NEW: The Fed Just Released The Cryptocurrency Bulls!! [BE PREPARED]

NEW: The Fed Just Released The Cryptocurrency Bulls!! [BE PREPARED]

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00:00 The Fed Expands Balance Sheet by $300B | QE Has Begun Again!?
01:07 The TRUTH About The Fed’s New ‘QE’
02:57 “We Will Have a BIG Problem in a Year” Chamath Explains on Podcast
05:53 Next Year is an Election Year.. BE READY!
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07:05 Visualizing The Problems at Silicon Valley Bank

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Yes huge update from the FED a trend Change the FED just gave everybody 300 Billion more reasons to buy Bitcoin Printer just started Also the FED just released the Cryptocurrency bowls of course like Always what I'm referring to is the Fed Total assets on their balance sheet is Again flipped going back up and to put This into perspective zooming out we Know that when the FED puts assets onto Its balance sheet meaning they buy Assets that's one of their ways for Quantitative easing they're trying to Stimulate the market we saw that after The 08 housing crisis we saw that Drastically after the 2020 pandemic Crash and now this week since all these Banking collapses we're seeing it again So I'll play you a clip of what experts Say about this in a second but let's Just talk about the facts because while Crypto Twitter thinks that the fed's 297 Billion dollar balance sheet expansion Is QE some say it's not what So here are the specifics the U.S Federal reserves balance sheet has Expanded by almost 300 billion dollars To now 8.63 trillion in the week of March 15th reaching its highest value Since November and by a standard Definition this should be considered a Pivot back to quantitative easing Quantitative easing or QE which involves

Buying assets such as government bonds And mortgage-backed securities to inject Liquidity into the financial system is The basic definition and just zooming Out QE has always historically been very Good for Bitcoin QE initiated after the 08 crash and following the March 2020 Pandemic induced crash expanded the Fed's balance sheet by trillions in Stimulated asset prices including Cryptocurrencies so why isn't this week The same well the recent balance sheet Expansion stemmed mainly from Banks Borrowing short-term loans from the Central bank to cope with the the crisis Of confidence triggered by the collapse Of the three U.S banks meaning Technically this isn't free money it's Just a loan a short-term one-year loan And as stated by analyst Mark Chandler QE is increasing the balance sheet for Monetary purposes this is about Financial stability and all expansion of The balance sheet is not QE so the main Problem from these Banks is they had the Assets but they didn't have the Liquidity because a lot of their money From their depositors were in more Longer term treasury bills now many of Those treasury bills would mature in About 10 years the issue is there's a Little bit of a bank run and depositors And the banks needed that money now so What the FED said is that hey you can

Give us those long-term assets and we'll Give you that short-term liquidity it's A loan it's due in a year but then you Have cash today and the FED didn't Announce that there was a beginning and An end to this program other than saying These would be one-year loans And so I think the exposure for the American banking system at a minimum Is going to be this two trillion dollars Because now the incentive if you're a Banker right now running one of these Banks that has not gone under Is to immediately go to the Fed Put all of those assets to them Get a loan And now take that and buy different Assets different bonds different U.S Treasuries so chamoth is explaining Something very key here this was on a Recent episode of the all-in podcast I'll play you just about a 90 second Clip but listen to chamoth explain two Things number one this isn't going to Stop Bankers from banking meaning he Thinks they're just going to take this Money and then buy shorter term loans Try and get more yield so it's not going To fix their irresponsibility and two This is essentially just kicking the can One more year down the road because now The incentive if you're a banker right Now running one of these banks that has Not gone under

Is to immediately go to the Fed Put all of those assets to them get a Loan And now take that and buy different Assets different bonds different U.S Treasuries that are yielding much more Than what your old treasuries were Yielding and I think that's the Arbitrage that we've unfortunately Created And the other question now though However is what does that mean for the Top four Banks right because if it's 2 Trillion for everybody else but the top Four What's the gap for the top four that Looks like it's somewhere between a Trillion and two trillion so that's Another Amount of money we're going to have to Go or the FED will have to backstop And then As Friedberg said these checks always Come due what do we do in a year Because in a year The problem is the only way to make the Banks in a position to repay this much Money in one year Is to cut interest rates so massively That these assets massively inflate and Now all of a sudden you're in a position To cover this but these are with the Government you get a loan collateralized By these assets so you're still holding

Them right yes and they mature so if the FED takes an emergency posture and says Okay guys we want to avert a crisis in a Year from now And we're going to cut rates these Assets that these Banks own will be Worth more which will allow them to Repay the loan As far as I can tell All we've done is we've kicked the can Down the road for a year But I do think it's important for people To realize this doesn't solve the Problem it just means that mark your Calendar for a year from now we have a Problem on March 15 2024. So while I would say what just happened Isn't full-blown quantitative easing This is a major baby step showing that The dam is starting to crack and again When in doubt zoom out last election Year the fed's assets total assets Doubled from 4 trillion to 8 trillion in The 08 election year it also doubled I Wonder if this election year in 2024 Will be the same also here is the Official breakdown of how much money Came in each specific loan I'm not going To bore you with those details just know All things considered the net assets on The fed's balance sheet increased by About 300 billion dollars undoing months Of the central bank's efforts to shrink Its balance sheet but that's not

Necessarily stimulative like QE the Minute we get more information like this I will make a video I will always keep You updated also new promo code just for The next 25 people use promo code Altcoin daily friends and get 25 off Your ticket come watch us speak come Hang with us have a drink with us and Just for the next 25 People Details down Below and then finally just to give you All the information like always I showed You a pic of this before but Specifically this is wild this is the Balance sheet problem that was at Silicon bank and specifically this small Green line was all the cash they Actually had on hand this is what they Should have had if everything was backed Just one to one but obviously all banks Loan out your money so while this little Snippet was the cash right here almost Double that was available for sale Investments so they could have got this Ready if they needed it but the rest Probably 75 percentish were held to Maturity Investments and then net loans So in summation phase one dodgy Investments begin to lose money the Market started paying attention and then Two customers panicked and rushed to Withdraw resulting in a liquidity Crunch And actually they do say when you Deposit your money in the bank it Becomes their liability not their assets

So I'm not sure actually which cash Represented the customer's cash the bank People banking with them cash but Obviously so many more investments in Non-liquid loans Like always see you tomorrow

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