Logan Paul GETS IT WRONG! (BUT So Does Coffeezilla!)

Logan Paul GETS IT WRONG! (BUT So Does Coffeezilla!)

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Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben And no this is not the video that you Think that it's going to be earlier Today on my live stream I mentioned that We were going to be discussing coffee Zilla and Logan Paul and crypto Zoo Tonight well man we start digging into This and it is so unbelievably massive And there are so many things left out of This story that we realized to do this And to do it right it's going to take a Little more time so that video is going To be coming out tomorrow night but I Thought really what we need to do in This video is explain why this story is So hot why people care about it so much And and what can people learn from this So these videos from coffee Zilla have Gotten millions of views it has been Absolutely insane to watch its growth Coming off you know the heels of Twitter Spaces with SPF uh you know and things Like that He really nailed the timing on this one He went from 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube all The way up to like 2.35 almost doubled His already large channel in just a few Weeks so great job to him but the fact Is we've now gotten a video response From Logan Paul to the crypto Zoo Fiasco So we've gotten coffee zilocide we've Gotten Logan Paul's side But it's very interesting we haven't

Really got the crypto side and the Crypto side is the one that's going to Fill in a lot of the gaps and a lot of The holds that I think people really Need to understand about this story and Really what this means going forward for Crypto and how we can use this not to See these types of things happen again In the next Bull Run This when I said this is not a crypto Story people might be like what do you Mean it's an nft what I mean by that is That both coffee Zilla and Logan Paul Are not crypto guys They're crypto adjacent some of the Things that they do intersect with Crypto now coffee Zilla certainly has Been doing more crypto as of late it's a Bear Market tons of stuff has been Exposed but if you look at the history Of his channel he certainly is not uh Not only is he not a crypto uh culture Guy he's actually very pessimistic I Don't know if I would necessarily say He's totally anti-crypto but he Definitely leans with that bias of Negativity first and so nobody in crypto On YouTube gets the kinds of numbers That coffee Zilla was able to gather off Of this video series and it really got Me thinking about how his audience is Not a crypto audience per se some Overlap Logan Paul his audience some Overlap the audiences themselves and we

Know that because No one in crypto gets those kinds of Numbers five seven million views it's Absolutely insane to to think about the Level of virality that this story went And it was a three-part Series so of Course it just kept going and going and Going and that was a really good job by Him of uh you know there's too much Cover in one video uh for all of its Research But the fact is We can learn something about this in Crypto there is a gigantic crowd out There a gigantic audience That we're not reaching with our message At all bear Market obviously attention Is down But the viewership and attention on YouTube is not across the entire Platform but in crypto it is of course It's very tied to the prices and things Like that But the mood in general of people when They think about crypto right now is Very anti-crypto of course we just iftx We just saw Celsius we just saw three Arrows Capital you know right now we're Seeing digital currency group and Genesis trading and silvergate the Contagion it just continues continues And continues And yet All of that being said but all of that

It equals negativity People are now in my opinion I think Starting to tune out to some of these Higher institutional level stories uh FCX was interesting because Sam bingman Freed had interesting hair but your Average person out there in the United States right now is not interested in Learning about crypto They may or may not think it's a scam But the prices are down so far that it's Just something that many of them are not Talking about there are or thinking About there are some retail uh investors Who are starting to slowly slowly Trickle back in But this is what blows me away People are massively more interested In what Logan Paul an influencer who is Not in crypto who really shows a lot of Ignorance and explanations when he talks About crypto I'm not saying I'm not Making a decision right now on whether He's a bad guy or I'm not saying he's an Idiot but I'm saying it's very clear his Crypto education is not it is super high Level and yet he was leading different Movements for his community to get Involved in things in crypto People care more about Logan Paul Being exposed and being called a scammer And making he made six million dollars I Think is the number and getting confused On the numbers right now but millions of

