Joe Rogan On His Accidental Involvement in FTX Collapse…

Joe Rogan On His Accidental Involvement in FTX Collapse...

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00:00 Intro
00:31 Joe Rogan on NFTs, Matt Damon, Logan Paul, & MORE!
02:13 Joe Rogan & Tim Dillon on the “FTX Inner Circle”
03:18 Joe Realized He’s Interviewed SBF’s Mentor
05:31 William MacAskill (SBF’s Mentor) on JRE
06:49 This is interesting…
07:29 What is a Blockchain?

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Uh okay keep going that we know her She's wild like she's watching she's Listening to her talking there's I mean Yeah he's not no there's Gary Wayne he's In trouble there's William mccaskill Okay wait a minute William mccaskill Mentors Scroll back down again what does it say Philosophy professor at Oxford Chief Architect of effective altruism didn't We have him on the podcast did you have Him on the podcast are you involved in This hold on a second Yes Joe Rogan on a recent episode of the Tim Dylan show even though they were in Joe Studio explains his accidental Involvement with the FTX collapse now This was a great podcast almost two Hours long and while I'll link the full Episode Down Below I do want to share With you three clips of Joe giving his Updated thoughts on crypto nfts and then His eventual discovery of his own Involvement with SPF are you now with All the bad press with the nfts are you Happy you never took my advice yes Did I not take your advice I refused Advertisements yeah that was smart yeah There was a few of those crypto yeah and I'm like uh uh that's not real yeah I'm Not getting involved in telling people To put their money into something that I Don't [ __ ] it's tough it was a gamble

You know and um you know a lot of people Lost and that's you know now a lot of People getting held to the account right There's a lot of people Logan Paul a lot Of these guys people are people are Upset at people Tom Brady a lot of those People are getting they're getting sued In a class action lawsuit a lot of People are angry yeah Paul you know like How about those Matt Damon commercials Where he's comparing it to like Magellan And [ __ ] people that's Transit on the Moon yeah yeah Be brave yeah be brave with your [ __ ] Entire life saving Kim Kardashian got Involved you know well Yes Tim Dillon has a great podcast and Here at altcoin Daily we've interviewed Many notable people over this last year About their thoughts on bitcoin Cryptocurrency the future of this Industry as well as daily videos on the Crypto news keeping you informed and That's why I liked Tim's line of Questioning where they start to make fun Of they are comedians they start to make Fun of FTX the people involved but that Is what you would do if you were an Intelligence agency yes and you wanted To entrap a nerd you would bring a hot Spy of course and they have hot spots of Course I've seen James Bond yeah that's Ripping in a hot spot that's what they Do that's how you know FTX was

Uncompromised there were no hot spies That's true that was uncompromised the CIA was like I can't believe it they Actually want to [ __ ] each other They have 10 people to choose from They're all on an island guys and girls Just banging each other yeah and when You're on that amount of amphetamines And what else they're on who knows They're probably enjoying every five Seconds yeah the Indian guy's attractive In FTX I will say that everyone else is Gross uh I don't want to I don't want to Put him in with the rest who uh the India was an Indian guy who's attractive But everybody else was kind of it was Rough he's probably the king he yeah it Was rough everybody else was rough well Freed was the king because he was the Brains The Mastermind who's the Mastermind now as we'll go on to here Tim prominent leader in the gay Community they're making fun of the Looks of the FTX team Tim does say that There's one good looking guy as opposed To the rest whoa look kind of geeky it's At that moment that Joe defends the Looks of this gentleman sbf's mentor and After that things begin to unravel It's all about Stanford so these are all The folks yeah he's the guy that's the Guy with the glasses to the right of him Is not bad looking you know what take Out those glasses that's the best

Picture he took and if you saw him in Real life you'd go oh No I think the Indian guy holds up no no No that guy with the blue v-neck he Could go to the gym get jacked shave his Head yeah he's got I can tell you good Features bad skin I'll just tell him no I'm telling you if you saw him in real Life you had a horrible skin really be Very oily no I just feel it oh you just I'm just feeling it you're being mean I'm not being mean first of all they Stole everyone's money well did we not Make is he in trouble as well because it Seems like only Sam bankman freed is in Jail Other people flipped they became rats But Caroline did right Caroline flip Because there's no honor anymore well Put those photos up there's one other Gentleman flipped those are the names Okay so here's the Inner Circle Uh okay keep going that we know her She's wild she's watching she's Listening to her talking there's I mean Yeah he's not no there's Gary Wayne he's In trouble there is William mccaskill Okay wait a minute William mccaskill Mentor he's a mentor of Sam Bank from Free scroll back down again what does it Say philosophy professor at Oxford Chief Architect of effective altruism didn't We have him on the podcast did you have Him on the podcast are you involved in

This hold on a second The feds break in right I think we we Had someone on the podcast Oh wow that's him that was talking about Effective altruism yeah he was a very Nice guy and I think there was a request To have him back on recently before the Defend yeah that's him hey handsome Fellow yeah he isn't bad no he's very Nice guy well he was talking about Effectively sweetheart let's hear him Talk hear him talk a little bit so let's Finish by listening to the episode from Back in the day of Sam bankman Freed's Mentor On The Joe Rogan Experience here Is William mccaskill talking about Living in a simulation effective Altruism and the future how he sees it And then at the very end Joe Rogan Reacting to this clip now post FTX Collapse So for the one real Universe where History kind of unfolds there's also Let's call it you know 10 000 Simulations of that universe And if that's true Then It's the case that well given that I'm Just you know these things really are Indiscernible for the people who are Inside them it's overwhelmingly likely Just in the base plate that I'm going to Be in a simulation rather than Um in the real world but the well what's

Interesting is like see I'm sure I'm Gonna give a dumb answer so let's get Out of there right now Sam bankman freed Heard that and went great we're gonna do It and we don't care if the experiences Are real well I would imagine that Will Mccaskill was involved with them because They were donating a lot of money to Altruistic causes and that's probably What his position his whole thing is About giving he gave away most of his Income Okay give me your thoughts down below Checking the comments now to see what You think to me it's interesting that Either SPF or somebody from the Effective altruism team was trying to Get that gentleman sbf's Mentor back on Joe's podcast very recently just FTX Happened to collapse in the meantime so That was next And also I do want to say that while I Did pull three to four minutes from Tim Dillon's podcasts so much more great Content where they don't just talk about Crypto two comedians being funny I'm a Huge fan of Tim Dillon and I would love To get him on our show to just talk About crypto Tim if anybody shows you This video we did do Rick Ingram your Friends your fellow comedians podcast Last year we'd love to get you on ours At its like most simple like thing what Is bitcoin what is the blockchain it is

Just yeah I don't know what a blockchain Means that's the other thing it's just a Digital ledger so if you were exchanging Money for a period of time it would all Be written down in a letter in a book And it's just a digital Ledger and it's Because it's decentralized and everybody Has access to the same Ledger if if I Try to change it and say I have more Money than what I really have because You guys all have copies of The Ledger You guys would immediately be able to Call my you know BS and it would not Accept that transaction of money that I Don't have

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