Retail Crypto Investor Catalysts & Memecoins🔥 w/ @thejackiedutton

CoinMarketCap revealed on Mar. 6 the victors of the “CMC Crypto Awards 2024” and gave the “Meme Coin of the Year” to Solana’s BONK. In recent developments within the cryptocurrency market, Solana’s meme coin, Dogwifhat (WIF), has experienced a significant surge of 48% over the past 24 hours. Are we at the beginning of a true retail investor tsunami?

Guest: Jackie Dutton
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00:00 Intro
00:46 Alt season breaking out
03:00 Memecoins: Solana vs BNB
05:07 ETH hits $3,900
07:55 Memecoin culture
11:20 Airdrops
12:20 Memecoins rally = Fed not tightening enough?
13:16 Has the cycle changed?
16:34 Outro

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~Retail Crypto Investor Catalysts & Memecoins🔥 w/ @thejackiedutton~
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All right so let's get into some meme Coins some all coins is this allcoin Season and what are some of the signs to Be watching for it's going to be a good One my name is Paul Baron welcome back In Tech path joining me as my co-host Today today is Jackie Dutton great to Have you in hi thanks so much Paul I'm Really excited to be here so Jackie I Know you run a pretty cool Twitter Channel if you guys have not checked out Jackie uh before all you have to do is Jump over to Jackie Dutton the Jackie Dutton right there you can get a little Bit of her useless crypto news it's fun You've got some good uh some good pieces That I always get a chuckle on so it's Great to have you on the show hey Jackie Let's get into a couple of topics today Mainly around uh where some of the Altcoins markets are starting to move Some of course people are looking at you Know the traditional things that are Indicators from trajectories what the Charts might see all that good stuff you Look at a couple of things right now This is one tweet out there altcoins Rare bullish signal for altcoin season That has not failed since 2016 so a lot Of people looking at this and saying This is just the beginning here's my Question to you do you think this is Just the beginning of what we're going To see with alts or I guess what's your

Opinion on this do you feel like salana And Avalanche you look at things like Render are those truly all coins or do You feel like they fall more in the Techcoin Category I think that salana in particular is a Really interesting case there's a Shocking amount of utility on there and We can talk about that later but I think It does pack more of a punch right now Than something like Avalanche also cardono like Ada like Where has it been um you know when you Get into the ones that have been around For a while like xrp that you would hope To see be moving by now that it's not Following the same pattern as as it has In the past past and maybe that's just a Weakness of the other projects and Stronger projects have come and provided More utility and built more in the be But um I I do think that this is kind of The beginning of of what we're seeing And I hope it is I mean obviously we've Been waiting a while you look at the Total three chart I'm going to stretch This out for you guys just to give you This is still on the daily but I'm Looking at the total three right here so This is total crypto market cap for Those of you that are new that does not Have bit coin and ethereum in it and if You look back I mean you can see this

Thing ballooned up to almost 1.3 almost 1.2 trillion in the last Bull Run and Here we are setting at about 600 bill Right now and there's a lot more Projects that have come to the plate This is of course I feel like mem coin Season as well almost every week we're Seeing a new meme coin launch explode And then retrace and the cool thing is They've got some good you know Blockchains to launch upon themselves as Well when you look at the situation Around meme coins first of all what's Your what what are the meme coins you Like and why what what's kind of your Your your Lane so I'm definitely a big fan of Basically anything on salana right now That's been popping off I saw blasts Launch the other night that also got a Lot of attention people had staked I Think eth for blast and they ended up Converting and then you know aping into A bunch of stuff I think base probably Provides a really nice change for people To go play around on as well uh but as Far as you know low gas fees a a Reputable chain a backing asset that has You know over 10x just within a year I Think you can't really argue with salana Um one that has surprised me in its lack Of performance however is BNB and the Binance smart chain I mean it just feels Dead usually you know come come last

Bull season or or in the last bull Season there were things popping off all Over the place it was kind of the cheap Chain and the answer to the gas fees on E and it really I mean somebody has Signed a DNR like it's it's just it's Not going anywhere it's not moving There's no projects on there the well I Think that's been uh an interesting Situation one of course maybe some of The litigation issues that's happened With bance but more importantly I think It's just the number of really good Projects that have been able to launch Whether you go in and look at what Avalanche has been able to do with Gaming you look at salana and their Ecosystem that now is starting to float Quite a bit into the deepend area along With some AI tokens that have kind of Taken over a little bit of the air in The room I was just looking at BNB just In general as the token it's been doing Okay but to your point I remember a time In the last bull run where binance Pretty much had all of the new projects All the cool kids were on uh B&B so or On binance Smart chain so I think that's I would agree with you I think that has Been one of the ones that has been a Little bit underperforming uh for sure What do you okay so let's take a look at A couple of things I'm going to jump Over to this uh tweet right here uh and

