Cardano is great. Here is why.
0:35: 💰 Major developments in Cardano and Bitcoin, potential market correction, and focus on Davos.
6:09: 💰 Significant price fluctuations and potential for profit in the Cardano ecosystem.
11:42: 💰 Impact of Bitcoin’s four-year cycle and potential market exodus on price surge and demand.
17:03: 💰 Significant developments in Cardano ecosystem and potential for substantial investment and growth.
22:30: 📈 Significant market activity with potential impact on Cardano.
28:15: 📈 Analysis of recent market movement and potential price levels for a cryptocurrency.
34:02: 📈 Analysis of potential price movements and levels for Cardano on Coinbase and CME.
39:50: 🚢 Challenges in naval capacity and ship building capabilities pose a significant threat to control of the seas.
46:06: 💰 Significant spike in Trump NFT volume and value, reaching hundreds of dollars. Potential for substantial profit.
51:56: 📈 Crypto market analysis and Chainlink update.
57:32: 💰 Bullish predictions for Chainlink’s market cap and price, with estimates ranging from $100 to $250.
1:03:18: 💰 Significant potential for a new phone with integrated wallet for Solana ecosystem and airdrop farming.
1:08:43: 📈 Controversial opinions on a crypto project and dietary preferences discussed in a YouTube video.

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We're looking at some massive changes to the
Cardano ecosystem and Bitcoin as well. Is there A huge upgrade or massive moves happening to
Cardano? We're going to talk about that. And Is it related to Davos? Uh oh. Time to discover. Capital flight is coming to the United States.
The dollar is going to zero. And that's what Makes Bitcoin so special. You have to have gone
through a couple cycles to understand. Once The price is able to clear this level, the breakout
is on its way. This is your indication to jump In now. All right, folks, we have the market slightly
up and Bitcoin is cooling down, is pulled back About, looking at the number right now, $5,800
from its top. So we've seen about a 15% correction. Are we gonna see a 33% correction, 30% correction?
We were talking about that yesterday. We're Gonna talk about Davos as well. We got some
Bitcoin stories as well. And Josh, you've been Poring over the Davos videos. Is that because
you wanna expose the elites or you wish you Were there? Ah. I think a little bit of both.
I wanna see how real this actually is. It's Just knocking over phones here from TikTok on
the live streams. But Davos is a very interesting Summit. This is when your world elites kind
of just get around for just a week and talk About what they wanna do with the world for
the next decade. Should they control us with Digital identity? Is artificial intelligence
going to ruin the world or is it gonna be used To rule the world? These are the questions I'm
always curious about. And of course, I'm trying To listen through it just to find things about
crypto because crypto last year was a huge Topic. This year, it's been really hard to find
some things, but we did have Coinbase say some Really interesting things that we'll get to
in just a minute in this live stream. And speaking Of interesting things that have been said, I
think it was Nasir Jones who once said, if I ruled the world, I'd free all my sons. And
the best way you can do that, free all your Sons, is to hit that like button right now.
Let's free the message that Bitcoin is the Best asset, the best monetary system ever devised
by man, alien, robot, you name it. So go ahead, Smash that like button right now. We're looking
at some of the numbers. Let's get right into The markets for us before we talk about the
billion dollars that was wiped away, everybody. We had Bitcoin up 1.6% and Ethereum up 1.7%.
Even Tether is moving more than 0.1, which Is always interesting to see. It's unpacked,
we're going to zero. It's unpacked, look at The weekly, 0.04. BNB is up slightly, and so
now we're looking at everything in the green, Except for Justin Sun's coin, Tron. Tron is
down about 5%. is down is Charles Hoskinson To blame for the ICP dump. We're gonna talk
about that at the end of the show. You gotta Stick around for that. Let's look at some big
winners here, Josh. What do you think? Ooh, Chili's. Yeah, it's been cold out this morning.
We're trying to get the hot peppers in there.

Is that why you're rubbing your baby back ribs
there? My baby back ribs, baby back ribs. Dude, Sweet baby rays, you know what I'm saying here.
But we do have Blur as well, up 12%. A lot Of double digits today. Hit refresh, we're up
even more. Things are getting even more bullish. That 12% is now turned into 17%. or blur say
is up 14.7% about 15% beam is up 10% Astor Bit tensor and Clayton is up as well. But it
can't all be green, right? Oh, mean a protocol. I think at this point, we do need to make a
video here on the channel for Astor. This has Been like kind of leading the markets for like
the last three weeks. It's constantly the top 24 hours. It's constantly in the top seven days.
It's been out forming a lot of these different Cryptocurrencies. And Blur is still kind of
leading that industry as well. 632 million. Yeah, we should definitely do an ASTAR video.
That is not the baby from the office. Jan's Baby, that's Asterd. No, this is ASTAR. That
was for you, Nick. I don't know about you. Yeah, let us know if you hold in the comments.
All right, let's look at the big losers. Swee Is down. I did have a question about the Blur
tokenomics. Yes, yes, go ahead. Well, they're Terrible, right? Or is that not even a thing
now? Blur is, I look at it the same way as I'm looking at Uniswap right now. Right now,
I think it was more of about a promise of things To come versus things to come. Blur is, it's
a very popular NFT trading platform. It does A lot of things that OpenSea doesn't do. And
they did a big airdrop. And the more you trade It on there, the more blur that you receive.
And now Blur is almost breaking into price Discovery zone, started out strong. over a year
ago, 15 months, I mean, we could look at the Price chart. You know, in the bull run, the
tokenomics are kind of just really evade themselves. It's going to run away if there's a lot of volume.
But you want to understand the tokenomics because Those are the products you really want to not
probably hold as we approach a bear market. And I'm going to give some alpha for the stream
right now really quickly because Deezzy actually Shared this app with me earlier today. I use
the different website usually called But he showed me a token.unlocks, which is just
a really easy format to understand here. And I'm gonna use an example, because I made a video
on this today. Arbitrum is a leader in the Crypto markets right now, been performing immensely
through the bear market worth multi-billions At this point. And when you're on this website,
just type in any crypto you guys are looking For. This is very simple. We're not logged in,
so we're not gonna see the march down. We're Not logged in, oh, we're not gonna do it. So
we're gonna switch screens really quick once We can, so I can log in. But essentially, guys,
you can scroll down, and you're gonna see this Upcoming event here. and it's gonna tell you
exactly how many tokens are about to unlock. And as you can see here guys, Arbitrum is about
to see 87% of the current circulating supply Added to the market. So this means it's gonna
nearly double in the amount of tokens in circulation

In just 60 days. And generally, when we're having
a pullback in the market, if maybe we are approaching That Bitcoin, maybe prices are going to absolute
moons at that point, this is where you can Get a lot of early investors, the founders,
the advisors, et cetera, take profits because They're… They're now multimillionaires. Like
they're going to sell off there. So it's a Very, very important tool to know. Very important
to understand. It's a great question to ask. All right, I'm gonna go to my screen. Can you
happen to hide that tag on the Bitcoin pillow Behind you, Josh, or anybody? We also have a-
But I have to return it because we're broke. But if we share my blur price screen, I said
price discovery. I'm actually mistaken. We Had an initial pump. This was a common thing
that you see in airdrops. You're gonna have The ecosystem kinda all of a sudden looks very,
very popular. The whales are buying And then There's a lot of, there's a massive exit liquidity
there. We are now flirting with these other Zones that we saw, you know, a little bit of
price discovery. So we went all the way down To 15 cents and now back up to 75 cents or 69.
Some would say that was kind of a nice number There. All right. Let's, Chili's is now up to
20%. Clayton knocking on the door of 20%. We're Seeing a nice little pump. Everybody. Swi is
down a 6.7, Tezos down a 5% Tron. like we mentioned Earlier is down almost 5%, Aptos is down, and
Chainlink, but Chainlink's only down 1.6% and Is up 12% for the week. And if you look at Swi,
Swi's up 55% for the week. So just healthy Pullbacks we're seeing right here. Now you gotta
look at some Blurr tokenomics. Blurr, I'll Pull them up in two seconds. I was answering
the chat there, because they're like, Josh, Never used tokenomics before? It's like, no
guys, a new website. I like the interface way Better, and I have to log in. So I'm trying
to log in really quick, and then I'll pull Up Blurr's for you here. But yeah, you can use
CryptoRank, you can use DeFi Llama. This website Specifically is literally just dedicated to
those token unlocks and it makes it very, very Simple and way easier to use. DZ, can you suggest
five coins to hit 20 to 30X? Nick, hide the Screen. I'm gonna log in. We need to put 10K
in. We've done a lot of portfolio videos. I Would say the best one to do that, it might
be the Avalanche ecosystem because we're seeing A little bit of a pullback in the Avalanche
ecosystem. So I would check out that one and. For altcoin gems, just go back and check out
the ones that maybe haven't pumped yet or have Pumped and then pulled back and now it's kind
of an accumulation zone, you might have another Entry. But we've been listening to some good
ones. I am working on a Chainlink video right Now. I don't know if Chainlink's gonna do a
30X though, so I wouldn't recommend Chainlink If you're looking for the 30X. You're gonna
have to get these risky plays. The biggest Conversation though in Davos is real world assets,
not. Not the other word, but assets in general And chain link, I think is gonna be a leader
in that, but I would have to agree. I don't

