NEW: The Crypto Collapse In The US Was Planned

NEW: The Crypto Collapse In The US Was Planned

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00:00 Intro
00:00 What is Prometheum?
01:50 Why This is so STRANGE
03:35 How Many Altcoins About To Be Declared Securities?
05:00 FINRA, SEC, & China Backing?
07:08 The Master Plan To Take Over Crypto

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Has basically said that crypto exchanges Should be ready registered under Securities laws that they're trading Securities and that basically uh If you read through the lines given that He's a very capable and focused man Uh I don't know if a reckoning's coming But there's going to be a point in time When there's an official designation There is a wolf in the crypto Hen House The company's promethium that was Aaron Kaplan their co-ceo and if you haven't Heard what promethium is you're about to Promethium and its subsidiaries are Building a public market and custodial Infrastructure for digital asset Securities pursuant to the federal Securities laws promethium is a broker Dealer so think of them like an exchange Like a coinbase like a Gemini only Totally compliant and meant for Securities and security tokens Promethium has developed proprietary Technology in the United States Promethium subsidiaries are Securities And Exchange Commission registered Broker dealers and finra members Promethium ATS is an SCC registered Alternative trading system that matches Orders for buyers and sellers of digital Asset Securities under the federal Securities laws and to put this into Perspective This Promethean storyline has got to be

The strangest thing I've seen in a while In this industry I don't know if a Reckoning's coming But there's going to be a point in time When there's an official designation and When that occurs It's going to be difficult for the major Crypto exchanges in the United States Who aren't registered under Securities Laws or registered as money service Bureaus with money transmitter licensure Uh to be as active in the space and have List as many assets so Promethean is a Broker dealer Promethean is an ATS it Might be a situation where the major Exchanges will have to partner with the ATF because just in this last month in The middle of the SEC bringing cases on Coinbase Gemini and giving the stiff arm To Robin Hood and others promethium gets Approval for the first of its kind Special purpose broker dealer spbd for Digital asset Securities then Promethean CEO somehow gets a seat in front of Congress yesterday and starts reading Off pre-written notes clearly Coordinating narratives there has been Much discussion lately about the need For greater regulatory Clarity for Digital assets the essential point at Hand is not about more or less Regulation or even new regulation but Rather the application of the existing Regulatory Frameworks to digital assets

The federal Securities laws have been Tried and tested for almost 90 years and Have allowed the United States to Establish the world's most trusted and Advanced Financial markets the SEC is by Far the most capable Financial Market Regulatory agency in the world the SEC Relies on finra a self-regulatory Organization whose mission is Market Integrity and investor protection to Regulate the Securities markets together The SEC and finra employ approximately 8 000 employees to oversee these vital Securities functions put simply the Federal Securities Law is an oversight From the SEC and finra have proven to be The most effective system to protect Investors operate fair and orderly Markets and protect customers funds and Assets promethium says they will Facilitate trading of any token that Their internal compliance analysis Determines our Securities and the hook Is this because even though back in 2022 They listed all these ethereum D5 assets They're listing on their exchange even Though now with this special license They're one of the only games in town Since the SEC is suing everybody else There's a disconnect because today They're not allowed to list any crypto And they won't be allowed until said Cryptos are declared Securities Mr Kaplan promethium's website says that

Promethium ATS supports quote many Tokens that mostly trade on crypto Exchanges end quote I'd like to dig in On that just a little bit can promethium Customers trade in either If your answer is yes please explain how Not currently Can promethium customers trade in Bitcoin if your answer is yes please Explain how no Just for the audience at home's benefit Ether and Bitcoin make up more than 60 Percent of the digital asset Market Mr Kaplan given that either ether and Bitcoin make up more than 60 percent of The digital asset Market if the current System is working Why can't your Customers trade the most popular and Widely used digital assets Regulation and as pointed out this ATS Absolutely will not work unless the Project's first register the tokens with The SEC is this the end of crypto in America Hope so don't think so uh but I hope so Yes and when people say promethium is a Wolf in sheep's clothing those anxious Words this Promethean story gets even Better how do these random lawyers Supposedly get approval from the SEC and Finra look no further than their team Including Rose Marie Finelli who worked For the New York Stock Exchange and then Worked for finra John tornitore who

Worked for the CBOE or their Chief Compliance officer Joseph Z from yep the SEC as I sort of mentioned before Promethium's team are experts at the Intersection between Securities Regulation The Brokerage industry and The distributed technology and basically Uh beyond our partnership here as I Mentioned before Shanghai Wang Zhang Blockchain is our co-founder they're not A partner they're our co-founder they Rework hand in hand with them and Leveraging their EX only resource and Expertise we really feel that we can Achieve our business plan in an Efficient and intelligent Manner and in Their fundraising how did they raise the Money well their fundraising was with a Company which is a purported CCP Chinese Communist Party affiliate they raised 47 Million dollars without a product hired Former SEC and thinner people and pay 1.5 million to network One financial Securities who is Network One Financial A shady broker dealer with a Chinese Affiliated firm and a horrible Compliance track record of more than 20 Regulatory or civil actions against them China knows exactly what they're doing They want a firm grip over that industry Within China so yeah you see all these Bands and everything and whatnot they do Like every year or two years on bitcoin But I mean in the end they're heavily

Promoting and allowing Innovation for Blockchain within certain bounds and They just want a centralized you know Governing body to control it and they Want to make money off of it they want To integrate with their system if they Didn't believe in it they wouldn't be Creating a cbdc or wouldn't have created All the money in the beginning Yep They're the ones like 50 plus percent of The mining was there like all the Validation like and and who could Criticize and now this company not Coinbase not Gemini not one of our own But promethium is now the Golden Boy in SEC broker dealer compliance and they Claim as stated that their ATS supports Digital asset Securities including flow File coin the graph compound and cello So why are the tokens they listed last Year many of the same tokens that the SEC has now first listed in their action Against coinbase and binance these guys Are using their SEC and finra Connections to push an agenda to get Certain assets deemed to Securities and For them to be the only approved player To capture the market it's almost like This regulation has been to crush crypto Native companies and clear the way for The big boys traditional investment Banks and their peers who weren't Prepared for the 2021 rally case in Point BlackRock close to filing for a

Bitcoin ETF application obviously this Is an ongoing Story the minute I get new Information I will make a video I will Keep you updated