Of course this is the issue of ethereum Hitting 3900 Den con just around the Corner in terms of a new project Advancement with ethereum how big of a Deal is this and do you feel like this Is the time to shine for Ethereum I do think it's the time to Shine for ethereum not necessarily so Much because of this Den cut upgrade Though cuz didn't the London update Wasn't that kind of a nothing burger Like it didn't really lower gas fees That much it didn't really help the Chain that much I respect vitalic Innovation at every single turn I think He's an absolute genius but I don't know If this will be as impactful on the Price the way that the eth ETF rumors And anticipation of that happening in May will actually be the Catalyst for or Propelling it you know far up above its Former all-time high I'm looking at this Chart right now on ethereum I mean you Just can't really deny this kind of Growth if you go back just into February Of where we've moved and let me take a Look and see what we've had here just in That nice little move of where it is on This last green candle 68% right now From February 5th so here we are a month Into seeing a pretty nice move on Ethereum I'm I'm a little bit more hope F I guess with the fact that we've got a Lower cost in terms of gas fees because

I feel like that is one of the big Factors for adoption for people to try Something if they're going to get into An nft or even buy an ethereum mean coin You know these gas fees are a little bit More of a deterrent than they are help So I think maybe the timing might be Right we'll see if the eth team comes Through with uh with something big for Sure but I am interested in this Speaking of that you've got uh also just Wanted oh sorry I just wanted to add you Know for as much crap as everybody talks About these gas fees on eth it's like People continuing to live in California Gas is expensive property's expensive Everything's expensive but they still do It and they still spend money so the People on that chain just don't go Anywhere they just seem to tolerate It well I think that's because you have Such an adoption curve that has been Going on for the last you know really 2017 you know on the birth of eth and You look at how fast it has grown in That period of time maybe if you you Know fast forward and think about salana In five years or eight years what does That look like in terms of just people Really consistent uh with it in terms of Meme coins and we'll get into that in a Second I want to talk about uh uh dog With hat we'll talk a little bit about Um Bon that's been going as well rul

Comes in he says Hey crypto timeline has Gone from mid curve debates about what Is the Superior blockchain technology to F it uh it's a dog with hat so uh this Of course talking about whiff which was A pretty good move and actually Recovered a little bit after yesterday's Uh fall when you look at mcoin Culture and you look at meme coins being The Gateway into adoption do you feel That this cycle this is the way that We're going to see new people come into The Space I I do think that the promise of buying $62 of a meme coin and turning it into Five million ends up adopting a lot of People who are looking for that Lottery Scratch off that Powerball Mega Millions Type thing I think that that does bring In small money but in terms of Legitimacy big projects Venture Capital You're you're looking more towards Projects that provided actual Innovation And something truly new to the case so I I don't discourage any amount of odd Boarding whether it's this the small $10 Buy or the $10 million buy and I think All of it's great for this space um but But meem coins are here for a good time Not a long time each individual one it's Funny because uh one of the biggest Investors I know his first token Purchase in the last uh Bull Run was

Doge and he entered on Dogecoin uh got his beak wet and then Figured out wait a minute what's this Thing over here called ethereum oh wait A minute I kind of like salana and this Avalanche thing I'm curious about that So they get going uh in to your point it It is sometimes a good you know test for Maybe small Market but I think it also Could get some interest for people who Are maybe a little bit more risk Tolerant and they're willing to to go Out there on the limb and and get into Some of these uh this was kind of Interesting right here coin market cap Uh gave salana the uh the crypto of the Year award so kudos to salana I guess And then Bon comes in and gets the meme Coin of the Year award would you have Given it to Bon or or would you have Selected somebody Else for the year yes I I think to Launch when we were still basically in The bear and to build the community they Have and to stay resilient and you know They ended up being the reason that the Salon of phone ended up selling out it Really was kind of struggling for sales And then it flew when they figured out It was worth more than the tone with the Airdrop so uh I'm I I think B wins it For the last year yeah I like it that Was a good strategy I think that is one That was missed a little bit and it was