Know if we'll do a 30X. I did unblur though,
the settings on this application for blur itself Here. So if you guys are interested in blurs,
tokenomics, and Nick absolutely just taking It and dragging it through the mud here, calling
them out here. Token unlock progress guys, 44% so far have been unlocked. And of course,
56% are currently locked. The next one is in 30 days. There's gonna be 1.0. Starting 30 days
from now, actually, sorry, for 366 days, every Single day, $1.21 million a day will be unlocked
from that token. So, what, yeah, that's a rainbow. Generally, you wanna be on the opposite side
of that to receive the pot of gold here. This Could mean that there's gonna be a lot of selling
pressure now to that upside as we approach That in 30 days from today. So again, remember,
when we're in a bull run, there's lots of volume, There's a lot of speculation. These will be
priced in, prices just can go into price discovery. But there's something you want to be very cognizant
of approaching a bear market. So there's your Investing schedule for you there. All right.
Let's talk about this hundred billion dollars Wiped. And then we'll talk about the Davos elite.
What are they doing behind closed doors with Josh, a guerrilla reporter? Were you there?
You know, they already got guerrilla reporting On the ground. There's already been some people
manhandled by John Kerry's team. I think they Want to approach him about his usage of a private
jet. So it's already starting. And as I predicted Yesterday, we're gonna see more and more of
these elites. They're gonna be not walking The sidewalk. So I don't know how many gotcha
moments we can expect. We were having a really Good debate this morning too. Do you guys actually
believe everybody at these meetings are out There doing really interesting things behind
the scenes with some celebrations, maybe worshiping Satan, you know, down belief in these tunnels?
I don't know. I don't know what we're gonna See there. But what we do know… is do we want
to cover this story first or jump into it after The first segment here? Because I have about
six tabs before we get to the Coinbase CFO. Josh, do we have anything about the Denver airport
too? Denver airport. Yeah. It's you know, what Is it like 70 miles of underground tunnels is
what they're like. Is the theory interesting? Well, we'll just run over some of these headlines
because, you know, it's largely what we already Know is happening here. We're seeing a little
bit of accumulation slowing down for Bitcoin. Leading to, you know, mass exodus of money,
$80 billion of outflows since the holy ETF Approval. It looks like it was essentially a
buy the rumor, sell the news event. It just Maybe waited 24 hours to try to trick people.
Oh no, it's a buy the news event. And then It wiped out a lot of traders out there. $80
billion is leaving. It was my $80 billion. It was all you. I knew it, I knew it. And then
CoinShares has a… Pretty bold prediction Here post having minor exodus. Essentially everyone's
gonna go from six Bitcoin every 10 minutes To three Bitcoin every 10 minutes with a little
decimal point there. And so if you were paying

$100 an hour in electricity but you're earning
$120 on average of Bitcoin, you're doing well, Right? There's gonna be fluctuations, but every
hour you're on average making 20 bucks per Rig. Well, imagine when all of a sudden that
120 turns into $60 the very next block, you're Now losing $40. Every hour instead so there's
gonna be a huge exodus a lot of people are Gonna turn the machine off And then eventually
we'll see a supply and demand squeeze happen To the markets and then that essentially what
gives Bitcoin is four-year cycle Which is why We see ebbs and flows that we can track pretty
easily over the four-year cycle and guys right Now I was talking about the likes I just looked
and I was disgusted because we got 720 people Watching and only barely 120 Let's go ahead
and close that gap. There's 600, 700 people Not hitting that button. Smash it. Hit that.
Smash it. Smash it. Accumulate it like this Bitcoin trend. The trend is your friend, everybody,
and hit that like button and let it send. Bitcoin Having versus ETFs, which will drive the next
crypto price surge to me is going to be the Having. You agree? Yeah, it is going to be exactly
the having. I think that's 100 percent the Next narrative people are going to be chasing
here. Yeah, we got to find the next narrative. Yeah, we're already bored. I was bored with
the ETFs before they launched. because we're Talking about it so much. It's like three months
of just exhaustion. ETF, ETF. I know everybody Didn't even know what an exchange traded fund
was before this. Some people probably still Didn't even know what an ETF actually stands
for. But there is a few narratives. There is Gonna be the Bitcoin having. There's of course
gonna be now the Chinese narrative with Hong Kong issuing their ETF. So what does that look
like for projects like Conflux or the ETHs Of course China? And then there's a new one,
of course, which might be Africa. Oh, is that Going to take us to the elites here? What they're
talking about? In just a moment. I thought It was the next one, almost a perfect lead in,
but I do want to play this clip and we'll go Back to the liquidations here. Screw them, screw
them. We'll jump right through. We want to Get straight to the elites. Coinbase CFO guys,
Haas on Bitcoin crypto and regulation. This Was one of the first crypto interviews that
I saw so far. There's going to be a lot throughout This week. But she says- And Haas, they make
the eggs, right? Uh, eggs where you die on Easter. Is that really what that is? I didn't
do much Easter. No, I was I was busy out there Cutting wood for the winter and surviving and,
you know, just doing what I need to do. Oh, It's POS. That's POS. I was wrong. Don't listen
to me. It should be good. But I do want to Play this for about 30 seconds. It's going to
be an interesting remark coming from Coinbase And where they're looking to actually invest
and what region they believe is going to start Seeing a lot of growth. Here we go. I have to play it from Deezys. No audio coming
in from my end. So I'm gonna send it to Deezy.

Yeah, yeah, send me those. We'll get to them
in a bit. Maybe we can just switch. Send them Over here, then we'll switch, because I don't
wanna jump to 17 seconds. And you're like, Oh, you're supposed to jump to 22 seconds, Deezy.
You're ruining it. All right, so he's gonna Send me to the, just do it via, I think I'm
assigned in to Slack. Live, live. Yeah, we'll Get there. We'll get there. We'll get him on
here. Then I'll send everything over because Slacks off. Yeah. All right. So I see it right
here. Coinbase CFO Ha Haas on Bitcoin crypto Regulations. I have that one might actually
already be up. Then after that is Javier Millet. Mm hmm. All right. Well, should we just go ahead
and hit play? It's five minutes. What section? Oh, there it is. Yeah. Go to two thirty five
or two thirty. Sorry. Start at two thirty. Two thirty. Yeah. I was going to start at two
twenty nine. How embarrassing. Mm hmm. That Actually has. and we'll continue to embrace
crypto with more open arms. You know, just Last week we introduced a partnership with Yellowcard
where we're expanding into Africa. We're gonna Bring stable coins to the local market. We're
seeing a lot of daily use cases around payment Activity, which we're really excited about.
But this year we launched, or 2023 I should Say, we launched in Canada, we launched in Brazil,
Singapore, and we're looking to really make Steady growth in those markets. Looking to make
steady growth in those markets, pushing into Africa. So what are your thoughts about the
push into Africa? Heard that in the past with Cardano as well, with School Records and other
chains, XLM talked to Acon directly. Acon directly Said, oh, Stellar Foundation is doing a lot
of building in Africa. This was years ago. So that's the narrative I know. What else do
we have going on? You can correct me if I'm Wrong on this one, but another leader in that
industry was gonna be Cardano or Charles Hoskinson Focusing on that region and bringing payment
systems to a lot of the unbanked out there. So the payment system is another big push they're
gonna be doing this. But I was looking through A lot of analytics. Just on Africa alone in
terms of their growth for GDP next year, it's Looking at about a four percent growth That's
the projection but specifically in technology They're looking on focusing bringing even more
funds and lots of more investments into emerging Technology down with startups in Africa itself
So this could be an area where you guys if You want to get early on narratives These are
the things you really have to start paying Attention to and listening to as you know, you
got to like hey Okay, what cryptos are gonna Be specified in this region? If these are the
ones which ones can partner with Coinbase, Which ones are gonna get listed on Coinbase,
which ones are gonna grow within Cardano's Ecosystem or Stellar Lumen's ecosystem, right?
The ones with that first exposure are the ones Where you can start actually being early to
products for maybe the first time ever because You're getting in before they receive those
initial investments. So very interesting to

