Political Insider EXPOSES Gary Gensler, SBF, & BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

Political Insider EXPOSES Gary Gensler, SBF, & BlackRock Bitcoin ETF

In this blog post, the focus shifts towards the fascinating revelations made by a political insider concerning Gary Gensler, SBF, and BlackRock Bitcoin ETF. Delving into the intricate details, he uncovers a web of intriguing connections and insights that shed light on the workings within the political and financial realms. Join us as we explore the revelations brought forth by this insider, providing a unique perspective on the enigmatic world of Bitcoin, ETFs, and the influential figures behind them. It is time to uncover the hidden truths and untangle the complex web of relationships in this captivating exposé.

Political Insider EXPOSES Gary Gensler, SBF, & BlackRock Bitcoin ETF


In a recent video created by Altcoin Daily, Anthony Scaramucci, a well-known political insider and founder of SkyBridge Capital, shares insider information on Gary Gensler, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), and BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Having had firsthand experience and connections with these individuals and institutions, Scaramucci’s insights provide valuable context and understanding of the current cryptocurrency landscape.

Anthony Scaramucci’s History with Gary Gensler and Goldman Sachs

Scaramucci reveals that he has a personal history with Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Both Scaramucci and Gensler worked together at Goldman Sachs, a renowned financial institution. This connection gives Scaramucci a unique perspective on Gensler’s approach to cryptocurrencies and the regulatory landscape surrounding them.

Scaramucci’s Insights on Sam Bankman-Fried and Political Figures

Additionally, Scaramucci discloses his insights on Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX exchange. He sheds light on Bankman-Fried’s connections to various political figures and the influence they may have on the cryptocurrency industry. Scaramucci’s ability to provide insider information on these matters gives viewers a deeper understanding of the complex web of relationships within the crypto world.

Scaramucci’s Involvement with BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF

Scaramucci proudly highlights that he was the first outside investor in BlackRock’s highly anticipated Bitcoin ETF. This revelation speaks to Scaramucci’s expertise and credibility within the cryptocurrency space. His involvement with such a significant development further validates his insights and predictions for the future of digital assets.

Scaramucci’s Relationship with Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX Exchange

During the video, Scaramucci also clarifies his involvement with FTX exchange and his relationship with Sam Bankman-Fried. He shares details of their professional connections and the impact they have on the crypto industry. By providing this information, Scaramucci helps viewers understand the interplay between major players in the space and their influence on market trends.

Scaramucci’s Stand on the SPF Trial

Contrary to public speculation, Scaramucci confirms that he will not be testifying in the SPF trial. This disclosure puts an end to any rumors or speculation regarding his involvement in the legal proceedings. Scaramucci’s frankness and transparency in addressing this issue demonstrate his commitment to being an honest source of information for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Future Outlook of Cryptocurrency and Its Reaction to a Recession

One of the essential aspects covered in the video is Scaramucci’s discussion of the future outlook of cryptocurrency and its potential reaction to a recession. Drawing from his extensive experience in finance and politics, Scaramucci provides unique insights into how the cryptocurrency market may perform under adverse economic conditions. These thoughts offer viewers a glimpse into what the future holds for digital assets.

Scaramucci’s Price Predictions for Cryptocurrencies

During the video, Scaramucci also shares his price predictions for various cryptocurrencies. By leveraging his knowledge and connections within the industry, Scaramucci offers viewers potential insights into the future value of digital assets. His predictions serve as useful guidance for those seeking to make informed investment decisions.

Scaramucci’s Bullishness on Algorand

Scaramucci expresses his bullishness on Algorand, a blockchain platform known for its scalability and security features. His enthusiasm for Algorand stems from his belief in its potential to disrupt and transform multiple industries. This endorsement from a seasoned investor like Scaramucci further establishes Algorand as a promising player in the crypto space.

The Opinions of Shark Tank Judges on “Killer Whales”

Lastly, Scaramucci discusses the opinions of Shark Tank judges on an intriguing concept called “Killer Whales.” By sharing these perspectives, Scaramucci offers viewers valuable insights into how experts and industry leaders perceive innovative ideas within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere. This discussion enhances viewers’ understanding of the broader landscape and the potential impact of groundbreaking concepts.


In conclusion, Anthony Scaramucci’s video, as shared by Altcoin Daily, brings to light insider information on Gary Gensler, SBF, and BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF. Scaramucci’s history and connections provide unique insights into the relationships, developments, and future prospects of cryptocurrencies. With price predictions, discussions on influential figures, and market outlooks, Scaramucci’s expertise offers viewers an informative and valuable perspective on the evolving crypto landscape.


  1. Is Anthony Scaramucci involved in the SPF trial?

    • No, Anthony Scaramucci has clarified that he will not be testifying in the SPF trial.
  2. What is Scaramucci’s history with Gary Gensler?

    • Anthony Scaramucci and Gary Gensler worked together at Goldman Sachs, establishing a personal connection and giving Scaramucci unique insights into Gensler’s stance on cryptocurrencies.
  3. What role did Scaramucci play in BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF?

    • Scaramucci proudly states that he was the first outside investor in BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, showcasing his credibility and expertise in the cryptocurrency space.
  4. Why is Scaramucci bullish on Algorand?

    • Scaramucci believes in Algorand’s disruptive potential due to its scalability and security features, making it an attractive investment opportunity in the crypto market.
  5. What are the opinions of Shark Tank judges on “Killer Whales”?

    • Scaramucci shares the opinions of Shark Tank judges on “Killer Whales,” offering viewers valuable insights into how industry experts perceive innovative concepts within the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm.