Retiring With Bitcoin?šŸŸ iTrust Capital INTERVIEW

Retiring With Bitcoin?šŸŸ iTrust Capital INTERVIEW

When considering retirement options, one may explore non-traditional approaches such as investing in digital assets like Bitcoin. In this exclusive interview with iTrust Capital, they shed light on the potential of retiring with Bitcoin and how individuals can secure their financial future in the digital age.

Retiring With Bitcoin?šŸŸ iTrust Capital INTERVIEW


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and retirement planning, iTrustCapital stands out as the #1 Crypto IRA platform. Recently, the Paul Barron Network featured a thought-provoking video interview discussing the intersection of Bitcoin and retirement options. Led by Jared Feldman, the Senior Vice President of Operations at iTrust Capital, the video delved into various essential topics, from the impact of BlackRock ETFs to the significance of tokenized diamonds. Let’s explore the key insights shared in this engaging interview.

BlackRock ETF Impact and Tax Deadline

  • Jared Feldman shed light on the profound impact BlackRock ETFs can have on the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing the need for investors to stay informed about such developments.
  • The looming tax deadline was also addressed, serving as a reminder of the urgency for individuals to make strategic financial decisions before the year-end cut-off.

Porting Over Crypto IRAs and ETFs vs. BTC

  • One notable aspect discussed was the simplicity and advantages of porting over crypto IRAs to iTrust Capital, providing users with a seamless transition to a more robust platform.
  • The debate between traditional ETFs and the allure of Bitcoin as a long-term investment option was thoroughly explored, offering viewers valuable insights for their financial planning.

Retail Focus and Institutional Support

  • The increasing retail focus on cryptocurrencies has reignited interest in ETFs, with many individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios with digital assets.
  • It was highlighted that large banks and institutions are now responding to client demands by facilitating savings allocations into digital currencies like Bitcoin, indicating a significant paradigm shift in the financial sector.

Last Chance for Tax Advantages and Future Offerings

  • Viewers were reminded of the approaching deadline for IRA contributions for the 2023 tax year, underscoring the importance of leveraging tax advantages for retirement planning.
  • iTrust Capital’s innovative approach of allowing the porting over of crypto IRAs and its commitment to expanding asset offerings further solidified its position as a forward-thinking financial platform.


The Paul Barron Network’s video featuring iTrust Capital and Jared Feldman offered a comprehensive overview of the intricate relationship between cryptocurrency investments, retirement planning, and the evolving financial landscape. As individuals navigate the complexities of financial decision-making, platforms like iTrust Capital emerge as beacons of innovation, providing users with opportunities to engage with a diverse array of assets and maximize their long-term financial potential.

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