Hear that from Coinbase at Davos. Traditionally,
when they say these things at these type of Events, it means they're already working and
it's kind of a marketing effect. because they Know that this is gonna be publicized. They
know there's investors watching. And when they Say they're gonna invest into a region, they
want people to go, hey, okay, what is this They're talking about? What are they working
on behind the scenes? Because they have already Started to implement this, as she mentioned,
with the partnership. So that is something You wanna pay attention to. And I had to give
credit to Charles Hoskinson because I think They're one of the first movers in Africa itself
with Cardano and Cardano's ecosystem, which Means, again, we could see more growth, more
application, more users, more development, And even more funding. And that might lead to
USDC on Cardano. Womp womp womp. That's a whole Controversy. I talked to Big Pay about that
in a little bit. Shout out to what he's doing Over there with Atrium as well. All right, let's
talk about Davos continuing on. Someone's gonna Fight the elites over there. He actually took
a commercial flight. I don't know if you saw, He was posting from his commercial flight, not
flying in his private jet. Javier Mele is there. When asked what is the purpose of his trip to
Davos, Javier responds, planting the idea of Freedom. in a forum that is contaminated by
the socialist agenda 2030 that will only bring Misery to the world. How do you think Javier's
response will be? I mean, is it going to be A lukewarm response, a tempered response, or
are they going to, you know, there's secretly Going to be people like a Coinbase CFO championing
and applauding what he's saying. I think this Is the, this is the balance. So if you guys
go back to Star Wars and just George Lucas And how the balance and the force, the reason
why Is he Luke Skywalker? He might be Luke Skywalker in this scenario. What we have to
remember is that in this type of world, which Is what the underlying ethos and everything
is built on in Star Wars, is there's always Gonna be a balance. So when you have more evil,
that means more good will kind of balance it Out. When you have more good, more evil will
balance it out. And so I think Javier is just Kind of one of these, you know, more right conservative
kind of just leaders that's like, hey, I'm More of a nationalist versus a socialist or
a globalist. And it's kind of balancing out That agenda. Will he eliminate this social agenda
of 2030? I don't know. I do believe, though, It will see a lot of or we will see a lot more
fighting back against things like digital currency, Digital identity, you giving all of your information
to big tech, as well as having a government Agency for literally everything under the sun.
I just don't think as much. How's the rule Of two supposed to work is like Klaus Schwab,
the main one, and then like Harare's, you know, His apprentice. Yeah, well, and then. Sorry,
what did you say? He really hates Harare. He Does hate Harare. As I should. But even what's
interesting is the world economic founder and

I'll pull up the article and find this as we
have Tim on doing the TA, but even their kids Are really against everything that they're doing.
And one of the co-founders sons just recently Said that he wants to see Bill Gates, Klaus
Schwab and a lot of these founders actually Jailed and arrested for the agendas that they're
pushing. So I think that just the classic underlying. Balance within these cultures where, yeah, you
might have a lot of globalists, but there's Also nationalists that are going to kind of
fight back and forth between these two factions. That's how actually I look at politics. I don't
look at Republican or Democrat. I look at globalist Faction, nationalist faction, and that's kind
of the damage of the world. I look at free Markets. We actually have a clip from the plane.
This is Javier on his plane. The new president Of Argentina, Javier, now only flying commercial
and with all his staff in cabinet too. People Take selfies with him on the plane. A lady is
heard yelling Free market. Someone give her Some Bitcoin. I like that lady right there.
All right, so yeah, he's gonna be there. And I don't know if Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley
predicts CBDCs to challenge you as dominance. This wasn't at Davos as well, was it? No. No,
I don't think so. Sorry, he's an anarchist, Right? What's the class? A capitalist, anarchist?
A macro capitalist. Well, capto, or was it A capital anarchist, or. a macro capitalist.
That's what it was. That's what it was. That Was what it was. It sounds better in Spanish.
I know anything else. Anything else on Davos You want to share? I don't know if you had any
of those like the sun's photo or anything. We have four more days. Sun's photo. Now we
have four more days. So I'm hoping we see a Lot more actually some value come out of this
right now, just a bunch of elites shilling Elites shilling and circles out there as well.
The team behind one of the more popular. what Might be a CBDC, one of the more popular stablecoins
by the people who like control and censorship. Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley predicts CBDCs
to challenge US dollar dominance. I would say CBDCs will make the system more fair. And then
you might be able to see, oh, wait a minute. What is this stablecoin? And I brought up this
example. I haven't done it recently. The Swedish Kronar, I think, has some of the lowest inflation
in the world. And I think once everything starts Opening up, you'll see… Oh, why is the Kronar
able to buy more Bitcoin every year versus My USDC, USDT, UST? I think people might be
more aware of other inflations relative to The dollar. My favorite part about this is they're
going to say it's going to be more fair for Everybody, but the problem is, is while it's
way more transparent and they can track every Single transaction that we are transacting,
we're going to be like, Hey, can we finally See that audit from the Pentagon or the audit
from where our hundreds of billions of dollars In taxpayer monies are being sent? They could
be like, oh, well, actually, you know, that Has to be done through a private ledger that's
not connected to a transparent manner because

Of security purposes. So it just goes back to
this, you know, give them an inch, you give Them a mile. And, you know, we got to find out
what that balance is moving into the future. So I would have to agree. Ezekiel, what can
you say about Grayscale transferring 9000 Bitcoin To Coinbase? That is Coinbase is the surveillance
sharing agreement partner. And so they're probably Going from the futures base ETF to the spot
base ETF. And due to that, they probably had To move about 9000 Bitcoin to Coinbase. I wouldn't
seems just like normal, normal activity right There. But I could be incorrect. But to me,
this seems like normal activity. But before We jump too far ahead, we do have Tim coming
in with the outflows. We talked about a lot Of these hundreds of billions of dollars outflowing
into these markets. We've been getting a lot Of market maker candles is what I like to call
them today. Seeing like a 2% wick down and A 2% wick up. It is just crazy. Charts are all
over the place. So, of course, Tim, I know You're coming in looking at the T.A. How are
charts looking today? Are you, you know, taking Aspirin as the headache kind of just inches
closer and closer to your temples, just staring At these up and down candlesticks? Listen, man,
I'm ready for a move. Ready for a move for Days. Are you sorry about that one for four
days of boring prize action? Definitely gets You when you're a technical analyst, they get
you kind of restless. So it looks like we're Making some decent moves here now. Let's go
ahead and I'm gonna share my screen here and We'll get in and talk about it. Now, the big
thing that we're looking at right now, I made A video this morning over on investing bros
using the Bollinger Bands. We are in a constriction. And I even said in the video, I said, hey, watch
out for the lower range. We still have a low Range down here where you come and test. And
here, just about like an hour and some change Ago, we were testing the bottom of that band
very heavily at 42,000. I saw a lot of people Over even on Twitter saying, here we go, we're
going to the downside. And this breakout could Move to the downside. Right now, we are back
up at the top. We are testing the top right Now. I am of the opinion that we're going to
be moving back to the upside, even right there. All right, we just opened a brand new candle
because it's 11 o'clock. This is something I love to see when you get into constriction
with your Bollinger Bands, even though we have Not gotten up and gotten above the level yet.
I love seeing that as we just created a new Candle, the bottom Bollinger band stayed flat,
did not move. It's still moving horizontally, But we just spread out on the Bollinger band
to the upside. A lot of times that is a preview That the price action should be stretching it
back to the upside, similar to what we saw Kind of over here. Now this would actually went
stretched both ways, but very common, this Bollinger band indicator, which tells us about
the volatility. to get overextended and then Ride until we have something, usually heavy
volume come and stop it. And again, right now