Dollars were made on this crypto Zoo Project Care more about Logan Paul than they Care about the billions of dollars and Insolvencies that we're seeing across The crypto space right now if you're on One of those exchanges it hits you hard You care But if you're watching from the outside In a lot of those people are really kind Of enjoying watching crypto burn but They're not invested in those stories They don't care about Goldman Sachs or Circle trying to take over the space you Know the connections with digital Currency group how they may have played A role in in bringing down FTX it's so Contorted right now And it's really hard to understand the Whole picture Average person there does not care but They do care about a person named Logan Paul even though the amount of money I'm Not justifying it the amount of money That he took in is way less than what we See in any average crypto scam uh by a Big player and so what you're seeing Right now is you're seeing in the times When crypto is down and prices are Moving down What you see is too much negativity Obviously right it starts to become an Unrational level of negativity that's Why that video series did so well

However on the flip side of that on the Way up for the prices There's also an irrational idea of how You can make money Logan Paul being Completely naive in crypto especially When he was starting uh this project you Can tell he's just using verbiage that He's been told uh his explanation of gas Fees not the best It's the blind leading the blind and People give him too much credit is a Mainstream influencer that he's going to Have some type of impact in a world that He's foreign to in crypto we need to Stop being so irrational with our Emotions on the way up And the way down you need to find solid Resources that you can can go to to get Proper information and don't rely on Mainstream influencers that aren't here Every single day and I say be wary of Those Who come in when the time is good and Leave when it's bad they make crypto Videos when the prices are popping and They leave you high and dry wondering What the heck happened when the prices Go down On the way up you have the blind leading The blind on the way down you have the Angry and pessimistic the biased Negativity towards crypto Leading the angry pessimistic bias in Crypto

So what's the answer the answer is Education it's during these times to Where there's so much rationality There's so much negativity uh you know Everything in crypto scam people say Right now that's definitely not true at All That the smart people they get educated They take this time to make sure that They understand What they're talking about so they can Watch someone like Logan Paul And understand that they know more than He does about crypto being able to pick Out some of these scams before they Occur instead of years after and having To tell the story instead of preventing The action that's what we want to move To in crypto preventing these things not Just picking up the pieces after they're Done education over emotion that is what We need to see more of and I think Hopefully those of you that are here Watching this video from the crypto side From the crypto perspective a lot of you Probably already have that now tomorrow We're going to be doing the video where We're going to break down this whole Situation I did not feel like we would be doing it Justice to just throw something out There once we really started digging Into it I hadn't really watched the Videos before today because it's not

Really a crypto story there's a little Overlap with some players that are Involved in the story But people in crypto were not investing In Logan Paul's nfts that was people in His audience coffee Zilla right his Audience anti-crypto right Um so the fact is Is that we're going to give you the Crypto perspective tomorrow we're going To pull all of the threads at this thing We're going to tie some of the things Together we're going to show you some Things that you may not know and it's Going to be a good breakdown Not from someone who's outside of the Space but someone that is inside of it Uh now when we talk about education I Tease this this morning on my live Stream and uh my book is out Catching up to crypto speaking of Education now I did say I was doing this This morning this is not a cheap chill Of my book but this is catching up to Crypto we are doing a giveaway to Celebrate uh the launch of the book just A 10 second overview of the book if when I make videos and do live streams people Come into my chat and they say man I'm New to crypto and you seem like you're Very beginner friendly and I still don't Understand what you're saying what Catching up to crypto does is a book is It fills in that Gap from the average

Person that just comes into the space to Where they can really fully understand Most of what is going on in crypto on a General level and give them the footing To be able to look more advanced at Whatever area they want to learn more About that is what catching up crypto is So to celebrate this we're good the Publish date is actually January 12th uh So we're going to run this contest until The 13th we're gonna be giving away five Copies of the book and we're going to be Giving away crypto 500 and xrp Ada or Eth to three winners uh and so you guys Can go down below to the link in the Description you guys can enter the Contest uh I say it's five signed copies I am going to be signing those copies You may not want my signature some People do so uh we're going to be doing That and um really excited about this Contest and and why are we giving away Xrp Ada and eth well we love that Project on this or those projects on This channel this is not a Bitcoin only Book we talk about Bitcoin but it's Crypto we want to be the Bitcoin Standard for the crypto industry that's What we're looking to do in my opinion There's not been a book that's really Been able to capture this entire space With a lot of perspective from an Educational standpoint that's easy to Read and get you where you want to be

Check that down below in the description That's all I got be blessed see you Tomorrow with the breakdown good boy out

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