Pixels CEO InterviewšŸ’ŽThe Importance of NFT Interoperability with Ronin

Pixels CEO InterviewšŸ’ŽThe Importance of NFT Interoperability with Ronin

I am thrilled to share my recent interview with Pixels CEO, where we delved into the crucial topic of NFT interoperability with Ronin. Join me as we explore the significance of this emerging concept in the world of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Interview with Pixels CEO: Unlocking the Power of NFT Interoperability with Ronin


Hey there, folks! I’m thrilled to dive into a captivating discussion with the one and only Luke Barwikowski, the CEO and brain behind Pixels. Let’s uncover the fascinating journey of Pixels, a web3 native game that has taken the digital realm by storm. So grab your favorite drink, get cozy, and let’s explore the exciting world of NFT interoperability and web3 gaming with me!

Evolution of Pixels: A Community-Driven Success Story

Let me paint the picture for you. Pixels started as a spark in the vast universe of web3 gaming. Over the past two years, the community’s feedback and ideas have sculpted Pixels into the immersive gaming experience it is today.

  • Pixels leveraged third-party ecosystems on platforms like Polygon, Ronin, and Mocaverse.
  • The game integrated over 90 distinctive NFT collections for users to adorn their avatars.
  • Play-to-earn mechanics were introduced, enhancing user engagement and excitement.

The Shift to Ronin: A Strategic Move for Growth

In the quest for better user acquisition and distribution, Pixels recently made a significant shift from Polygon to Ronin. This move was not merely a leap of faith but a strategic decision fueled by a vision for expansion and innovation.

  • Pixels collaborated with the experienced Ronin team, recognized for scaling web3 games.
  • Luke Barwikowski discusses how this transition has propelled Pixels into new realms of success and user satisfaction.

Highlighting NFT Interoperability: The Game-Changer in the Digital Universe

NFT interoperability is no longer a buzzword but a cornerstone of innovation in the web3 gaming sphere. Pixels has been at the forefront of embracing this trend, shaping the future of digital ownership and entertainment.

Unveiling the Pixels Token: A Game-Changing Moment

Just two months ago, Pixels launched its very own token, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of its vibrant community. This strategic move not only enhanced user engagement but also opened new avenues for growth and creativity within the ecosystem.


As I conclude this journey through the enthralling world of Pixels and NFT interoperability with Ronin, one thing is abundantly clear ā€“ the potential of web3 gaming knows no bounds. With industry pioneers like Pixels leading the charge, the future of gaming is undoubtedly bright and filled with endless possibilities.


  1. What sets Pixels apart from other web3 games in the market?
  2. How has the collaboration with Ronin impacted the user experience on Pixels?
  3. Can users truly earn significant rewards through play-to-earn mechanics on Pixels?
  4. How does NFT interoperability revolutionize the concept of digital ownership in Pixels?
  5. What inspired Luke Barwikowski to venture into the world of web3 gaming and NFTs with Pixels?

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