We're starting to test that band to the upside.
Some other reasons I'm actually pretty bullish, Not just the fact that we're about to have a
big breakout in Bitcoin, which will be exciting. Let's take a look. I use Lux Algo for my price
action concepts for my order blocks here. We're Gonna take a look at liquidations here as well,
because there's some overlap there. But take A look at what we have. We're here on the four
hour chart. And while we do have some liquidations Here below us, look on the four hour chart where
the heaviest amount of order blocks are sitting At the moment. 56% of our order blocks on four
hour chart all the way up here towards that $49,000 top. I come down to the one hour and
I see the heaviest amount of order blocks. If this will load for me coming in right here,
52% coming in closer towards $47,000. Now, I said we're going to take a look at the liquidations.
Why was I not surprised this morning when we Came down to 42 and bounced? Well, it's because
of this right here. This is the epitome of What every technical analyst has to say to keep
themselves honest, but people hate hearing. When you hear could go up, could go down, this
is the chart. And the reason why we could go Up, could go down. Look at all of the liquidations
above us and all the liquidations below us. We have potentially. We could go out and really
exhaust bulls down to $41,000 before that momentum Slows down. We also could exhaust the bears
all the way up closer towards 45, give or take, Let's talk about 44 and a half thousand. We're
making a momentum up, we're making a move up To the upside right here, but then we come up
to the seventh day, this is where I'm starting To get more bullish here. Yes, we have stuff
below us, but check out where there potentially Is the most liquidations on the chart as a whole.
Yeah, you got some interesting stuff down here At 41, but the brightest yellow. The thing that
acts the most like a magnet to pull price action Towards it is actually saying new highs could
be the potential at $51,000. Either way, there's Still some interesting levels here at 47. And
remember, when we were back here on the charts, Our chart is saying, hey, guys, 47. There's
a lot of order blocks up there. There's a lot Of people ready to exchange some money. That's
going to work. That with those liquidations Is going to move us towards that direction.
And then for our four hours saying, hey, guys, We're not necessarily done with these levels
up top. And this goes back to something that Is going to be hotly contested. I've seen people
all over the internet debating what does this Move look like? When we compare it to the past.
I'm sure you guys have heard lots of people Compare us to 2019 in terms of price action.
Right? So this right here on the daily chart, We're making this move to the upside. Let's
go ahead and pull up our Fibonacci levels. This is one of the reasons why you might be
bearish. And I've seen a lot of analysts talk About the golden pocket touch right here on
Fibonacci. That mimics a move very similar To what we had back in 2019, right here, where
we moved up and hit our golden pocket before

A 50% pullback to a former resistance level.
Here's the thing, that's an argument to be Made, that we are repeating history and that
where we currently are is kind of somewhere In this boat. Well, even that, let's just start
with the more bearish comparisons here, right? Let's pretend we did top out in 49,000, the
golden pocket touch was right there. Look what Happened here. after falling 15% that's 30%
is that 30% why is that doing so much? Yeah 30% after falling a decent amount let's see
I'm gonna do this again I don't know why earlier I don't think it was that deep I think it was
over here is less shallow but 30% it looks Like yeah 30% we fall down and then we bounce
back up in this short time frame if I zoom In here to about our wrong chair wrong tool
right there let's go Fibonacci Diego we come Back up into what is called the platinum pocket.
on shorter timeframe Fibonacci levels. So yes, We started the downward move. Yes, we topped
out in that golden pocket, but we made kind Of a significant dead cap bounce that if we
were to compare that to right now, that would Imply back to some of those levels we were talking
about, that 47, $48,000 level. Let's say we Bottomed out here again, we were only down 15%
rather than 30%. But if we were to use short Term Fibonacci, where would that platinum pocket
price levels? right there between 47 and 48,000 Where we have some heavy liquidations, we have
some order blocks. So I'm kind of sitting here, Worst case scenario is not the right way to
phrase it because worst case scenario, we're Done going up, we're just going to go down the
downside. But I'm sitting here thinking, I Think there's moves to the upside that are worst
case scenario 47,000, 48,000. And then you Get the question of, well, what if we're not
following the Fibonacci extensions right here? What if this is more of a move that compares
to this one right here. This little mark right There back in May of 19. This is the one I think
I was talking about when I was talking about A lesser significant pullback. This point right
here, we pulled back 18%. A lot of people probably Looked at 18% pullback after all the rallies,
you pull up the RSI. Let's pull this up here And quiet some of the noise. RSI had been overextended
once and twice, setting up some good bearish Divergence. convincing people, hey guys, top
is in, it's time to cool off and head back Down to the downside. Right? Well, of course,
we know now looking at the past, we would go On to rally, I'm not predicting we're gonna
make the same push here, but we would go on To rally another 80% to the upside, 85% to the
upside before we cooled down and had our 50% Pullback. What's my point here? I wanna take
a look at it. Yes, golden pocket touch, that's Similar to where we currently are. But look
at these moves here. After bottoming out, we Made one, two, and three big pull ups into overextended
RSI action. We come back down towards the mid Level the first time, move back up, come down
below the mid level and then made a move back Up, setting up a triple touch of bearish divergence.
Well, move on to where we currently are in

The markets. Take a look right here. We made
our first significant pull up here, right to 35,000, had our first grouping of over-extended
RSI action. Now we pulled back down towards The mid level, made our second push up to our
overall overextended RSI. right here as we Pushed up to 45,000. Now we have pulled back
down right below the 50, but are showing signs Of bullish momentum. Could we see that third
head, the third level of bearish divergence With a price action that I've been discussing
here for a little bit, but looking at the fixed Range volume, I'm keeping my eye on this $53,000
volume gap right up here. Remember we had those Liquidations up there at 51,100. A lot of times
you go a little past liquidations. You don't Have to stop right at them. 53,000 still looks
to me like an interesting spot to the upside. Right now, everyone is talking about downside
and there is reasons to talk about it. But Is that not the perfect catalyst to get one
more good pump up, make people believe we're Going to go set that new all-time high because
of all these ETFs. They take their actual real Realized profits up here at 53. And then we
talk about a pullback down and repeating history. $31,900, this former top right here, we did
it back in 2019, significant top here at 6,500, We pulled back to it, we did it in 2016. If
I scroll back on the charts here, 2016 going Back to the past, let's come back right, where
are we, right here. So we double bottomed here, Made a move to the upside, that's pretty close
here to the Fibonacci level as well, this is Why people are talking so much about Fibonacci
levels. Oh, that's actually over there, excuse Me. We made our move to the upside. hold back
down to a former resistance level. This is Another reason why I'm still both positive and
negative. I still believe 31 900 is gonna be Touched, but I'm not convinced based off what
I'm seeing on the charts and looking at history That the top is necessarily in right here at
49,000. But even if it is, again like I said Worst-case scenario, I'm still looking for a
dead cat bounce back up towards 47, 48 thousand Dollars before we see the actual bigger So with
that, there's a great question. I think that Could be asked within that. Then, you know,
if you want to pull up the liquidation tower, I love that you're using the high block there.
We're starting to see definitely a lot more For chat. If you don't know, you want really
bright colors, the brighter the color of the Liquidation zone, the more liquidations that
are sitting there. And we really want to see More bright colors, so to speak, above that
50 K zone to get this push up there where Tim's Actually talking about a potential, you know,
actually we haven't even topped out. We might Top out at that 55 K zone. What would be though
the opposite for this? Cause there's a lot Of people like, okay, maybe they took profits.
I'm someone that definitely took profits. What Are the key levels you'd watch below us? If
you're projecting for a 31.4, do you think We can come down to that 39,600 that a lot of
analysts are talking about bounce from there

Back up to 44 K? You know, what are those liquidation
zones looking at? And where should people maybe Be looking to dollar cost average into this
market? Well, again, yeah, looking here at The seven day. I told you guys the brightest
color is up here at 51,000, but we have some Bright yellow down here at 41,2. We have some
yellow down here at 38,6. If we were to drop To 38,6, we would fill out our CME gap coming
in down here at 39,250. Keep in mind though Guys, right now, this is another reason to be
short-term bullish. We're currently working To fill the gap we just created this last weekend.
Technically we'd only need to go to about 43,7 To fill that gap, but we have a gap now above
us. We also have this gap that goes up to where? 53,400. So again, another reason to kind of
look at that area in my price action on a normal Chart, because again, right now CME trades a
little bit above. If I hit 53,000 on Coinbase, More than likely my CME price will hit and cover
this 53,5, 53,6. So levels below us, I still Think you could even get a pullback down here
towards 38. Let's go back over to Coinbase Chart though. You could get a pullback down
here towards 38 fill some of those liquidations. What would that pullback total be? Let's see
here. That would be somewhere coming down the Region of 20%. Remember back in 2019 we made
the same like around 1821% pullback. A lot Of people probably convinced we had a breaking
of structure. That's another thing right now We're still setting higher lows. If we broke
below, that would be something that a lot of People would look at the charts and say, all
right, we just broke the structure. We're no Longer in a traditional bullish trend. We just
had a lower low. We have to go down, right? Well, history tells us that's not necessarily
true. Especially right now, Let's think about Where we are in the market. We just had an ETF
approved. We're having massive inflows of institutional Money. But what do those institutions want to
do? They want to gather as much supply as possible. So they have to create scenarios in which case
they scare you, the retail investor, even you Intelligent retail investors, to let go of some
of your Bitcoin supply so that they can gobble It up. And to me, the perfect scenario is this
big pullback we've had, even maybe a pullback Down here, towards $38,000. gobble that supply
and then make that push still to the upside. There's no guarantee. There's no guarantee we
hit down towards 31.9. It's just another thing I'm looking at historically. And again, we're
talking about only a couple of times, but historically, We've always come back down to these levels.
There are heavy liquidations and things down On these levels as well. But to me, I would
say let's look at potentially a break of 30, Probably somewhere in the 38, 36,000 region,
a $2,000 region. Watch that zone. If we lose That, Odds are we'll probably see a 31.9 before.
I got a scary number, maybe a little bit higher, 33. And Tim, always a great time, man. Thank
you for jumping in. And are you in a trade Right now? I'm in a couple trades right now.
I mean, some of them are green, some of them

