Optimal Crypto Portfolio! (BEST DCA Strategy)

Optimal Crypto Portfolio! (BEST DCA Strategy)

Today Ben is out of the office recording the audio book for Catching Up to Crypto so today AJ will be walking us through our portfolio as well as giving us new DCA Strategy. Watch all the way through to find out!

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Hey what's up everyone AJ writes crypto Here as you can see I am filling in for Ben for today's portfolio video Ben is Currently recording the audiobook for Catching up to crypto uh so let's wish Him the best with that he will be back On Monday but make sure you stick around To the end of this video because at the End I'm going to tell you about the new Portfolio that we're working on and a Little bit of my own personal DCA Strategy let's get it Thank you Coily is a great app you know great Website to keep track of your crypto Portfolio to do your crypto taxes Um so let's get into it right here we'll Click wallets as you can see we have the 1K the iso 5K the 10K and the 25k let's Go to the 1K as you can see with this 1K We're up 35 dollars better than being Down right so we have ethereum xrp Cardano algorithm Matic sand ICP Um this is a really good spit for a Thousand dollars I wish we had a little Bit more ICP as you know on bullish on ICP and shout out to them but uh this Portfolio is going to do really well as The Bull Run starts to pick up I could See this thing easily going to you know Probably probably 15 20 000 to be honest This is a really good spread here we are At the iso 5K portfolio as you know this Is my favorite portfolio out of all of

These we are up almost a thousand Dollars already on the iso portfolio and That's probably you know we have the Cardano algorand xdc xrp Quant h-bar I Wish we had a little bit more h-bar in This portfolio Um shout out to all the H barbarians out There hbar is one of those coins Enterprise blockchain that is just going To outperform so many projects as time Goes on if you don't know much about Hbar I highly implore you to do your own Research and to really look into why so Many people are bullish on hbar I'm Really looking forward to seeing how This particular coin develops as time Goes on okay here we are at the 10K Portfolio we're up almost 1500 on the 10K gotta love it and we got a full Ethereum Matic op xrp you can see it as It goes on I really like the near pick I Really like the Aptos Quant pick in here This is really cool a big reason I Really think this portfolio is going to Do well is because of right here Optimism xrp these two picks I mean Obviously I like all the other ones but First of all xrp when the xrp case is Over and it comes out that they win Because we all know that they're going To the floodgates are going to open and Xrp is just going to rip it was Suppressed last Bull Run and this bull Run I feel like the story will be the

Complete opposite with optimism you know I really like option optimism optimism Is one of those coins it's going to Sneak up in the charts over time you're Going to Blink one day and you're gonna Be like optimism seven dollars I'm gonna Be like yeah and that's why this Portfolio is easily going to be worth Probably 50 60 maybe even this portfolio Could be worth a hundred thousand Dollars I'm not even exaggerating a Little bit so moving forward here we are At the 25k portfolio as you can see We're up over 2 800 on this portfolio Absolutely amazing two and a half Ethereum over 6000 xrp chain link link The list goes on and on and on um this Portfolio is going to do very well Um the one thing I will say about this Portfolio is that I really like these Two kind of sleeper picks the file coin And agix uh specifically agix I wish There was more agix in this portfolio But I understand that it is kind of a Riskier pick they would rather have more Of the larger caps than agix but if you Don't know singularitynet it's basically Like the open c for AI like chat EPT Kind of put everyone's finger on the Button of AI and let masses use it for The first time but agix is literally a Platform that gives programmers a way to Sell their AI programs to the users and The users pay them in agix to use their

Ai and I'm talking like music D mixers Voice translators and the list goes on And on if you've never looked at the Beta Singularity net I highly recommend To do that I'm very bullish on this Project Foreign So there you go we covered all four of The portfolios so moving on the new Portfolio that we're going to be working On soon is going to be called the casino Portfolio a lot of the coins are on this Hoodie that you can buy at hitmerch.com And the casino portfolio is all the meme Coins all the risky picks and that Portfolio I'm really curious to see if We put the same amount of money in say I Don't know if it's going to be 5K or Whatever but if you kind of put the Traditional normal hierar market cap Coins with the casino meme coin risky Picks if the risky pick Casino portfolio Outperforms because these coins have Insane pumpumentals and I feel like just Because they don't have like the Craziest real world use case Cross-border payment system just because They don't have that doesn't mean that They don't have great communities and Really crypto is all about the community And we have seen firsthand just last Bull Run what coins like Doge what coins Like sheep what coins like ape what they Can do so I'm really interested to see

How the casino portfolio plays out and We will be bringing that one to you very Soon so before we close this video I Want to talk a little bit about my own Personal DCA strategy my DCA strategy is Called aha crypto aha standing for Algorand hbar Ada cardano the reason I'm Doing this is because last Bull Run I Felt like I had too little money in too Many coins because I was so terrified to Miss a pump but this bull run I'm making Sure that I have a majority of my money Concentrated in the coins that I have The most conviction in there's nothing Wrong if you have 10 or 12 picks in your Portfolio I will have more than just Those three but the majority of my money Will be concentrated into aha crypto a Couple other picks I have right now you Know agix optimism ICP xrp stuff like That a little bit of file coin but the Majority of my long-term portfolio will Be concentrated into aha crypto so there You go so before we close this video I Want to talk about my own personal DCA Strategy and that is called aha crypto Aha stands for algorand hbar and Ada Cardano the reason I'm doing doing this Is because last Bull Run I felt like I Was Spread Way Too Thin I had too little Money and too many coins because I was So scared to miss a pump but this time I'm really concentrating the majority of My money into the three coins that I

Have the most conviction in that doesn't Mean that I don't have other picks you Know I still have some optimism some Agix some ICP some xrp stuff like that But that doesn't mean those were the Only three coins in my portfolio you Know I still have a little bit of Bitcoin I have ICP xrp agix file coin Stuff like that but the majority of my Money is into aha crypto that is my DCA Strategy but I want to know in the Comments what your DCA strategy is and Since Ben's gone today and here are the Keys to his Dodge Demon I'm gonna go get Some lunch my name is AJ rage crypto and Have yourself a great weekend peace Thank you Foreign

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