PreSend Tutorial: A Tool to SAVE your Cryptocurrency

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00:00 How to Use PreSend (Tutorial)

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So there's two ways that this is going To work I'm only going to show Um one of them I'll show them both but I'm only going to show one of them Because I don't want to tease everybody Everybody will get mad at me if I do it Via the extension uh so there is an Extension that will be coming out okay And I have to obviously approve the Extension I'm going to cancel it Um but there's an extension and then There's a web app because not everybody Is going to be compatible with an Extension right the extension is Compatible with metamask all and uh It'll be on Brave browser Opera Chrome Believe Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox so those are the five extensions That we're submitting to those stores Until then everybody please use the web App it is it's a very Simple all you have to do is go down Here acknowledge the terms of service Obviously read the terms of service no One reads their apple terms of service Or anything nobody reads it but you can Click here and read it um I've already Read it and I'm going to go ahead and Connect my wallet now you can connect Your wallet via wallet connect and these Are all of the options like there's like Dozens and dozens of options you can Scroll through here you can see we have Opera we have you know

Um Exodus kucoin wallet we have coinbase Wallet we have Ledger metamask Trustwallet all the major wallets this Thing is compatible with so I'm going to Connect my metamask and we're going to Go ahead and click this wallet Drew's Wallet and connect it boom so we are Connected to binance Smart chain right Now and I'm going to run you through Just like a quick little tutorial of What present looks like so you can have It in light mode or you can have it in Dark mode I have light eyes so I always Use dark mode because you know light Eyes are very sensitive to light Um yeah so I'm going to use dark mode if You want to change your blockchains very Simple you cannot mess this stuff up it Literally lights up green which one you Want to change it to so we're just going To change to ethereum and then we'll Come back to binance Smart chain here Just a second this is non-custodial I Want that to be 100 clear this is Non-custodial we do not take any custody Of your funds your funds stay in your Wallet we are not a wallet and we will Never take custody of your funds we have No ambition to ever do that we want to Be subpotico at the wallets and not Compete with him right so then Secondarily if you want to choose an Asset that you want to send it will pop Up with this little kind of like Shadow

Behind it it'll like light up and almost Pop out of the screen at you so you can Just click that button and then you can Also change your Um asset inside of here whichever asset That it is that you're wanting to do and Again the green gradient pops up and It's a very tutorialized Um I guess transaction process without Having to put a tutorial in there and if You try to present something and you Haven't filled this out properly it'll Tell you it'll pop up an error that says Hey make sure you do this before you do Anything right so we'll we'll just fill It out 0.1 something like that Um and then you will have to the only This is the only extra step for present So a lot of people are like hey you know What's the steps look like it's the same As you would do inside of any wallet any Metamask the only difference is that if You are sending to a centralized Exchange you either click yes and if you Click no then it'll pop up the other Wallet so if you click yes I'm sending To a centralized exchange you can pick Whatever centralized exchange that you Are sending to inside of here and again The green gradient will allow you to see Which ones are in there and which ones You're choosing and then if you select No then you know it reverts and says Obviously you're sending to some type of

Wallet right are you sending the Ledger Are you sending to Opera trust wallet Metamask Um and these are the compatibilities That we we have right now obviously There's going to be a million more Compatibilities coming and we're going To switch over to binance Smart chain And prove to you why pre-send matters We're going to try and send some binance Really quick to coinbase and so coinbase Does not accept binance coin and we can Prove that because we'll go in here and We'll just type in B and B and it Doesn't accept it right and so we're Just going to get a random Xerox wallet Address because this is the problem that We run into all Xerox wallet assets Can be accepted by any zero X address so People can fat finger things and you Know I can actually send some BNB to This wallet if I don't use present so if We go into present and we actually go to Sin we'll just try to send like 0.4 BNB To my coinbase wallet I'll click yes I'll click coinbase I'm sending the Coinbase exchange pop that address right In there we press present then it'll Charge you a fee now the present fee is Very minimal it's a guaranteed one Dollar on the fee or if you go above 500 Worth of cryptocurrency it will charge You two tenths two tenths of one percent So if you send a thousand dollars it'll

Cost you two bucks right so right now It's just checking and making sure it's Running the transactions and as you can See it popped up and said hey that Transaction is not safe so had I done That in any other wallet it would have Let me do that and we're actually going To do it just to prove it to everyone We're gonna send some B and B to that Exact same wallet now I'm not going to Send a lot because we know we're going To lose this so we'll send like 0.01 B And B but if I click next inside of my Metamask and I click confirm it's Already gone through it's pending it's On blockchain you can actually view it On the Block Explorer and then this page Is actually going to lie to me here in Just a second if I refresh this it tells Me that my transaction was a success Absolutely it was a success it did get Sent but it will never get credited to My coinbase account because they don't Accept this asset and that is the Inherent issue that we're seeing happen In this market is due to all of these Chains not being compatible with each Other you know I can do this with Literally any one of these tokens we Could literally try to send uni swap Baby Doge a lot of people are trying to Send these altcoins sapu whatever it may Be to these incompatible chain addresses And and then they lose all of their

Money so that's why present matters Because you literally saw precin stop it And then you literally saw me go and Show you actually losing three dollars Live on this you know telecast Why present matters So essentially a person that would you Would automatically if they wanted to Use this uh software you would just Automatically every time you want to Send a transaction go immediately to the Present extension or whatever the Website Um and then then it would make that Transfer for you through whatever you Click Yeah absolutely so whenever we were Going through all of those steps right Basically what happened was we entered All of our information and then we Clicked free send right the pre-send Button and so we had to choose if we Were sending to a centralized exchange Or what wallet we were sending it to now The wallet that is connected to that is The one that owns and houses all the Assets so it pops up the transaction we Cannot actually do the transaction for You you will have to approve it inside Of your wallet just like if you were on A decks you know you have to prove it Inside of your wallet to make a token Transfer same thing here again we don't Want to take uh custody of anyone's

Funds we want people to be self-custed And be safe