Are red. But I told you, I'm leaning a little
bullish right now. So I'm going to go ahead And ride some of these out, have my conservative
stop losses. But I feel positive right now About the markets. All right. Appreciate it,
Tim. Check them out, investing bros, as always. Charty McChartface. I love the nickname today.
All right, now let me point something out real Quick though. He pulled, he talked about the
30% pullback and we already fell 15%. I didn't Realize we had already fallen 15%. Share my
screen real quick. I'm about to blow you away And I'm gonna give you a bold prediction where
Bitcoin bottoms out potentially. All right, First let me go ahead. All right, I gotta click
this. All right, this is a little trend line That I drew from the start of this foolish price
action that we saw around June 22. You can See, okay. flirting with it a little bit, touching
with it. I'm not gonna say, guys, this is the World's strongest trend line, but there is a
little bit of a trend line forming. Tim pointed Out 15% drawback. I didn't realize we had fallen
15%. Look at that. We come right down a little Bit, 13.4, I mean, right at 15%. But what happens
if we go down 30%? Yeah. Look right when we Hit the line at 30%, that is… the 20th of
January. All right, so we're gonna be looking Around, I'm sorry, no, that's not right, right
here. Oh, coming in around March. This is gonna Be around March. So about two, three months
from now, if we do finish out this 30% drawdown, That gives us $34,000 Bitcoin. Though if we
follow the trend line and we hit the 30% and It hits that trend line, end of February, beginning
of March, middle of March. And I want to remind People of something too, because I'm incredibly
bullish. And I mean, I would love to see these Levels, especially that. Please drop prices
30K so I can accumulate, because this will Be the greatest bull run ever. You know, we
went from like 42 or $43,000 Bitcoin all the Way back down to like 27, 28K with Elon Musk
before that first and the last bull run itself, Too. So it would be completely normal to see
that price action wipe out traders. And this, I said it once where I was like, okay, when
we break 40K Bitcoin, the cockroach influencers Are gonna crawl out back from the cover, or
it got to act like they've been here the entire Bull run and be like, yes, we're back in that
bull run. I'm gonna say the same thing. I have A prediction. If we go back down to 34K, we
do get back down to that zone, you're gonna See the FUD. You're gonna see every influencer
say, we're a sell, buy back at 20K. It's going- BlackRock manipulated it down, they're buying
more. It's going to zero, right? And then that Would be Max Payne for the price here, but.
I know we got a lot of articles to cover here. What are your thoughts on that? That was really
funny, Catcha. Hit the line, wrong channel. That was a good one, that was a good one. All
right, Circle CEO, I wanna point some out cause I wanna make fun of Mike Novogratz real quick
and then I'll pass it off to you, Josh here. Circle CEO sees a very good chance of stable
coin laws this year. He is, you know, one of

The leaders when it comes to blockchain lobbying,
what Circle's been doing, Coinbase has been Doing, they are on the front lines talking to
the Pelosi-esque politicians that greasing The wheel does make the machinery of justice
move faster. He is shaking these hands. So I would say this is pretty bullish. Seen some
stable coin legislation from Circle, bullish For USDC, maybe the Tether CEO, Paulo Arduino,
I think he might be thinking something differently, CTO. This I wanna challenge Mike Novogratz take
here. Dollars reserve currency status in the US. is our reward for controlling the seas,
says the billionaire Mike Novogratz. Talking About the impacts of commercial ships passing
through the Red Sea, we have the Huti rebels. You know, they're shooting pretty cheap drones
at these ships, and then sometimes they have To shoot it down with expensive missiles. A
lot of arbitrage right here. Not really a great Thing, but you're wrong, Mike Novogratz. One,
you were wrong about the Terra Luna tattoo. You probably shouldn't have done it. But yeah,
the Chinese naval capacity is higher than America's Today. plus their ship building capability is
what a 10X, 20X? So they can make 20 ships In the time it takes us to make one. And then
by 2030, they're gonna have around 400, sorry, 435. We might reach 300 in the early 2030s.
So pretty bearish right there. One more thing, They also have their submarines like just pop
up on our coast, like all the time. That's A thing that happens all the time. So yeah,
we don't have control of the seas. Balloons In the air, you know? Mike Novogratz, that was
true in the 90s, early 2000s. Well, DZ, what's Not on that stat is what is the class of those
ships? Like, are they making 100 little dinghies Or are they making like, that's a good point.
I know the capabilities of creating ship. It Is by tonnage. So their tonnage is like 20 x
hours. I mean, listen, I heard that we found Oil in China. So our numbers might ramp up.
Who knows? You want to talk about Tether responding Fiercely to the United Nations money laundering
accusations? Oh, well, so, you know. I would, What do they expect? What do they expect at
this point? Tether's been facing the most amount Of FUD out of almost any single stable, probably
not almost. They have had the most FUD over The last decade at this point. And they freeze
wallets all the time. All the time. So it's Like, okay, we're at this point where they're
denying the United Nations claims about USDT Stablecoin being used for illegal activities.
The UN accused USDT of being involved in money Laundering and scams because Tether to respond,
or forcing them to respond on January 16th, Saying, blockchain technology helps fight crime.
So Tether works with law enforcement agencies Like the DOJ, the FBI, the USSS, and they say
this proves their commitment to stopping financial Crime. They stated their belief in the blockchain's
ability to track illegal activities easier, Not harder. So what this kind of just says to
me is, we know what USDT is doing. They're Printing money out of fricking thin air. If
you know the history of Tether and how it spawned,

There is a lot of controversy and a lot of weird
things. and a lot of connections to these three Letter agencies. So where I say with this is
this is just a blatant marketing stunt. They're Of course gonna be involved in some extent on
the back end with these things. And as they Scratch my back, we scratch yours with the US.
Cause it cannot stop this. USDT and Tether Is not just a US based stable coin. They've
operated outside of the United States for years. And at this point, Tether makes up over 70%
of this market. So seeing what they've done With the Night Dag and everything, again, I
think, you know, it's very obvious in chat. Let me know if you think, I would imagine Tether,
There's things that we will never know. We'll Leave it at that. That being said, I'd rather
hold tether for 10 years than circle on USDC. I don't think it's going anywhere. I'd rather
hold tether. It's been funded for 13 years. Real quick, ship tonnage. Yeah, shipping tonnage,
we're way up there, but ship building tonnage, They surpass us. And also the HUTIs, you know,
they're shooting a US ship, a European Union Ship. Those box cars are filled with Chinese
goods. And so it's like, we bought all this Stuff from the Chinese market, right? We put
it on our ship and our ship blows up. Who's Upset? Not China, because we already bought
it. We bought it. It's on our ship. Insurance Companies are probably at worse. And who's Iran's
largest funder? So yeah, ship, yeah, but we Do, I think, if you look at the ownership of
these US shipping companies, that might also Be surprising. And I don't know anything about
that, but I wouldn't be surprised to see vast Amounts owned by other nations there. C90 brings
up a really… a good litmus test. He says Our tonnage is a grower, not a shower. That
is true, that is true. And I'm not even gonna Talk about showing and growing. Anyway, moving
on. Roughly on it. 50% of cryptos might be Dead, shocking report indicates. It is much,
much higher if you go by Dextools, but they're Going by coins that have been listed on CoinGecko.
So 50% of those are dead right now. And so These are, CoinGecko has listed over 24,000
since 2014. The total number that have ever Existed might be greater than this number. That's
just go to Dextools the last 30 days. It's Higher than 24,000. So yeah, definitely way
more. It's what million tokens have been made Probably BJ. Millions. I don't know. Yeah, I
mean, yeah, AI is just ramping them out so Quick. You see it in the YouTube comments where
there's like some random meme coin that's being Pumped and generated every single day. I would
say it's much higher, but people, you do need To realize this includes all the meme coins
that every anonymous influencer posted on Twitter. Yeah. Trump, NFTs, sales surge 81% as Vavai
quits the presidential race and endorses ex-president. And after, I believe Trump got the highest non-incumbent
Iowa result ever in history. The previous record Was 40%. And I don't know who set that. He came
in at 50%. Do you know who got the 40%? I don't Know. I don't know who it was. No, there was
also a crazy metric from CNN that released

