My Crypto Portfolio’s Biggest Winners and Losers! Brace Yourself!

My Crypto Portfolio's Biggest Winners and Losers! Brace Yourself!

Our assets are doing well overall, but we’re not making any moves with the price of Bitcoin spiking. Should we put more into Bitcoin if it hits 50% dominance? Find out in today’s portfolio update.

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Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben We're going to be taking a look at our Portfolios uh just a quick check today Our cost basis is 41 000 so we're up Actually 3 416 in our account right now Get rid of that that shows a little bit Uh closure what's going on here uh but You guys can see we had quite a dip we Actually went down negative uh over the Last week back to negative in the Portfolio but we are back on the upward Trend uh let's just take a look at the Wallets here I take a look at the Wallets right now in our 25 000 Portfolio we're up twenty seven thousand One hundred ninety five dollars uh our 10K portfolio we're up 1600 to 11 600 in Our kucoin ISO 20022 portfolio we're up 380 bucks and our 1 000 portfolio we're Actually still down so we're not going To be making any moves today in the Portfolio because you see we're very East heavy up here uh very East very Link heavy which is the only portfolio I Think we have Lincoln we've got nothing In the portfolio less than uh 500 so That's good news taking a look here our Optimism uh and Matic our lyric twos we Told you layer twos we're going to be Putting a big focus on those you guys Can see we have done that our ISO 20022 We've got cardano leading the pack here We're actually down on our cardano since Our investment

Um so that's kind of hurting the Portfolio overall of course we have our 1 000 portfolio that unfortunately we Just can't do a lot right here with this So let's go and take a look at um Performance of our portfolio and then Come down here you can see we are ignore These numbers up here we're gonna have These numbers fixed for you by uh next Week I believe so if we come here to our Assets our all-time returns uh you guys Can look here and see that we've made 33 On polygon we've lost eight percent on Xrp just get kind of a view of uh you Know what what we have and what we do Not have that's been uh profitable not Sure why this is showing zero dollars is Showing zero dollars these numbers are Wrong here coin tracker is a little Jank I think we're gonna actually switch to Something else next week but digress our Conflicts that was a good pick we Invested in complex just a couple weeks Ago and we are up on that big time it is Up 106 percent and agix is another one That we got in that I think is doing Pretty well oh there's our Singularity Up 57 but overall our assets are doing Pretty well now with the price of Bitcoin spiking this week and we've hit New local highs here I don't think it's The right move to really do anything in The portfolio I think one thing we do Have to consider is if the Bitcoin

Dominance continues to increase and it Gets above 45 starts heading towards 50 Should we start condensing some of our Holdings and putting them in Bitcoin and In eth that's a good question Um I'm going to say for now we're not Going to do that because I do like the Idea of having Um you know a lot of different coins in The portfolio but uh we'll see what Happens I I think right now it's better For me to keep the allocation of all Coins because Is Bitcoin dominance moves from about 38 To 45 like I've already missed that Seven percent move this would have been The type of move I probably want to make Before Bitcoin dominant started moving Up not afterwards because the Possibility on the upside I just don't Think is as good as it would have been Um because I don't think we're going to Like 60 Bitcoin dominance or anything Like that we'd be lucky to pass over 50. I don't know if we'll get over 50. we'll Have to see what do you guys think Bitcoin dominance is going drop your Comments down below it's all I got for This week we have a new tracker for you Next week that's all I got be blessed Foreign [Music]

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