well so I would say the big Winners from this are actually going to Be salana and polygon if you are trying To move massive amounts of your tether Usdc you're probably not going to go to Ethereum because of the high gas fees

You were using Tron for the cheap gas Fees so I think a lot of these stable Coin movers they're going to be doing This transacting on a polygon and salana Moving forward so I expect to see a Spike in those two chains but what about Tether is tether tron's Savior and again What about tron's price well folks I'm Going to throw some charts up for you in A little bit as well but back to tether First tether is staying somewhat neutral And if you've been following Crypt space For years that won't surprise you tether Is largely going to be neutral but in This article I found a very ominous Phrase that I want to share with you Tether retains the ability to freeze Transactions on each directly supported Transport layer to accomplish this is The important part it's compliance Duties nevertheless tether actively Monitors the safety of each one of its Supported transport layers to ensure the Highest standards to our community so Very very ominous saying right there Very ominous when they're talking about Their compliance issues their compliance Duties uh to me that's just signaling Hey uh US Government European government They are putting a lot of sanctions on These stable coins a lot of uh scrutiny And magnifying glasses on these stable Coins and folks it's a pretty powerful Entity so you know they don't want to

End up like other crypto Founders that Are billionaires let's just say they're Probably going to comply here but again Remember usdc only about 300 million on Tron well tether it's a lot more than a Few hundred million folks in fact tether Market cap close to hundred billion About half of that is on Tron that is Right $50 billion on the Tron ecosystem With usdt and you can tell those in Power hate Tron and usdt Co those two Coins are kind of synonymous with Freedom I found a un report brought up Both of those entities here look at this Quote usdt on the Tron blockchain has Become a preferred choice for cyber Fraud and money launderers in Southeast Asia through the ease anonymity and low Fees of the network but folks I said What does this mean for tron's Price Well let's go ahead and pull up the Charts here all right now if you look at The weekly chart here you can see we are Above the high set in the second half of 2021 but when Bitcoin reached this high Of 69k it wasn't as high as it was in The first half of the year it still Below the previous high now the question I say at this point is not if Tron gets A new all-time high folks I feel like It's a win Tron gets a new all-time high And if you want me to be even more Bullish is this Tron new all-time high Going to happen before or after the

Bitcoin having and folks here is my Assessment I'm actually going to pull up Another chart it goes in a little bit Deeper a little bit older this one is Going to look at the 2017 2018 bull run As well now if we're looking at this Chart here you can see we broke out of The downtrend and we are actually within Striking Distance of the 2021 highs now Will we P the 2021 levels of around 17 Cents in 2024 well folks I think the Answer is yes now on the weekly we are Hot and due for a cool down so I Wouldn't be adding to any new positions Here but for people holding the token For years well you might want to wait For a peak bull market in fact uh Looking at the chart you can see I think It's pretty possible Tron hits 25 cents In 2024 now that is almost double from Where we're at right now but folks we Might get some more Bitcoin corrections I think if we get another 20% correction We've been getting a lot of those on Bitcoin lately I expect Tron to fall 25 To 35% maybe around 30% so you might be Able to uh get some cheaper TRX tokens At those levels but then the question is Is Bitcoin going to fall and that's uh Really a question no one has a Definitive answer for also though if you Go back to the charts here folks you'll See in 2021 uh we had a pretty crazy Parabola all right now see how it rock

Is up with essentially no slowing down We haven't done that yet so then you ask Yourself for Tron does this seem like a Cycle top the answer is a pretty clear No everybody but then there's another Question you got to ask yourself will Tron hit the cycle top without a Breather without cooling down and folks I think that answer is pretty clear as Well I think it's pretty clear there Will be a cool down period it will have To slow down at some point CU I think We're pretty far away from the parabolic Tops for this crypto Market in fact it Could be as late as September October of Next year so we're still looking at a Year and a half from now there's no way Tron could just be on an unsustained Non-cooling rally for that long so That's my two cents there folks Tron is Not dead at least definitely going to be Around for the short term here you know I don't expect that coin to die anytime Soon Justin Sun you know I like to joke About just son he is definitely has Deeper Pockets than you so you know be Careful betting against Tron everybody's Bet against it over the past 12 months They've been eating their shorts Literally and figuratively I'm Dey we'll See you Potentially and your Tron bags at the Top