That they took a poll from the Democrat side
of like, do they believe Biden won the last Elections? Now it's down to 28% people being
like, yeah. So you know, whether or not it Doesn't matter what that means, ultimately,
the projections show that Trump is a favorite Moving to this. And these NFT sales guys, if
he wins the elections, let's be real. These Things will pump. Massively hundreds and hundreds
of percents. If he wins that presidential election, They'll be huge. They'll be, you know, I'll
go to OpenSea right now. You go to OpenSea. Do this live here, everybody. I think it's just
you could just type in Trump and you'll see They have two collections or I'm sorry, he had
to increase the supply after the first drop There. And if we go to activity, this will give
us a good little test here. I need to expand This so I can see all the things. I'm gonna
shrink it for a bit. 40 minutes ago, two hours Ago, two hours ago, three hours ago, and a lot
four hours ago, eight hours ago, 12 hours ago. Yeah, so there's definitely a little bit of
a spike. What's the volume in the last 24 hours, Does it say? There's a huge spike eight hours
ago, and then so that would be coinciding essentially With the stepping down. So yeah, there's definitely
a spike. I think the vague tweeted out around 2 a.m. And then yeah, there's a Trump sweeping
event Yeah, so the Trump NFTs, let's see, what Are they right now? The best offer is.134 ETH,
so hundreds of dollars. 15,000 ETH in volume, Wow. Last one sold for $414, $537, $340 for
14, for 12. All right, so they're flying like Hotcakes, everybody. Did you get your hands
on a Trump NFT? I remember when this dropped, Me and Crypto Blood saying, We should probably
buy some of these. They're going to go up. They went up to a thousand dollars at one point.
You can minumum for a hundred dollars. It wasn't 10 X or a brief period. It didn't jump in though.
Uh, I guess we get, uh, it was, yeah. So Trump Won the Santas number two, Haley number three,
and then the thing number four came in at 8%. He has dropped out and it looks like he tweeted
at 2 AM. He was going to be on stage with Trump Today, this morning, perhaps, uh, maybe the
year of been talking. So Yeah, more and more Interesting things. Yes, BJ does play counter
spell. He loves blue decks there. All right, Bankrupt FTX token. Wow, they didn't call me
out. Token valuation rebounds to over $1 billion As customers contest bankruptcy plan. They talking
about FTT. So FTT is now past a billion dollars Again. All right, let's look at FTT. What is
FTT doing? Let's look live here. FTT, I held Onto mine. I didn't dump it with the first rumblings.
I think it dropped to. 20 bucks pretty quickly. I was like, all right, well, that's pretty much
my average point. And then it dropped to 10 And then to like zero and it just happened so
quickly. I have like, I have a hand, I have Dozens of these, I think like 20 or 30 or something.
I have dozens, literally dozens. That would Have been impressive of November, 2022 before.
Yeah, I can maybe cover my gas fee into ETH. Maybe, maybe we'll see. All right, if we hit
the max though, you'll see. Oh yeah, I remember,

I remember like, oh, I should sell, I should
sell, you know. It dropped to 22 bucks and Then almost instantly fell to $1.50. And I was
like, well, I remember gas fees are really, Really high that day. Cause you know, FTX looks
like it's going to collapse. Gas fees were Nuts. And the gas fees of what kept me out.
Boy, I wish I would have paid that $80 gas Fee, $100 gas fee, whatever it was. Maybe I
think it was a hundred and change. Definitely Should have paid the a hundred dollar gas fee
to get out of that sinking ship. Yeah, if you're New to the crypto markets, just wait till it's
peak bull run and an ETH transaction costs $400. Or just don't use ETH. Yeah, or just don't
use ETH. But hey, that's, that's what I want. Proto dank sharding. Okay. Proto dank sharding.
Remember, we're going to put that on a t-shirt And blobs. I know people get real excited about
blobs and proto dank sharding with L2 gas usage Dropping 90%. I'm bullish on it. It just, it's
like you're trying to describe EU or UETXO. Sorry. extended unspent transaction or you know
what I'm talking about. I do, but you start Saying it and you're like, wow, I'm boring myself
and the person I'm talking to. One was the Last time you were ever excited about sharding.
Just last time I Starbucks 2017, it was a, Yeah, it was freshman year of college. All right.
Let's talk about a record breaking a $17.5 Billion traded in crypto. Call me Mr. 17.5.
following the Bitcoin ETF debut. So yes, massive, Massive inflows. Meanwhile, Bitcoin seen net
outflows. So just be careful when you see those Types of headlines. Altcoin mania breaks out
across the board and site as Bitcoin takes A breather, predicts an analyst here is Wiles
Van de Pop, telling his 684,000 followers that The ETFs might mean that Bitcoin has already
printed a short term top. We're looking at Some of those levels earlier. Right now Bitcoin
is breathing. Whoa, look at Bitcoin now. Bitcoin's Breathing, it's down about 15%, and it's only
up about 1.8% and is allowing these alts to Breathe. The alts now have a little bit of room
to run. They can absorb some of the attention, Some of the liquidity in the markets as Bitcoin
turns a little bit boring there. Any alts you Got your eye on? Yeah, actually, there's quite
a bit right now. On my DCA today? What would You if I let's just say a larger coin, let's
not go create. Oh, I got to swap to here and Download a wallet and go to this. Turn the VPN
on. Let's just say like a crypto dot com coin Base. A run of the mill top 50 coin, top 100
coin run in the mill. I would say one I'm definitely Keep my eyes on is Arbitrum, but I am paying
attention to that unlock period. But ultimately, There's a lot with my arbus ran up too much.
That's a thing here. But like this is where We were going through TA and everything and
we're talking about those. It's like 50-50 On which way the price is going to go right
now. So if you're looking at DCA, I do think A lot of these altcoins could see a little bit
of downside action here for the coming weeks, Which I'm incredibly excited for because I'm
going to stack those bags on those. But I would

Say Arbitrum is going to be definitely up there.
There's a lot between though the 100 to 200 Million dollars or not market cap wise, but
100 to 200 top cryptos. XAI is starting to Pop off here. That's a brand new gaming project.
So that narrative is something I would start Paying attention to pretty much. Let me just
disagree with King tracks. And I respect the Crown. I'm watching the crown right now. So
I respect the crown. Promoting Trump NFT now Is like telling people to buy Bitcoin when it
was 65K. Actually Bitcoin is 65K makes more Sense. Well, Trump NFTs were a thousand and
they've now retraced 60%. Bitcoin at 69,000 Retracing 60% would be. 40,000 minus that, so
29,000. So not quite a fair comparison, and I think it's safe to assume if Trump wins the
nominee, these NFTs could be worth more than $400. If you disagree, I think you're kind of
maybe just putting in your personal feelings About the guy. We're not here in crypto to worry
about, oh, the CEO and the Discord mod, I disagreed Because they had a Ukraine. No, no, no. It's
his four year cycle. This is Trump's having Here. So as soon as he wins, it's half the population
gets cut in half and the price goes up. When I think of Trump having a cycle, I think of
like a cocoon, like the old people in the pool. He emerges more orange, more poofy with his
hair. Wings just expanded. Like he looks younger, Melania looks older. I don't know, something
weird like that. Oh my goodness. All right, Chainlink exchange supply. Let's talk a little
Chainlink here. I'm doing a Chainlink research Video. And this article sparked the video. All
right, so let me know, you know, it's been A couple of months since we've talked about
Chainlink here. You know, at least I released A dedicated video to it. So you know what? I
think we deserve another Chainlink video. Two Months, too long. That's what I say. Chainlink
supply has not seen a plunge recently. We are At multi-year lows. Supply and exchanges refers
to the percentage of the total circulating Supply currently being stored in the wallets
of centralized exchanges. Right now we're hitting A low trend. for this metric, you can see it
right there heading to the low side. Following The drop, the indicator value just hit 14.87%
of circulating link. So one out of seven chain Link is on an exchange. This is the lowest metric
since February, 2020. Let's do something, Josh. Let's look at the DeFi summary. So we're gonna
pull up link here. I have deleted those old Trend lines, everybody, in case you were wondering.
You actually have to go to, I think it's BitGet. It's hard to find old Chainlink charts here.
Bing X, it's not Bybit. You think it's Binance, It's not OKX. I thought it was, oh, Bitfinex,
here it goes. Bitfinex here. Link Dollar maybe? Yeah, I don't know. Either way, it doesn't matter.
All right, Link coming in. Exchange hitting A multi-year low, 2020. So we're gonna go back.
We're gonna hit the three-day chart. Nope, I'm gonna have to find another thing. All right,
well first, Josh, why? I'm gonna pull a price Prediction for it. What is your just broad thoughts
on Chainlink? So real world assets for you