A little bit uh surprising to me to not See maybe the salana foundation and and When you think about what's happening With salana mobile maybe now the the Light is on for sure I think we're Starting to see so many airdrops that Are packing into chapter 2 which by the Way if you guys have not connected to The chapter 2 phone make sure and do That we usually leave a link down in the Um in the description below so check That out we're still on the leaderboard For that hopefully we can hold it but my Point is is that I think a lot of Companies are going to figure out Airdrops are a new way to really get one Kind of loyalty of different crypto Projects Andor get a chance to launch is There anything you've been watching in The market especially around the airdrop Strategy that you really like right Now um I I don't know not so much about the the Airdrop I think it's cool that the Collaboration exists though I think on That chain you know how Solana created Like all these projects that are Connected so you really got to know the Ecosystem I think if more chains really Did that I think that would be so Valuable for everybody it would create a Real family kind of a real country out Of a blockchain where you you see that You have all these different you know

Areas that you can go enjoy and spend Your asset that yeah as you guys know Whiff is one of my favorite um not for Any reason other than it's just a cute Dog but uh it has surged 48% in the last 24 hours uh remember this is one that Took a nice uh correction uh down so Maybe some people were able to get in There are some other notes out there on This this was kind of a more of a Serious note from Lyn Alden rally uh in Memec coin suggest that the FED is not Tight enough when you look at macro Right now and what people are spending On and how the market is going here in The US and the fact that we have the These meme coins flying I mean what's Your position right now do you feel like This is just indicative of what the Market is getting ready to go into in Terms of an altcoin Season I think enough people understood Buying low and and when they saw the Price dip they had seen the proof and The pudding between you know the fall of 2018 and then back up into 2021 so I Think enough people were able to Actually make enough of a profit over The last year that they're willing to Really risk some of those gains on Something like this um I I don't know if It's really even correlated at this Point between the state of the US Economy versus the crypto economy it's

Kind of taking on a life of its Own that is for sure couple other things Beam coins had a big price increase last 24 uh usually it's heralded as the last Phase of these Min Cycles in crypto and We we have seen that before Do you think this cycle is different Because of the ETFs because of what We've seen with just awareness possibly A regulatory framework coming down the Pipeline that has shifted maybe how this Cycle responds to the market this time What are your Thoughts I think there's several Catalysts at work I think a huge one Being the upcoming election we have no Idea what the next Administration is Going to do or be like if it gets to Change um obviously we know what it will Look like if nothing changes in November For us it will be more of the same and You know more people making all kinds of Lovely claims like Elizabeth Warren that Is just for criminals but yeah um I I do Think that the potential for things to Go back to the way that they were Between 2016 and 2019 of you know the Glory Days of Hester Pierce and her SEC That was lovely and crypto basically Just got got left alone so while I do Think that there's some Uh you know I think there's a lot of Uncertainty and I think that uncertainty Has made great room for a lot of plays

For people to take advantage of this Year and I think the Cycle's just going To keep going through that until we Really Know well I think the other scenario we Have to consider macro has been one of The bigger contributors to maybe how This cycle started because in many cases People were kind of looking at the FED Fund rate as being one of the kickoff Points thinking that we were going to See some rate Cuts now Cher Powell was Just on today with Congress does not Look like it looking harder and harder That may we may not even see it coming In May and if it's things pushes into June I can't imagine that they would do A rate cut after June just because of The situation because of the election That you mentioned so it doesn't look Like it's politically charged so we're Going to be watching that one for sure Around how that goes as far as the Markets overall guys um Bitcoin of Course now moving back into 67 7K Territory almost recovering from Yesterday's little snafu and then of Course alltime High I my question is Does Bitcoin just go ahead and blast Through this all-time high of 692 and just continue on its merry way What are your thoughts Jackie I don't think yet it it just Feels like there's a little bit of

Choppy time maybe you know a couple more Weeks maybe another month or so um and And in the last cycle we tapped an All-time high twice before finally going All the way through so it it took a Minute but I mean I'm I'm patient it's Fine we're here it's been good yeah Ethan's got a nice candle though Brewing Right now this might be its 4K week We'll see how it blows up if it Continues to move it has been one of Those laggers too it's a little bit slow But it seems to be responding which is Very indicative of past Cycles if you Think about what etherium did in the Last really the last two cycles so uh It's going to be one of course that We're big fan of others that we watch of Course is salana Avalanche uh we'll Continue to kind of keep an eye on that Uh but anyway Jackie good to see you uh Thanks for coming in today we really Appreciate It yeah thank you so much you bet all Right so you guys are tuned in maybe not In the diamond Circle just yet uh make Sure and get in right now all you have To do is visit our link down below it's Going to take you over to our website You can join right there and there's a Couple of things you'll get you'll get Our email and you'll also get an access To our telegram that's brand new it's Only available for Diamond Circle

Members so make sure and jump in that or Catch me out there on X Paul Baron we'll Catch you next time right here on Tech Bath

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