Prepare for the EVERYTHING Bubble to Explode!

🔴Video Title: The Everything Bubble is Here and Exploding
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Less than 12 months ago the world was Coming to an end at least in a financial Sense and an economic sense today we see Everything pumping markets that have not Seen all-time highs in decades are about To hit all-time high real estate markets Are up Bitcoin is up so this everything Bubble that we've been covering here on The channel looks like it is going to Take off but I do want to take our Attention to the biggest bull trap in History that we're going through of Course the real estate This is the winners curse phase of the Market the best fun time to be making a Lot of money but the most scariest time If you get in too late what happens After the Winner's curse is the worst Timing that you could possibly be in the Markets so although there's a lot of Money to be made in these markets Markets are going up we need to have our Wits about us and start to take some Profits I'm not talking about today but We do need to Prepare