Guys that don't know is going to be a pretty
strong narrative. If you want to find this, It's and there you go. That was my thoughts.
I lied. It's not bit max. It is not bit. OK, So while he pulls that up, I want to do a price
prediction here and show you guys a really Cool website again just for some alpha. If you
guys are new and want to know if a crypto can Hit all time highs the same as previous cycles.
But the CCIP is an awesome advantage to already The awesome product in Oracle services that
it actually provides. So. Chainlink is one Of those blue chips projects at this point.
The CCIP of it is something that I think scaled It to a new high, because that now allows it
to compete with a lot of these cross-border Remnant systems and these real world assets
and the tokenization of that moving into the Future. And they're essentially now partnered
with Swift and really fixing people may like This or not. But they're honestly one of the
solutions to a lot of the issues the traditional Fractional banking system had. So Chainlink,
Sergey Nazarov has positioned them to be a Blue chip token. And I don't think we're gonna
see that fade. at all whatsoever. Now, what's The price prediction on that? Right now it's
sitting at an $8.5 billion market cap. If you Have what you found, I will start putting into
a calculator. So February 2020, so we're gonna Pull up 2020 here. All right, so boom, started
2020. February, we started the year right there. $2.60, a very, very short term run up. Wow,
we almost doubled there, went to 480. And then Look at this pullback, everybody. So after the
run up, There's a huge, huge price correction Price fell 70%, but this is not gonna be, that's
just March. That's just March COVID. We're Actually gonna forget about this, forget about
this. COVID kind of screwed a lot of things Up. So I really think if COVID did not happen,
yeah, probably would have got a little correction And then boom, it probably would have looked
more like that. Look at this run up everybody. I'm gonna shrink this X axis and I have to hit
right there. Always do that sometimes. All Right, so February 20, go ahead and start to
run up slightly. We'll even like catch a wick Or so. It leaves the screen. Yeah, that was a nice
run up. I'll say that. It was a very, very Nice run. Will we see something like the February
2020 run up again? I don't know, folks. This Isn't even the bull run of 21. We keep going.
Oh, this was just the 2020 run up. So I'm feeling Pretty good about Chainlink. I think I'm going
to go ahead and start working on this video. I might DCA into Chainlink today, and I know
it's not even at the bottom of its channel. I don't really care for Chainlink. It's like
buying Bitcoin. Oh, if I could have waited, I got it $2,000 cheaper. I don't care. Yeah,
and that's the thing, right? Someone actually Put anchors like buying Chainlink at one cent.
Well, I don't know what the logistics will Look like around that veto, but yeah, Chainlink's
now a blue chip, guys. This is a $10 billion

Market cap crypto. The, you know, your reward
is gonna be a lot smaller than taking a risk On something that might have a hundred or 200
or $300 million market cap. But if there's A COVID crash, 70% is better than 90%. Oh, and
I would pick that up heavily. Oh yeah. Especially If there's another one, but- You know, people
don't know the all time high was $52. It might've Been a little bit more than that. Around a $21
billion market cap for Link. So here's a little Bit of a price prediction. For Link to hit that
same price and hit that all time high, there's A lot more tokens in circulation, nothing crazy.
It would need to hit a $29 billion market. Yeah, not bad at all. Still in the 20s. Still
really good, not crazy dilution. So previous Bull run top, 20 billion, 21 you said? 21 billion.
21. What's the next one? 42? Are we gonna double? Are we gonna triple? Okay, so yeah, so to break
it's all time would be 30, but I think it can At least double that. So we're still looking
probably- 60 billion market cap. I think Chainlink Could push that seven to a hundred dollar range,
yeah. Okay, so that's around a hundred dollar Chainlink. Yeah, so I'm coming in around the
same. I think it's gonna be about a triple Of, or maybe even a 3.5X. I'm using Bitcoin's
tops as an indicator. Bitcoin went to 20K and Then it did a 3.5X and essentially went to 70K.
I can see Chainlink total supply I'm sorry, The market cap do a 3.5x, 3x as well. And that's
a takeaway is like, okay, you know, that's A lot of money moving in, even though that's
a 3.5 to maybe 5x. That's why it's that blue Shit part of the category. $100 billion market
cap, $85 billion market cap. All right, so People got some pretty bullish $250 price target,
I'm coming a little bit more bearish $100 price Target, but either way, I'm happy with the $100
chain link. I'm gonna say 99.99. Okay. Just One set underneath, like the price is right.
So. $1, Bob. Yeah, coming in one bit lower There. One bit lower. One 26, people getting
specific here. All right, let's talk about Polygon here. Polygon Foundation faces 400 million
Matic misappropriation claims. They're accused Of misappropriating funds and dumping. Dumping
on the holders. That's a real chain worn by Sandeep. That's not real. So from sharding to
dumping, got it. Some about proto dankshard. Anyways, the entity tasked with supporting the
research development education stands accused Of misappropriating millions of Matic and dumping
millions more on holders. The token allocation Was questioned here. Chain Argos, let's just
go to the tweet here. Loading polygon allocation Problems and suspicious flows to exchanges.
Let's look at a very large project and explore How the allocations were not done in line with
the publicly stated plan and show some suspicious Flows to an exchange. Here's the publicly given
token allocation. We made a spreadsheet of Expected amounts. When you look at flows, you
find a vesting contract, which mechanically Unlocks all flows. Why do we say that? Here
are the vesting contract outflows. And then Here are the outflows from the foundation. So
this is clearly managing all the flows fine.

Okay, looks pretty similar. Here all the outflows
here is like, we should be able to match or At least make some progress. The top entry at
one point is probably Launchpool. Okay, keeps Looking, he's keep investigating, but staking,
there's Cumulative Flow. All right, so it looks Like it all stem from staking rewards. And now
go back to the outflows, the missing 400, looks Like it goes to Binance. Hmm, so a missing 400
million from the allocation went to Binance Wallet 33. Now again, I'm not doing this research
myself, we're just kind of looking at it live, But you know, it looks like he brought receipts,
everybody. You're saying deep. What do you Say? What's the answer? Someone's gotta pay
for CZ's bills, man. You know, while he's gone And he's behind the scenes. Look, guys, I don't
think founders dumping on us is anything new. And of course, when you're one of the largest
layer two projects out there, you're gonna See that movement. And obviously they're doing
300 million in volume in the last 24 hours. So I haven't looked too far at this. I definitely
will. But when you see founders dumping, it's Like every other project in the ecosystem is
doing this. The only difference is Polygon Matic's the top layer two out there. So, you
know. Fud the bags though, I would love that Price to drop so I can accumulate more and pick
it up in this run. And really quick, I wanted To shout out guys, there's 1,077 of you guys
watching right now with 381 likes. Guys, we Can easily get to the thousand dollar mark,
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in here today. You can see we just gave it The thumbs up. Appreciate you. Catch them all.
He is done with Ethereum after this bull run. They're too damn high, not fixable. Proto dank
sharding, proto dank sharding. And that's where The layer twos come in. So, you know, and that's
gonna be a new narrative. You know, people, If you're asking what layer ones are gonna do
the best, those are now all really large market Caps. It's the layer twos, even layer threes
now. Maybe this layer four is in a year. Now We do have Sandeep live in a spaces right now.
We could spam it and say, where's the missing 400 million? Where's the missing 400 million?
And it looks like this is like a pre-scheduled Lab thing with Moonvale. So that's pretty interesting.
I just checked Sandeep and OX Polygon Labs Has not replied to this yet, it seems like.
So. No comment from Polygon regarding this Controversy. Ooh, interesting. I wouldn't short
Matic on this news or anything. I don't expect Too much price action from this. I'm waiting
to send Sandeep some Matic so he can send me Double back. Is he gonna be the new Elon slash
Michael Saylor? Potentially, not too many people

Know who he is. Who? Sandeep, I don't know how
to say his last name. Narsh Wall? Nail Wall. Sandeep Nail Wall. I wasn't even close. Nail
Wall, so that's the leader of Polygon CEO. Founder of it as well. I freely retweet Polygon
ecosystem projects. Retweets are not endorsements. I guess that's been an issue in the past. Any
of these altcoin stories you want to do, make Sure we cover anything. You know, Solana, I
know people want to talk about this one. Solana Phone, 2.0. Solana phone we can touch first.
2.0 coming out? Another one is gonna come. They got another plan for a cheaper follow up
to the Saga smartphone here. after the original Phone sold out as people harvested the bundled
tokens and air drops. Here's what we're going To say. If that phone's coming out, there's
another meme coin coming out. I don't know If it's bonk 2.0 or stonk or whatever it is.
Pay attention to that, you know, that airdrop That will come with that because those it already
proved itself the first time. And that is again A narrative hop here. But I honestly expect
them to probably drop a phone every single Year. They're going to follow the same as Androids,
Googles, Apple, everything. They're just going To every single year. S9, S20, whatever. I think
this is more, you're buying a wallet attached To a phone, more than you're buying a phone.
Cause you're buying this unique wallet that People are gonna use for airdrops, NFT projects
are gonna use for whitelist, and you can't Fake the Solana Saga wallets or addresses. And
so I think you're essentially buying coveted Address. And when you look at it that way, a
coveted address for $400 at one point, thousand Dollars in the future. Well, I think that's
a fair gamble. Yeah, and I mean, if you're A slana airdrop farmer too, it's like, it's
so organized in one place for you. So it's Like, you can separate all that. I hate having
20 Metamests, one for avalanche, one for every Ecosystem possible. You know what it feels like
to me? Dedicated slana phone. Buying this thousand Dollar phone, it feels like buying 50, no, I
would say a little bit more. It feels like Buying $120 scratch offs. Like, you know, sure,
maybe you're. You're spending 2K. You have An addiction, is that what you're telling me
right now? You spend $1,000 a month on toys. Right, you could, maybe it's a bunk on phone
number two. Yeah. Maybe it's not, you know, Maybe your air drops pay for 70% of your phone,
60%. You know, I think it's more likely this Phone will be paid off by like 80%, 90%. It's
kind of like diminishing returns on them keep Doing the drops. I think so, I think so, and
I think everyone's buying it too, you know, Just… farm air drops and sell air drops. So,
you know, price appreciation is gonna be filled With more sellers. I guarantee there's people
who bought a Saugaphone. I was watching Ivan On tech this morning. He bought a Saugaphone
and then wasn't aware of 100% of the air drops. I think with version 2.0, you're gonna be aware
of the air drops. There's gonna be more friendly Graphics. Hey, don't forget to sell this coin
on the 17th at 2 p.m. There's gonna be a lot

