l Wish Ben.Eth The Best! (Bitcoin Dropping!)

l Wish Ben.Eth The Best! (Bitcoin Dropping!)

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00:36 $BEN Updates
03:43 We’re fixed on the vision
05:28 Stop Being Spastic
06:38 2023 BTC Outlook
09:56 Stay Calm
10:48 Forever Frenemies
12:23 Guess this Chart
13:06 Deaton XRP
13:38 Superchat Portfolio Rating

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Yeah y'all are especially dumb in here Today [Music] [Music] [Music] All right guys uh want to talk about What's going on real quick uh we're not Going to spend too long on this okay but I do want to address Um what's going on with uh bencoin bingo Is totally fine bitcoin's never been Better at this point we are going to be Uh moving forward with uh bencoin and It's gonna be our sole Focus uh I had You know made the commitment to join the Uh the loyal inside X team as In an advisory role Um and it just not isn't going to work Um that's that's what people need to Understand uh ben.eth I wish him luck on Everything he does I hope for the Holders that everybody does well Um bin.eath and I we just view things Totally different and we'll never be Able to work together Um I am more in the real world crypto Utility that's where I'm at he's more in The like the djin money making gambling And there's just not a lot of crossover There there's crossover and some Interest but long term there's no way For us to to work together don't be very Clear uh anyone who bought in on the uh The loyal pre-sale with Ben I never saw

A dollar of that money Um I did not any of that eat that came In that was all him that's all his Responsibility hope he does well with it Um he now has a liquidity pullback Um there was a portion of uh of loyal That I was you know given in a team role I sent all that back to him I own zero Loyal at this point Um uh in in agreement of our separation Um he sent our bencoin back to us so That's the big announcement is we do Have uh Ben had five percent he kept his Founders tokens of Bitcoin we are now in Control of 100 of that Um so it was about 20 trillion tokens That have gone back under uh the Treasury for uh Bitcoin and uh yeah so It look it was Mutual there's not where One of us was like you know oh man you Should really stay like we just decided It just is not going to work for us long Term Um I said didn't take any money in from That like everybody's like are you rug Pulled you did this you you know you got All this money guys I didn't take a dime I didn't get a dollar from that there's No nothing came in the agreement was I Was gonna get the liquidity pool And I was gonna take the profits and Roll that into Bitcoin and then I got a Piece of the supply I said all that back I have zero Ben now has zero Ben tokens

Clean break clean split we're going our Separate directions everybody said I Wish him the best of luck and I think uh I don't know the Loyalty price pump Yesterday uh on on some of this news Um so I guess hopefully if you guys got Into it and you can get back to your Original investment you decide you want To take it out then good for you guys do That I think it will Um as as the launch pad and the exchange Which I know have anything to do with as They come out surely there will be you Know hopefully a time for you guys to do That but Um you know if you put money into that And you felt like it was a mistake Um just know like look I made a decision Work with him and it was also a mistake Not because just because we have two Different mindsets that's the whole Thing nothing nothing to do and I think I think really I think with us separate From each other now 100 I feel like both Of us will have the opportunity to show What we can do individually And I think both of our you know both of Us have a good chance to thrive uh guys This is gonna be treasury you guys are Gonna see in the next few weeks As people start rolling out that are Going to be supporting what we're doing I think people are going to understand We have the right plan and we're

Following exactly what needs to be done Here we are not swayed by the price Dipping a little bit if that were the Truth if that were the case then anybody Could go out there and manipulate a Price and I'd just be right there oh oh The price went down let's do something Guys that's not how you build a Long-term Platform it's not how you do it so you Guys are going to see the difference Between building long-term and building Short-term uh here in the next few weeks So Um okay Some of these people some of these chats I I just I I can't with these idiots you Have lost my respect with your lack of Transparency I literally told you Everything you freaking idiot like what Do you want what do you want where's the Lack of transparency you can't just make Up a claim that doesn't make sense And put it out there and everybody oh You're oh Mr purple purple circle with a Letter in your profile name We're Gonna Worship what you say Guys freaking idiots and and once again If you're not in this for long term we Don't want you we don't want you so go Away we don't want you we want to get Rid of all the weak hands and we want People to believe in the vision of what We're doing

[Music] [Music] And I mean that with love I still want You to come back to reality and get back To the four-year cycle do you watch this Show That's what we talk about every single Day is a four-year cycle do you watch This show do you what have we ever said Anything different than what the cycle Is saying I just Where's my button Y'all are especially dumb in here today How does he not know about SEC and Finance guys I know about freaking sec In finance we got it pulled up we're Gonna talk about it right when we get to Headlines Can y'all hold your horses Ben Ben if You don't talk about something Immediately that means you don't know I Don't know I had no guys I had no idea This happened I just learned about it Right now maybe somebody put it on the Chat Guys We're not as [ __ ] as you This is not the biggest story in the Whole world guys this this is actually Going to probably hurt the SEC more than It's going to help it so Um yeah uh SEC students Finance is easy Guys we all knew this was coming is this A shocker to you have you not seen the

Positioning of the SEC over the last Year guys this is pretty much already Baked in okay I guess we're probably Going to end up seeing the you know Seeing something happen here I think We're probably going to end up seeing That Gap filled what I'm looking for is Steady sideways action in between 24 and 30 probably for the rest you know Most of the year maybe until quarter Four Um and then we might get some crazy news At the end of the year that taints it But guys Let's let's go to the FED watch tool I Know we haven't really been hitting the Headlines but like uh this is a this is A breaking story basically But we go to the FED watch tool let's See what it's saying Um Guys it's now saying 77 chance no no Raise So as we move towards the middle of the Months and we're not getting a raise on The rates that's going to be extremely Bullish and then people might start Speculating about the next fomc meeting What happens we don't get another raise Then either Now you're talking about The next one you're talking about Reversal You could be looking at reversal by the

End of the year if a rate's going down That's extremely Bush for Bitcoin Because that allows quantitative easing Which the money printing is the whole Entire thing Bitcoin was built on So I don't know like I we I was kind of Expecting in the middle of the month for The price to kind of Skyrocket and that Be the continuation of what we've seen With this pump however now I'm looking For that to kind of get us back up to Even par you know what I'm saying Tim Yeah I mean I think you're right even Going back to the what we're talking About with dominance earlier if we did Hit the Top If 31 was the top dominance Is done I still see I still see a path Though to between 36k to 42 with the Dominance touching I think you're dead On I don't think we're gonna see over 55 Ever again for Bitcoin but I still see a Sign there and the other thing look at These charts and I'm not saying this is 100 gonna happen but when you drop this Fast you're also and when your job is Fast and you're staying above very key Levels of support such as 25.2 Traders use this to mess with the Mindset of the retail investor because I Bet you majority of people watch right Now are freaking out right now watching These prices drop they're freaking out They're saying I got to go get my money I gotta go sell and there are whales and

There are Traders sitting here waiting To see the volume pop up like that I'm Thinking about like okay maybe time to Start going long again exactly you know They look for movements like this to Then take your money from you and then Skyrocket it and then by the time we get Back into 31-32 and it's time to reverse Again now your confidence is back saying Okay we're good let me get back in on Bitcoin and you just sold it 25-2 and Bought in at 31 000 and you just lost a Bunch of Bitcoin oh man I mean guys Tim's dead on here like guys there's a Reason why they call you all dumb money I'm done money like retail it means Retail I don't not as dumb as a lot of People But it don't don't blame me they're the Ones who called it that not me and by They who are they are banging overlords They they call you dumb money why the Way people are reacting right now guys Calm down it's all gonna be fine This is nothing CZ Listen look at me CZ getting sued Binance getting sued it's nothing None of this is going to matter in six Months from now Zero if you're panicking right now I'm glad you watch our channel so we can Calm you down because there's nothing to Be alarmed about what's happening right Now that's we're the steady voice for

