Metaverse Comeback? (Bored Ape Yacht Club News)

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I'm talking on the phone it's just kind Of frustrating you log on and you're Sitting and then you're sharing your Screen because you've ever been on the Phone with a customer service you're Like no what that field isn't there or That's not on this page you say customer There isn't a customer ID Now we're in a metaverse together and They're sharing your screen [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you All right uh board ape Yacht Club Metaverse what all right the stupidly Ambitious M squared project as Improbable CEO Herman uh describes it Launches its metaverse building tools All right this is the tech behind the Board ape Universe this is a screenshot From a metaverse session Um all right their creation suit for Interoperable online World spanning a Network uh Tech stack and metaverse Markup language for creating the the Assets and experiences in that world all Right so they're calling it stupidly Ambitious project and a network of Metaverses so all right I like what I'm Seeing here picture paints a thousand Words we say a video shows thousands of Opportunities here's them uh share it on Stage with Viva Tech all right the early

Other side demos which uh improbable Built in partnership with Yuga are the Highest profile examples today to what The tech is capable of and indeed the Experience of being among thousands of Live players uh felt like a totally Original gaming feat uh they say April That was a long time ago ago it wasn't Two months ago they did that first beta That was in 2022 prior to Friday's Official launch him and his colleagues Shared a number of experimental spaces To drop links on Twitter for on the Fly Play sessions uh in May football star Alexander zinchenko uh joined in and Interact with fans now more and more People are tapping uh the tech of what's Described as a second phase of a Long-term plan so yeah we'll see it I Mean the the demo seemed uh pretty well But I feel a little bit better knowing That they're working with such a robust Team here I still hold my Mutant I've Wrote it down 100K at this point so they Sure I've been given some airdrops Like worth three thousand but I'm still Holding on to it a little bit more than That but that ain't much all right uh HSBC files trademark applications plans To launch nfts and banking services in The metaverse All right I am kind of torn on this I'm Not going to go in the whole you know Breakdown here I mean this isn't the

First time we've seen Brands say they're Gonna you know have some sort of Presence in a metaverse we see it with Clothing brands and stuff I would rather Deal all right so when you're shopping Online it probably doesn't make sense Right I'd rather just scroll through rather than control my Avatar and I'm like walking up to the Black v-necks and I'm like oh that's the Same thing I always wear I guess I'll Wear it again Doesn't maybe maybe I think it's easier To just scroll on the website [Music] [Music] Here's where I could see it customer Service because then I want to see a Human being okay you know what I mean Like I'm talking on the phone it's just Kind of frustrating you log on and You're sitting and then you're sharing Your screen because you've ever been on The phone with a customer service you're Like no what that field isn't there or That's not on this page you say customer There isn't a customer ID Now we're in a metaverse together and They're sharing your screen that I I Could see it work for customer service That's probably one of the more customer Service and education that's where I'm Real bullish on the metaverse especially Education with custom AI tutors can you

Imagine you have that rambunctious Nephew you know and the parents they Can't just seem to get a handle on them Sure they give them Coca-Cola at 2PM but Look he's just hyper that's just how he Is but now red die 40 what's wrong What's wrong with this you know I don't Know uh so you can't get him to sit Still you know he's he's got the stupid Blues Clues guy trying to teach him how To read he doesn't care about that but Now you got an AI thing it's saying his Name and guess what you got Pikachu Ryan Reynold's voice he's like hey Aiden sit Down Aiden You sit down and I'll show you how to do A thunderbolt after we learn the ABCs Now Aiden's like wait a minute freaking Pikachu's talking to me or whatever it Could be a Transformer it could be Gumby Okay well I'm a little old it could be Barney okay I I am I enrolled Quest what Coco melon yeah it could be whatever you Want it to be I think once we have Customizable AI tutors where you have Captain America teaching your son about Government and Civics okay if Captain America was trying to teach me about the Alamo when I was seven years old I Probably would have listened a little Bit more uh of course teachers back then They'd have like Sam Elliott playing Sam Houston you know like a nice handlebar Mustache just give me Captain America

Just give me Captain America or Peter Parker teaching you science you know why Not yeah sure I'll let the spider bite Me okay let's let doc OCT dwelling bite Me here what yeah let Dr Octopus teach Kids let Dr Doom teach people economics [Applause] Thank you [Music]