Of dumping action from these phone wallets here.
I can agree with that takeaway. And you know, It really will come down to when it launches.
I think this previous phone just launched at The perfect time. Markets were up, ETF hype,
like it was a really good time to receive these Phones and the meme coin narrative. So it's
also, okay, when this drops, are we going to Be at the, you know, the local bottom of a move?
Are we going to be, you know, is this way after The Bitcoin having? There's a lot of questions
out coming to it, but definitely watch it. Narrative trend and trading is going to obviously
be very beneficial. We got to bring up Cardano Again. You know, people asking about Cardano.
We talked about Cardano in the beginning, you Know, kind of what they're building in Africa
and world economic forum and how there's a Little overlap here. But now there's a little
bit of a fight, a brouhaha between ADA and ICP. That's right. Cardano founder takes a jab
at Internet Computer. Uh, the beef no one wanted. Uh, Charles Hassen has humorously retorted to
Definity's claim as the protocol behind ICP. Their claim about their new canister storage
capacity. Are you ready devs to get real excited About canister storage capacity? I put it up
there with proto dank sharding and a recent Social media exchange that caught the eye of
the community here. Charles Chuckiehoho offered A sarcastic response to a boastful social media
post from Definity here. Oscus in a humorously Replied, thanks for storing Cardano. You know,
he's used that canister to rebuild ICP if you Ever need to. Shots fired. The latest involvement,
advancement involves canisters which are essentially High capacity smart contracts. They allow developers
to deploy dApps written in various languages As web assembly modules. Think about someone
like me or Josh, or maybe even you watching At home, you wanna make a web three app? I'm
not gonna know the first thing about starting Solidity, but I could use this canister as a
tool building kit and I could probably get There by watching some of those 17 view YouTube
videos with someone with a strong accent. These Canisters, it's just a… Dapp building toolkit.
I would say is the best way of describing that. Unlike, oh God, they give me a description.
I hope I don't sound dumb. Unlike traditional Containers and software, these canisters don't
just execute code. They also store the application State, significantly enhancing the efficiency
and scalability of the applications they host. So yeah, you're able to build a app that doesn't
break essentially. He also welcomed Dfinity Years ago to major leagues in a social media
post there. What are your thoughts on the ICP, A to B? Do we need it? BJ, do we need it? I
love beef. You like beef? Yeah, look, beef Is good, but I have to, I'm gonna agree to Charles
and Accent on this just because I've had the Opportunity to work with all IACP. I spoke at
their conferences. I've done a lot of, I did A speech on just how to build and develop and
market and build a platform. So for a lot of The upstarting startups that were just taking
place on there, getting the funding and the

Grant programs, I'll say to them like, this
is how you scale TikTok. This is how you do Short from content. This is how you get people
to come build on your network. And what I found Over the years is just the influencers, the
grant program, and a lot of the marketing incentives That are within that ecosystem, there's Code
and State and there's DFINITY. Code and State Is kind of like the funders and the venture
capital that's trying to decentralize the network In the sense they want to incentivize builders
to come in and develop on that network and Just not be suppressed by DFINITY. DFINITY kind
of plays this very central authoritarian figure And creates a centralization tension between
them and the rest of the community. And just Being in that industry and seeing that, I personally
am just, this is my own personal opinions, I think there's a lot of stuff on the internal
that they gotta fix, as well as what these SNS and the canisters, that certain people maybe
shouldn't be getting funded. And it's only, They're only getting funded because. They might
be friends or family from certain people within The team. Sounds like a bad version of Cardano's
catalyst. Oh, you ever seen Charles Hoskinson's Brother-in-law? I'm not going to say what he
got. Yeah, I'm not going to say that doesn't Happen on every, like every ecosystem. Just
seeing that firsthand turned me away from that. Again, can ICP perform and see a 510X in a boron?
Of course. But yeah, I'm going to have to say, You know, I just, I just know a lot from personally
working with the team that I'm like, yeah, I can see why they're getting some heat. Catch
them all. Are we in a simulation? I think so. Who knows? Beef gross, pieces of corpse, not
for me, thanks. Even if it tastes good, aha. Aren't we closer to carnivores than herbivores
in our omnivorous development? That's a question For us, I don't know. Yeah, it's not. I'm not
the scientist for that one, but we do have Celestia founder, guys. Oh, this was so cool.
This is dope, this is dope. You wanna take This one? No, it makes me wanna buy more Tia.
Let me see, I'm highlighted. I put out my tweet Today. Yeah, I'm highlighted, there's a lot
here. I made a video on the channel saying, You know, a T at $3 is like the max I think
you could do would be a 6 to 10 X, which would Put it at about $30 in a bull run. But the more
that comes out about Celestia and the time I made that video was like, we're specifically
talking about the tokenomics. I had to come Out today and guys saying I was wrong. Celestia
definitely could blow past that $30 mark. It Already has almost reached it. It's at like
$20 at this point. But you know, I kind of Just kept, I was like, screw the fundamentals.
We're in a bear market. This is all hype. They're Another layer two. Their CEO guys, the founder,
maybe not the CEO, but the founder relives Crashing CIA website and hacking Westboro Baptist
Church in early years. I'm pretty sure you Have all this highlighted, so I definitely want
you to go through it. What a beast. This is Really one of the coolest stories I have seen
from founders in the industry. Yeah, and I

Saw Dee's posting about it at first. I'll, let's
see, I'll have to look because he posts way Too much like all those people do. The founder
relives crashing the CIA website. So the founder Mustafa Al-Bassam has spoken again about his
backstory after post on X-Surface about his Hacking days when he was a teenager. He was
basically in T2, Edward Furlong hacking the ATM machine. That was him. The favorite hack
was not the CIA, but the Westboro Baptist Church, Which we hacked on a live radio show, clarified
the CIA event wasn't a hack, but a DDOS attack. He pointed his followers to- DDoS, come on there.
You know this. All right, what does it stand For? No idea. I just know it means… Distributed
denial of service. There it is. There it is. Get out of here. I'll walk away. I call it what
I want. He pointed to his followers to a book About the hacker group Anonymous, which he's
featured in and said he was talking about his Past after other posts had mentioned it. Westboro
Baptist Church. Those are the people that protested Funerals, if you remember that. When he was
just 18 years old, him and three others pled Guilty to multiple cyber attacks, including
the CIA, UK's organized crime agency, Sony, News International in the National Health Services,
according to The Independent, seems pretty Base to me. Makes me a bigger fan of TIA and
their tech, I will say that. Yeah, makes me Vote for them more. They have, their token unlock
is 25% cliff in November. So just keep that One in mind, but they've been performing. November's
long, that's years in crypto. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, never found it. But, you know, I'm sure
it's somewhere. All right. Well, anything else You wanted to add today is a great episode.
Oh, that was I think that was a wrap up for The altcoins. It's really just get ready. You
know, we have a few price points and targets We want to hit, but this is the start of the
bull run. We're seeing mass inflows. You know, You want to have that strategy and we have tons
of strategies actually coming out. We're doing Portfolio videos. What we would do with a thousand.
We do with five thousand fifty twenty five B.C. strats. Everything that we do and what
we're building, you need to be ready. for what Will be the greatest bull run ever, guys. This
is financial products, institutions are here, It's not coming, they are here. We are gonna
see a ton of volume after this Bitcoin having, So get ready and keep kicking it. And chemistry,
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