You if you didn't need this steady voice And all you did was react and panic then Hopefully you wouldn't be here but You're here watching this channel Probably right now because you see the Price dumping and you're looking for Either some Direction get out of the Markets or stay calm Stay calm that's what I'm telling you to Do We just had a giant dip down to 24 uh 20 25 4 and it bounced right back up to 25 8. it could look guys 20 wasn't 25 for That giant resistance line it had a hard Time getting over at 25.2 yeah 25 2 it Was okay I thought it was two but then I Thought maybe it was four it was two and And I don't know it's right there at That line oh my God you can see my feet For free from crypto Indio are you guys Interested in crypto indio's feet if you Are please make sure to follow forever Frenemies Um So crypto be decentralized let's go and Check out this clip here Let's see do I have my Hey can you hear that well I give me Just a second and I can get it to where They can This was a fun shoot though Oh yeah definitely Some people know me as the bit boy Can call me Ponyboy I've saddled up on

This young Steed what a young State Today You're talking about a lot of Interesting things guys we did a whole Podcast in the pool on these Falling in like seven times guys I'll be Honest with you Tim can you believe I Didn't ruin the microphone Microphone wet I just it's fine just for A minute yeah so look at there they are You know there they are guys talk about What we're gonna because I gave three Podcast ideas so we didn't even discuss Eventually I lay down eventually I just Give up and I just lay down on the show Uh look so Artists they create so many rules guys What what an incredible show that was I Had a lot of fun filming that uh but Crypto Indio obviously not we do a show Called Forever friend it means if you Guys go to bitwood crypto on YouTube you Go to home you scroll down you guys can See right there Um one point six one thousand Subscribers we put out I think seven Podcasts so far you guys make sure to Check out all of our other channels as Well that's how you get access to all of Our head network channels and things Like that this chart yes Guess this chart Oh start in 2014. oh so this is an older Project

Um I think you might get this one huh I Think you might get this one I might get this one I mean I think I mean I think it's pretty obvious I Think I just don't know where the price is at Right now Um went down to 40 bucks That's got to be Litecoin It is Litecoin boom let's go baby Let's go baby the 2014 was a giveaway Yeah I mean because like What's it gonna Be I think if I remember correctly What was he said like a 97.5 chance That that they don't that the SEC loses Um or xrp wins in some way I don't even Know how to say it but basically 97.5 Chance or something like that that the SEC will not outright win so he thinks It's also very very much like I do it's Almost impossible for the SEC to win This case outright but remember Government is corrupt and we don't know What they're capable of so that's all I Got to say uh Ben 50 of my 30k portfolio Is 0.25 BDC and 3.5 East not Financial Advice currently direct deposit set for Bitcoin what would you do Bitcoin or eth Look at the chart guys the the big the Ethereum dominance is rising steadily Against Bitcoin now you could say it's Topped out around 20 and came back down A few more times

But I kind of think we're going to see Ethereum to continue right now in my Personal opinion so I would I would say How much Bitcoin do you have 0.5 Uh 0.25 0.25 I would rather see you do It in ethereum to be honest with you I Really would like I just don't unless You once you have enough to get an Entire Bitcoin and still be comfortable With your other Holdings do it Until then use that ethereum to gain Against Bitcoin as it goes up and then Eventually you can buy that Bitcoin and Still have plenty of ethereum left uh That's my opinion so Um now look You know what what do I think about what Do I think about uh you know Bitcoin Versus ethereum I think Bitcoin you know I think tokenomics or ethereum are Better now but I think Bitcoin is the Change in the financial system that we Need so I really believe ethereum price Wise and investment-wise is probably Better but I think bitcoin's better for The world so it's it's you know it's a Give and take there so that's all we got For today guys thank you so much for all The support [Music] All right [Applause] [Applause] [Music]